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Apple iPod Nano
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Created: 02/12/10

Apple iPod nano 5th Generation Black (8 GB) MP3 Player

Packed to the gills with new audio-video features such as a video camera, FM radio, voice recording, Genius Mixes, a built-in speaker, and a larger 2.2-inch screen; also gets a pedometer. The Nano's camera can't shoot photos or HD-quality video and Apple located its lens in the most awkward location imaginable. Storage capacities remain stuck at 8GB and 16GB.No other MP3 player on the planet packs more features, from video to a pedometer, into a smaller package than the overachieving Apple iPod Nano.

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Created: 12/05/10

It should be called a "smartPod"

All the features of an iPod, plus video and audio recording (voice memo)... BONUS: I did not realize that this Nano has a built in speaker for playback!

I already have a iPod classic, so I love the whole iPod/iTunes experience. I needed a digital recorder and decided that for the money, I would buy the 5th generation Nano, so that when I no longer need the recorder, I would have another iPod. The recordings are clear and do not have a time limit (apart from battery life and memory).

Note that other generations (older and newer) require external microphones and, as far as I know, do not have video recording.

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Created: 11/18/10

Apple iPod nano 5th Generation Silver (8 GB)

I decided to buy this item, because my old mp3 player "Samsung S5" was failing me: the touchscreen buttons weren't as receptive as in the beginning, and it started to have lots of scratches over the years.
I wanted it to be easier to browse through my song list: I used to have to have to hold a button down for long periods of time so that I could browse "faster".
Also, I was looking for something with a bigger screen to watch videos, but still sleek and thin so that it would be easily portable.

When I got my item, I tried a few functions and I loved loved loved all lots of them (games, video, video camera, music browser, pedometer, etc.)! :)
Furthermore, being an iPod (being a very mainstream item), it is easier to find protective gear for my item thus less scratches.
Also, it is still very thin but not small enough to get lost in a bag (like the 6th gen).
Because of what I experienced before with my old mp3, I, personally, prefer the roulette over the touchscreen, and the screen gets less dirty.
Also, I find that this item powers up and powers down fast, but once again it is in comparison with older items that I posses.
I can record videos with sound, because there is a small mic next to the lens. I can listen to music without my earphones, because there is a "speaker" hole from which music comes out.

Although, I must say, that the speaker on the iPod Nano 5th gen, is not as good as the one I used to have on my S5 but it was the reason why the S5 was that thick.
And, I must say that one of its downfalls is that we can film but not take pictures :( despite all the functions that are offered

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Created: 09/28/10

Excellent Product

I bought this iPod for my sister because her last one was stolen. The product arrived quickly and in the condition described. The 5th generation nano is compact, light, and looks very sleek. The video camera on the back takes great quality film. The long lasting battery life lets you listen to hours of music without needing to charge it again for about 24 hours. 16 GB is a good amount of space if you have a decent ammount of music, pictures, and video.

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Created: 09/11/10

Great for Home or Office

This is my first iPod. I bought this to mainly use at my office with an iHome docking station. It was very simple to just slip the iPod into the dock and I could either use the controlls on my iPod or the ones on the dock to pick what I wanted to listen to.

Pros: It is very easy to load new music and has great sound! I am very happy I bought the iPod. If you can afford it go for the step bigger storage size than you think you need. You won't regret it! I am extremely glad to have purchased the 16gb, as I was conteplating the 8gb. I have the 16gb almost half full, with a ton more CDs to add to the list! It has a lot of other great features like a pedometor, radio, pause radio function, camera, video capabilities, games.. and more that I know I haven't even had a chance to explore. You won't be dissapointed!

Cons: The earphones they give you don't match the color of your iPod. They are the standard white earphones, so in my opinion they look odd with the black iPod that I purchased. It also doesn't come with a screen protecter, a cover or a regular wall plug in, so everything is an extra accesory that you have to pay for. It isn't perfect in how you have to scroll through the menu's, but what is?

Over all I am very happy, and would recommend this over another brand of portable music player. (I have an iRiver and hardly ever use it, because it was too much work to get to the music I wanted to hear.)

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Created: 07/21/10

New Features Put it Ahead of 4th Gen

I bought the 8GB product red version on the nano 5G. The features it has are perfect for music lovers. It has a built-in speaker so you don't need headphones or a speaker to play music. The camera is good, but haven't yet figured out the viedo modes or how to delete videos. I love the radio with live pause and tagging. And the pedometer is very convenient and handy.

My only trouble with it is that sometimes it flickers on then off if you do a lot at one time or acidently hold the button too long. Can't wait to explore it more.

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Created: 04/20/10

Really enjoying my latest iPod

I use my iPod primarily to listen to audiobooks. I like the jog wheel so that I can easily move forward and back within the book if I miss something. That's why I bought my 1st generation nano. My daughter bought her dad a 2nd gen for father's day one year and he keeps it in an adapter for his stereo or for long trips he takes it in his car. It has lasted a really long time that way. I bought a gen 3 when the gen 1 had been dropped too many times (probably had gotten wet as well). The gen 3 was basically the same for me as the gen one. I didn't use any features other than the ones I already used and games. The new larger screen made it fun to play games. That one's missing somewhere so I bought a gen 4. That one got a dunking somewhere along the way and became more erratic so I bought an iTouch 16gb. I can put days worth of books on there. I could probably drive across country and back without running out of books. It is a great car iPod. But. It is not a great pocket iPod. Because I have my iPod with me all the time, I frequently need to pause my story. The iTouch can only be paused by taking it out of my pocket, pushing the button, swiping my finger and tapping the screen. Not convenient if your phone is ringing at the same time. Moving forward and back in my story I have to use a slider which is probably spectacularly accurate in a 5 min song, but hard to use precisely in an 8 hour book. The iTouch is great for playing games, watching videos, keeping my shopping list and all my PDA functions. When the iPhone becomes available for my carrier I will have no hesitation about getting one, but I won't keep my audiobooks on it. When I found a refurbished Gen 5 Nano (8gb is plenty for me) on eBay for under $90, I grabbed it. And it works just the way my 1st, 3rd and 4th gen nanos did, but this time I'm actually using some of the new features. I like to walk, and I listen to my books when I walk, so I enjoy the pedometer. And I like the radio. I don't listen to the radio much, but my husband is always turning off the car in the middle of something I want to hear, so now I just switch it on to the nano and listen. I did have a moment of fear when suddenly the click wheel didn't work, but I took my mind back before the iTouch and remembered how to reset it and everything was fine again. I did buy a square trade warranty, the price was really great and it gives me peace of mind after my scare that maybe it was too good a deal to be true. I haven't had to use the warranty, but I like knowing I have it. The only downside for me is what seems like a short battery life. It will give me about 12 hours, but I'm used to getting more than that. It's not a deal breaker for me. I just have to remember to charge it more than I'm used to. Or put it on the car adapter when I'm driving and that will take care of everything. Highly recommended if you're looking for a new iPod.

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Created: 04/12/11

This is the best version of the Ipod nano.

I love everything about this product except that I couldn't keep the music that came on it while syncing my library. This is my favorite model of iPod nano because it has everything. I love all of the features built in speakers, radio, audio and video recorder, pedometer, etc...and the screen size, the sleek shape, the color. I always wanted to upgrade from my 2nd generation nano but felt a little nostalgic about it, until I cracked the screen accidentally and tried to replace it myself avoiding the $79 repair fee. This 5th generation model is even better than the 6th generation one because I like the size of everything on it and the shape is palm adaptive. It feels like an appendage.

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Created: 02/10/11

Apple iPod Nano 5th Generation

The Nano 5th was and is in my opinion the best music player to own. It is small enough for running, listening to at work. The compact size along with all the features, live pause radio, song selection and many more features make it easy to use and just what one needs. The newer 6 is just too small as the Nano 5th does play movies on a relatively decent sized screen. You can play and hear music and movies without the stereo earbuds if you choose, great feature as well. Step counter and much more. I hope that Apple chooses to make this generation again with added features. The 6th is of no comparison to the 5th. Purchased 2 just to have a back up. The Touch is too bulky for those who play music while walking or at work. Most phones have all the capability for email so the Touch is not needed for that.

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Created: 10/08/10


After enjoying the likes of my 3rd generation ipod nano for several years, I felt it was time to move on. I purchased the 5th generation nano because of the new features such as, FM radio, digital camera and video recording and an extended battery life. I've transferred all my music, downloaded a few new singles and am simply enjoying my new player. It's sleek, it's fun and easy to operate, this iPod is myPod.

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