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Apple iPod Nano
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Created: 09/03/10

ipod nano 4th generation

Not a Great Experience, Nano Ipod Alleged to be Brand New ???, Would not take a Charge-Battery DOA, Seller Not Happy about me returning Alleged New Ipod Nano
Finally agreed to accept return of Alleged New Ipod Nano. I'm not sure if Nano Ipod was New-It looked New, but it would take a battery charging-I complained and Seller took it back.Never heard again from Seller, except I received a Full Refund.(Not a Good Experience) Buy Direct from Apple, Its the only way to be Sure you are getting what You pay for.

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Created: 03/31/11

Apple IPod 4th Generation 8 GB

I like the concept of the ipod. However, they do not appear to be made to last and repair or maintenance of the product does not appear to be a priority concern. It's very sad because they have a great idea.

I am now more inclined to buy a similar product at a lower price. It appears that they both last about the same time so why not save myself a substantial amount of money and buy the no name brand and put the savings where it will do me more good?

Sorry Apple, I have bought 2 of them and now own a no name brand.

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Created: 12/02/08

Software Glitch???

I was reluctant to buy an iPod for several years. I was very pleased when I initially used this product. I was impressed with how well it worked and how user friendly it was. I hate having to use iTunes to upload anything into the iPod, but I knew that was part of the deal I chose to succumb to. It's been about two weeks that I've had the iPod now and it just malfunctioned for the second time. The screen turns completely black and there is no sound output. Luckily, a fellow soldier here in Iraq has came across this problem before and fixed it the first time in 24 hours. It is not a low/dead battery or misconnection of anything. It is some kind of glitch that really got on my nerves when it happened for the second time in 5 days. In addition, a friend of mine had the same malfunction on their iPod a few days ago. It's very disappointing. However, I do like the small size and light weight. It is a decent product, but dealing with this inconvenience makes me dislike buying this product. I should have listened to my original thoughts and went with a Zune...

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Created: 09/08/10

iPod Nano 5th Gen, 16gb

AS an item this is an awesome item. However, the particular iPod purchased is defective - the hardware is defective. The Click wheel tends to lock up frequently. Took it to the Apple store - and they told me they cannot fix it. I will not purchase an item like an ipod on ebay again.

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Created: 05/06/09

Not all that!!

I like the iPod it has many features and the storage capacity is great.
I purchased the iPod for my daughter's birthday. I initially bought a digital camera/mp3/video player for her and that did not turn out. Purchasing this iPod did not help it constantly freezes up. Basically I now have to hear my daughter complain that are iPod is not working again... Never Again...

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Created: 11/17/10

a 16gb ipod nano fair condition

disliked and disappointed about the ipod nano because it was not what i had purchased the screen is scratched & has many black dots in it the ipod it has may scratches on it and dents and the body is twisted and torqued and the paint is worn off.

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Created: 04/05/10

Ipod Review

This Ipod loses battery power very fast. The last IPod I had could work for days without me having to re-charge it. This one, I have to charge every day even if I'm not using. I'm really not happy with it at all. It defeats the purpose of an ipod when I go on long trips, because within 2.5 hours, it dies.

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Created: 08/05/09

It could have been cool if....

I bought this ipod nano used which was probably the first mistake. Within a week the battery failed to charge anymore (even when plugged into the wall outlet). I looked up how much it would be to replace the lithium ion battery and it was more than I paid for the product. When I was looking up how to fix it I found that this was a common problem among the 4th generation nano's. I have ordered a new 3rd generation nano and I hope this won't be a problem but we'll see...

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Created: 05/14/09

iPod no longer working...

Well the iPod was working well for about two weeks but today it just stopped working...not sure what the problem is but nothing works. I can't turn it off and I can't go to the main menu. The screen went blank and that was it. Also can't link it to my computer to charge or anything. Needless to say I am not a happy customer.

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Created: 05/10/09

Poor battery life

This "like new" refurbished iPod Nano very poor battery life. I would not buy another refurbished one.

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