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Apple iPod Nano
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Created: 11/24/08

Apple iPod Nano 16gb 4th Generation

I bought this iPod when my 3rd generation iPod ran out of memory space. I ended up getting an iPod with double the memory. It was brand new (factory sealed) when I purchased it. The screen was not as I expected it. It plays video only in landscape mode which I found a little annoying at first but I eventually got over it. The music mode is a little more advanced than its third generation predecessor. Its high resolution screen impressed me. The only down side is the accelerometer (the device which is behind all the turning around cover flow/ shuffle). It gets annoying. Sometimes when you put the iPod down it goes into cover which turns on the backlight (thus reducing battery life). Also when you walk around with it in your hands, it shakes around (obviously) which activates the shuffle (which I believe should have never been a feature in this iPod) changing your song. Another problem I saw with it was that it is not compatible with my iPod charger that has worked with every other previous iPod nano I have had. Now, I have to either buy a new charger or charge it via my computer (which I find extremley inconvienient. Overall, the 4th generation iPod nano is basically just another iPod with the usual next-generation updates (thinner, more colors, more memory capacty, etc.) with one important (and sometimes annoying) update, the accelerometer. So, if you like the iPod touch you will like this nano. It sure is different from previous nanos. Have fun purchasing your nano!

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Created: 04/14/11

Okay for the money I paid for.

I needed to buy a new ipod because my other ipod was extremely old. My mind was set for either the 4th generation or 5th generation ipod nano. Ipod Touch is still pricy and most of them have cracked screens. I'm an Ipod Nano fan and this is perfect for me. I do not need camera or FM radio so 4th generation or 5th generation, it does not matter to me. I like the option to start the next song around 3 - 5 seconds before the current song ends. The two things I dislike about this product I received was the click wheel on the bottom left side of the circle is a bit damaged and need to press hard or slide hard. There is a huge dent on the front side bottom center but does not seem to affect anything except the appearance. Overall, the product I receive was in fair condition at the LEAST, and the product in general is a great device. Hope this review helped! I am happy with my new ipod.

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Created: 12/01/08

iPod Nano great except if you are running Windows 2000

I love this wonderful little gadget! I am a runner and this is perfect. The only problem is I am running Windows 2000 and the newest version of iTunes isn't supported. I tried to download older versions but they don't work. My boyfriend took it to work and had me send my files to him. He put the music on for me there. He's working on getting a program called Banche (sp?) for my computer. He thinks that will work.

As for the iPod itself. I can't wait to be able to use iTunes or an alternative. The customized play lists will be perfect for running. I will be able to customize music for the different distances I run. I will be able to put songs I really like at points where I know I generally struggle in a run for extra motivation.

I've had a lot of fun with the pre-loaded games and am totally fascinated with the "shake" feature.

Having all of the information about a song is great. Nice to know the album it is from. The pictures of the album covers is a nice treat as well. I'm from the generation that really appreciates great album art.

The earbuds aren't great for running as they jar loose from your ears but that style generally comes with most MP3 players. I just buy the "clip around your ears" type.

I have used it in the car with a cassette adapter. That is real nice when you can't find anything good on the radio.

I'm sure once I get used to all the functions and especially getting used to using them "on the run" when I can't really look at it, it will be wonderful for running. And once I get the software issue solved this will be awesome!!!

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Created: 12/30/10

4th Generation iPod Nano 16 GB

I owned the 8 gig refurb version of this iPod for a little over a year and it was fantastic. My original one cam up missing and I didn't want to replace it with some knock off brand of MP3 player like I have owned in the past. Apple makes a truly outstanding product. I didn't want to upgrade to a new version of the iPod, because I had really gotten used to the operation and the features of the 4th gen nano. Also, I wanted more storage since I listen to a lot of Mike and Bob radio show podcasts. I haven't listened to the radio since I have owned an iPod. It is terrific!

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Created: 08/06/10

great to have!

Review For: Apple iPod nano 4th Generation Pink (16 GB)

The iPod 4th gen nano is a great mp3 player. I used to be anti-Apple, but once I received a nano, my views changed. It's got an easy to use scrolling wheel and a big screen for such a small player. The only thing I don't like about it is the "shake to shuffle" feature, because if you put it in your pocket and walk a bit, it will shuffle at the most random times and when you WANT it to shuffle, you look like a fool trying to shake the living daylights out of it. Overall good piece of technology!

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Created: 04/05/10

Nano 16GB is recommended

I have a shuffle too and I like the Nano much better. It is easier to tell what playlists you're putting on to play because you can choose it on the screen. However, the pad doesn't always work the best and can either be touchy or difficult to operate. I would still recommend this product for purchase - above all else the iTunes program that you have to download (free) to load music onto your ipod players rocks! It is the best music player I've used in the 10+ years that I've been using electronic music players.

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Created: 05/09/09

Apple iPod nano chromatic Pink (8gb) MP3 player

I am very happy with my pink Apple iPod nano (8gb). It holds thousand of photos, songs and even movies, I'm told, although I haven't tried this feature yet. One of my favorite functions is being able to play games on it. I have downloaded Maze and Tetris and it is very convenient to take my iPod anywhere and have these games available if I'm in a line, on a car trip or just hanging out. My kids really like it, too, and my son has a refurbished blue one (also 8gb). My only complaint is that I find the enclosed earphones really uncomfortable and I've learned that comfortable earphones will be an extra expense and sometimes hard to find. Maybe kids have no problems with these but I really can't use the earphones for very long at all before having to remove them. Overall, however, this is a very sleek little gizmo and it's fun to have something so easy to carry around and play with or to listen to songs that I select whenever I want to hear them. I would recommend this product to someone who wants an easy to use technological toy who likes to listen to music, too. That's why I bought it and I am, for the most part, very happy with this purchase.

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Created: 04/09/11

Nano 4th Generation - Used purchase - Great Value!

The 4th Generation Nano has a sleek, trim body, and uses the Ipod Wheel to navigate the menus. While not as "cool" as the Ipod Touch now in production, the older model was a work horse and did what it was supposed to.

We bought this used, as getting the $250+ newer Touch was unnecessary for our purpose - to give a 15 year old access to her music, I Tunes and NOT have it stolen when she has it at the gym, basketball practice, or hanging out.

Great value, and so glad it was available to us on Ebay.

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Created: 04/12/09

I like it but I wish it was a radio as well.

I've had my iPod nano for about a week. I like the size and weight of it and it has great sound. The iTunes store has a huge selection of song, movies, shows etc. I hope there's an accessory to clip it onto my shirt collar so I don't have to hold it all the time or put it in my pants pocket. Also it would be nice if it functioned as a radio as well. I had to uninstall Verizon vcast from my computer because it was interfering with the iTunes software. Songs were not completely processing after downloads. Since uninstalling vcast that has not happened again. Battery life seem OK. I haven't ran it down from a full charge yet but I listened to it for about 3 hours one day and used half the battery. I can't compare it to other brands because this is the first (mp3?) player I've had. As I said before I love the sound but, I would look for something with a radio function and buy it if I had it to do over again. For what it is though I really like it.

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Created: 11/06/08

Apple iPod nano chromatic Black (16 GB, MB918LL/A) MP3

The new 4th generation ipod nano is my first ipod. I love the size, shape, and the new screen. Everything is awesome, but the only down fall is that you can't shuffle songs within playlists. The Genius feature is pretty cool. If you want to use it in your car (play it through your radio, there are a few that work with the 4th generation model but it won't charge as you're playing it. Hopefully, they will make one soon!

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