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Apple iPod Nano
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Created: 11/18/10

Apple iPod nano 5th Generation Silver (8 GB)

I decided to buy this item, because my old mp3 player "Samsung S5" was failing me: the touchscreen buttons weren't as receptive as in the beginning, and it started to have lots of scratches over the years.
I wanted it to be easier to browse through my song list: I used to have to have to hold a button down for long periods of time so that I could browse "faster".
Also, I was looking for something with a bigger screen to watch videos, but still sleek and thin so that it would be easily portable.

When I got my item, I tried a few functions and I loved loved loved all lots of them (games, video, video camera, music browser, pedometer, etc.)! :)
Furthermore, being an iPod (being a very mainstream item), it is easier to find protective gear for my item thus less scratches.
Also, it is still very thin but not small enough to get lost in a bag (like the 6th gen).
Because of what I experienced before with my old mp3, I, personally, prefer the roulette over the touchscreen, and the screen gets less dirty.
Also, I find that this item powers up and powers down fast, but once again it is in comparison with older items that I posses.
I can record videos with sound, because there is a small mic next to the lens. I can listen to music without my earphones, because there is a "speaker" hole from which music comes out.

Although, I must say, that the speaker on the iPod Nano 5th gen, is not as good as the one I used to have on my S5 but it was the reason why the S5 was that thick.
And, I must say that one of its downfalls is that we can film but not take pictures :( despite all the functions that are offered

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Created: 07/21/10

New Features Put it Ahead of 4th Gen

I bought the 8GB product red version on the nano 5G. The features it has are perfect for music lovers. It has a built-in speaker so you don't need headphones or a speaker to play music. The camera is good, but haven't yet figured out the viedo modes or how to delete videos. I love the radio with live pause and tagging. And the pedometer is very convenient and handy.

My only trouble with it is that sometimes it flickers on then off if you do a lot at one time or acidently hold the button too long. Can't wait to explore it more.

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Created: 09/08/10

Amazing product.. Itunes on the other hand .. hmmm

I love everything about the Nano itself..An amazing product in and of itself! It's that Itunes interface that leaves much to be desired. 90% of my music was stored in folders and easily organized by Windows media player with associated album artwork for easy visual. When Itunes was done importing it 70% had no artwork ... was listed as unidentified album and 10 out of 30 albums were broken up into individual albums with one song each.. No remedy to regroup individual songs into "custom/user" albums. I don't consider playlist as a solution because it still leaves you with a base library of jumbled junk. I can't flip through the albums and then drill down to songs when each song was made into an individual album.. When attempting to retrieve artwork I was forced to sign up (with payment method) for Itunes before this extortionist of a program would even search for artwork for albums which already had Artwork when viewed through windows media player... So basically if Apple didn't feed it to you and get the money your library is intact but jumbled and clunky to use... Itunes .... keep it. Also,,, the jumbled mess is transferred to that sleek beautiful piece of art .. your Ipod Nano which has no choice but to show you the jumbled mess it has been synched with from Itunes... Ugggg

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Created: 06/01/10

iPod 5th w/ 16GB

I don't own a cellphone, nor did I own any Apple product, until I bought this Apple iPod MP3 Player, 5th G w/ 16GB. This item is a completely new experience for me, at age 60. When I first opened the box, I asked myself 'Where's the Operational Manual?' After going to the Apple 5G iPod Website, I realized that if they had given me a Manual, it would have been 40 -50 -60 pages. This 5th iPod is chuck full of neat items = You can watch a full lenght movie on it, create your own motion picture, listen to AM/FM or to thousands of 'my picked' music. The only thing that I would have liked = 'a single frame camera'.
In no time, I was navigating this two silver dollar thin, shirt pocket 'Entertainment Center'. At night, I hook it up to a iHome, Model iP97 (that I purchashed on eBay, also), dual alarm clock, that'll play my preordained music and recharge the 2 hour operational battery, at the same time.
I've only gained enough knowledge to operate half of the items, within my iPod and already - it's worth its weight in gold.

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Created: 05/26/10

Great Product, Check Compatibility with CD Player

I bought this device mainly because I have a 2GB Nano that sits in the glove box of my car, connected to my head unit via a Direct Connect cable. This allows me to charge and control my iPod from the CD player in my car. While it works fine with my old 2nd gen nano, it will not charge the 5th Gen iPods. While it's probably a restriction of my radio (as when I plug it in, it says "Charging Not Allowed with this Accessory" or something to that effect), I am disappointed that it will not charge. It still is able to work with my CD player (from a functionality perspective), but I just have to make sure to take it from my car every day, or every other day. Was kind of hoping to leave it in the glove box, but oh well. I really enjoy the FM radio, external speaker, and the video camera that they have added to this. They are all very nice features, and are good quality (but don't expect to be jamming to AC/DC in your car with the windows down through the external speaker). Overall I am satisfied with this iPod, and can't wait to see what Apple does in the future with the iPod line (not a big fan of the iTouch personally, so iPod is my route to go).

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Created: 11/03/10

Ipod Nano Review

No other MP3 player on the planet packs more features, from video to a pedometer, into a smaller package than the overachieving Apple iPod Nano.

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Created: 11/30/10

Really good deal...

I primarily like how small (but not too small as the nano 6th) this ipod is. I wanted something not too tiny or too big, as in touch's or classic's. I purchased a 16 GB that ended up being exactly what I needed... the 8 GB just seems too small.

At the moment, I don't have any videos or pictures yet. Why do you need to sync pics into your ipod? The video is pretty cool if you ever get into a car accident or something spontaneous happens. You can whip that bad boy out and film everything. The resolution and pic quality is pretty darn good.

All around, I shopped and this was the best deal. It's not too old of an ipod, and the prices are starting to decrease because mainstream is pushing the touch.
On a good day, you can find one for $80 "mint'ly" used. There out there.

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Created: 09/16/10

Ipod Nano

This is my second iPod Nano. I generally like them because they are small and easy to work with. I like this one better then the Generation 3 I previously had. This Generation (5) has the video feature, audio books, and pictures available too. It just has more features simply.

The video feature is nice, I can take videos of my daughter with out having to go searching for my video camera. The quality of the video isn't exceptional but more or less what you would expect it would be with a iPod.

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Created: 02/13/11

Apple Ipod nano 5th Generation review.

Review For: Apple iPod nano 5th Generation Green (16GB)

I have the Ipod 4th Generation. I've had it more than a year and a half. I use and abuse this at work. Still works perfect from the day I bought it used. This Ipod 5th Generation. Has more better features. Easy to use video and great radio. The earphones act as antennae! I notice that the battery only last between 6 hours to 8 hours. Not bad. Remember I bought used. So I bought a car charger. This makes more sense. When battery gets to 3 hours I will replace. Have a pro installation. I heard changing battery is not an easy task.

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Created: 06/04/10


Good iPod, but some of the features are not so good. Video camera is like a 2004 cell phone camera -- bad quality videos. The battery life is low, unless you keep the backlight off all the time. And the voiceover that tells you the names of the songs is quite annoying. Also, it only plays songs you have on speaker. Cannot play the radio on speaker. But overall, it is a great product and is definitely worth the price. Very cheap as compared with other versions of the iPod.

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