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Created: 11/09/06

Why would anyone buy anything Mac?

Apple makes nothing but garbage! Not to Microsoft is any better, but that's not the point here.
A few things I really dislike about iPods:
1) Why do I have to use iTunes to load all of my songs??? The program sucks and my $5 128MB MP3 player is so much easier and better to use. I drag and drop files directly to the removable disc and there it is to play... with iTunes, you must sync the stupid thing with iTunes and if you try to drag and srop to the iPod, the mp3 is useless and only takes up space!
2) That stupid click wheel!!!! I want to listen to a Tool song and have to sit there for over 10 minutes circlejerking till it finally gets down to the T's. Where is the skip to first letter option?
3) I have to restore the thing about once a week b/c it shuts off and won't turn on until you hold stuff down for 6 seconds and then wait another minute for it to restore.
4) Why does it store files named XCFS.mp4?!?!?!?! WTF is so hard to store the file name and as mp3. And why does it store only 10 songs per directory?
5) Why do you have to go to each F'in song in iTunes and manually type in the artist and song?!?!?! Everybody knows that the song is always arranged (by normal people) ' Artist - Song Name.mp3 '!!! It should look at the name and put it under the the correct artist... not make 10 seperate artists named the same thing but think it is a different bad!

On a positive note... I found this trendy thing very useful to hold down my paper so that it doesn't go flying off of my desk when there is a slight breeze :) I wish I would have bought a star for the same amount of money I spent on this paperweight... anybody want to buy mine? I'll trade you a SOJ or an Anni charm for it :)

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Created: 11/26/08

You get what you pay for.

When you buy an older Ipod, no matter how well they seller says it works it will frequently have a short battery life and syncing issues. Ipods are only designed to last 2-4 years, this generation Ipod is now 5 years old, so buying one of these is taking a gamble. Personally, I just wanted something to load my podcasts on and a bunch of music, then keep it in the car and never move it or connect it to a computer again. I'm having trouble even getting it to accept all my podcasts and music. It reads badly and struggles when trying to add more than 10 songs at once (an issue since I tried loading on 4000). But, after a lot of struggling and headaches you can get an older ipod to accept all your music and podcasts, just don't expect to be reconnecting to your computer very often, or else you risk it malfunctioning and erasing everything on it (an annoyance which has happened to me twice already). Overall, you get what you pay for, an older, faulty ipod but, if persistent, workable.

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Created: 08/07/07

Worked at first....the product is now a bit unreliable

I bought the ipod because my original one stopped working a few months ago. I got a good deal through ebay and the product seemed to work fine at first. However, a week ago I loaded a bunch of music onto it and removed the device like I was supposed to from the computer to play in my car. When I went to play the music, though, I found that everything had been strangely erased from the hard drive despite the fact it appeared fine in the itunes window before I unplugged it. I think the hard drive is a bit faulty and I am certainly uneasy about using it.

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Created: 10/07/06

Should Have Bought A New One!

Review For: Apple iPod photo classic 4th Generation White (60 GB)

I saved a few bucks purchasing this used iPod but it wasn't worth it. After loading nearly 40g of music on to it, I found it wasn't working properly. This iPod would lock up and hesitate when searching for a song. It either took way too long to finally find the music or wouldn't play it at all. According to my stereo specialist, this is a common occurrence with the 60 G iPod and is usually a signal that it is about to crash.

I had to "restore" this iPod. Which means wiping out everything on it and starting over which I did. I reuploaded all my music again after restoring it. What a hassle!

The Ebay merchant I bought this from was unresponsive when I experienced these problems. Had I bought a new one, at least I would have had a warranty and Apple customer service to fall back on. In retrospect that's what I should have done.

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Created: 05/07/09

20GB iPod - Piece of CRAP

Lousy iPod. I would definately go with newer model that uses a flash drive instead of a hard drive. Lots of software problems, yep, its a piece of crap!

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Created: 07/07/08

Apple Ipod 4th gen

I purchased this item to listen to audiobooks while in the car. It worked twice, then froze, and was hard to reset. I discovered after the return period that the hard drive is not functioning properly, and will have to be replaced at 90-140 dollars without labor. I also discovered that this ipod comes with a diagnostic feature, which I can't access because the hard drive isn't function properly. It appears that this is a problem with this model of Ipod.

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Created: 03/09/13

Poor Audio quality, I do recommend the older 4th B&W screen which is go

No, I would not recommend this product.

I love the design of the 4th generation iPod but the iPod Photo is inferior in Audio quality to previous 4th B&W iPod which from my perspective is the best. I have had 2th, 4th B&W, 4th Photo and 5th generation and 4th B&W screen is the best in audio quality, The Audio in this one is flat and with some minor distortions. it is a pity because is beautiful, but if you take the audio from the connection dock the audio is OK, I guess is the audio output jack the problem.

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Created: 04/08/07

Battery Life is Poor

My ipod has extremely poor battery life. It seems to take more juice when playing podcasts which is what I got it for in the first place.

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Created: 08/16/06

Apple iPod

Review For: Apple iPod photo classic 4th Generation White (60 GB)

Big storage but TOO MANY PROBLEMS!!!! Kind of bulky when working out, and gets overheated easily if you're an outdoor jogger. After just ten minutes outside, my ipod shut off all together and I had to return it, that's after just 2 weeks use!!! It also slows down your computer after downloading about 500 songs, and it takes 4 full hours to charge it all the way! I don't know about you, but I don't have 4 hours to wait for my iPod to be charged! This product should cost about $150, not $300! Consider other options before buying this product,ITS NOT WORTH THE MONEY!


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Created: 09/07/10

Crap product

Loved it until now. I guess its been about 2 months or so and the battery is completely shot. Won't stay on for more than 30 seconds even after 24 hours of charging. Complete waste of money.

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