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Apple iPod Nano
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Created: 09/24/08

The 4th Gen Nano does it right!

The 4th generation Nano, Available in capacities of 8GB, and 16GB (priced at $149 & $199 respectively) these have a scratch-resistant aluminum body and are now slimmer than ever. The unit has new rounded, contour edges that make it feel thinner than it is and feel right in your hand. The new line-up comes in a whole array of colors to match the rainbow, and to match your personality as well.

The 4th Generation Nano has completely redesigned the Nano over the 3rd generation “Fat”, and it feels like it is different on the sides when you hold it comparatively to the older generations. Stepping back to the 1st and 2nd generation designs, it takes the good of the style of the 2nd gen, along with the advancements in the “Fat” 3rd generation versions, and creates a winning design. This design is a lot thinner than it was, yet retains the 2-inch screen, though it is millimeters thinner. The new screen saves the room for viewing your tracks and playing games, but the genius comes in the flipping of the screen.

The screen with this change, still has a 2-inch viewing area, which makes it very easy to use, browse and watch. When view movies, shows, podcasts with the new Nano, the Nano should be flipped to a “widescreen” view, in which the new accelerometer changes the landscape and viewing of this device. This new Nano still has a long battery life. Apple claims that it will last 36 hours, but I was able to get just over 32 hours of playtime – which is nice… real nice. The video experience was just over 6 hours – as advertised.

Another thing about the accelerometer. The accelerometer also enables 'shake to shuffle', where a flick of the wrist will choose a random song. This feels like it has been done right. It also allows easy use of the coverflow system, which runs much smoother this time around.

The new music search functions (Genius), the brighter screen,, sound quality, smoother ease and use of coverflow, and continued games support give the new iPod added flare. The addition of voice notes won't make a difference to most people, as you'll need to buy some extra headphones with a microphone built in – but it is nice to know that it is there if you do.

The addition of Genius, an automatic playlist generator, is going to be a massive hit with iPod fans. Genius will be massive, because it will - if it works as advertised - unlock the potential of your iPod library and help keep parties jumping or evenings chilled. It will also allow Apple to recommend tracks to you by your listening tastes as well.

As a fan small MP3 players, and of the past Nano line-ups, I love this design. I really do. I think the all aluminum casing is the way to go, and I am happy again that it is all around the unit. Should you replace your old 8GB Nano (3rd Generation) with the new one? If you really want accelerometer video abilities and Genius, I would say yes. Regardless if you upgrade, or decided to wait it out, I highly recommended this device to Apple lovers and new MP3 enthusiasts alike.

-Brighter, crisper viewing screen
-Aluminum scratch-resistant casing all around the body
-Amazing battery-life: 30+ hours plus (6+ with video)!
-Search features, cover flow, album art, Genius
-Accelerometer for video viewing and song shuffling
-Genius song selection
-Microphone capabilities
-LOTS of new colors to choose from
-Games via iTunes

-Still no built in FM tuner
-Limited space when it comes to video & games

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Created: 05/22/11

Good product if you just listen to it through headphone jack only

Yes, I would recommend this product to a friend.

Features are a four out five since I just want an mp3 player not a video player which the click wheel accidentally selects it then I have to back out and get to my music. Design is a four because it doesn't connect through the ipod connector that well in my car and this is the second plug in cord I have purchased thinking it was the cord. The sound goes in and out sometimes like its not making good connection.

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Created: 01/08/11

PERFECT ITEM+++++++++++++

The slightly curved wafer thin Nano 4G has a long slim body for a better grasp. Enjoy the well balanced sound of this iPod Nano that supports playback for MP3, AAC, AIFF, WAV, Audible and Apple Lossless. This Apple MP3 Player comes with all the standard iPod features plus motley of new features. Have fun with the Genius feature of this iPod Nano that creates 25 song playlists instantly based on the characteristics of a single song. Shake your Apple MP3 Player to control its features with the tilt-sensor. Armed with microphone input, the Nano 4G lets you do voice recording too

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Created: 12/05/08

Finally, Going iPod...

Okay, I've held off for as long as I can, one of the last hold-outs to get an iPod. I've had two other brands, not to be mentioned here, one of which was a 20 gig model, both were excellent performers, but I've sat idly by watching as all the accessories go "i-crazy". Half the items I see that I'd like for my current MP3 player wouldn't work with it as they were designed for the iPod specifically.

So, finally, thanks to eBay, I've broken down and joined the "i-group". First purchased a Nano for my daughter for Xmas. When I received it I had to test it out (well, it is off eBay), and fell in love with the darned thing right away. The size surprised me, as I ended up taking the whole family "iPodish", and bought two 8gb models and one 16gb model. Wow! They literally fit in a pocket, with room to spare! All that power in such a tiny package.

Now I just have to get used to using iTunes for everything, but I like the way it displays the album art so no big deal. So here's my list of pros and cons for your consideration:

Pros - size (some people are really going to like this small size unit), storage (most people will be okay with an 8gig unit), functionality (the shake to shuffle feature is cool, I find myself using that all the time), display (clear and bright and just the right size for this unit), connectivity (easy to connect, easy to power, easy to charge, easy to use), finish (this thing seems brilliantly made, and the brushed aluminum appearance and new colors are quite striking). Audio output is FABULOUS.

Cons - size (yes, both pro and con - some will find it too small, as in easy to lose), storage (again both a pro and a con, as this is not a fixed hard drive it's got a limit of the amount you can store in it at this size, also when they say 8 and 16 gig they don't warn you that you need to take 1.5 gig off that for system storage), weak equalizer (I like to adjust the sound custom to my own ear, and this unit has several presets for the EQ but no custom settings), Appleliscious (okay, I made that up, but what I mean is it's an Apple product, inherintly more expensive than it's competitors, but Apple does build a good product - also all peripherals are expensive), lastly it's an Apple - meaning you are forced to use Apple created software to work with the unit. You must use iTunes to load it, unlike many of their competitors units which are basically a storage unit that is accessible via USB port.

In conclusion - the pro's way outweigh the con's, and I'm glad I finally joined the Apple gang and am part of the iClub. The audio on this thing is fantastic, with the top end volume an order of magnitude higher than all my other MP3 players (yes, I like it LOUD). Also the quality of that audio is fantastic - I did a side-by-side comparison with one earbud in each ear, one to the iPod the other to it's competitor, playing the same exact song file, and the iPod's audio quality blew it away!

So, I am finally, and with some trepidation, an Apple iPod convert. I've held off for as long as I could, but pressure from my 11 year old daughter pushed me over the edge. Once I saw her iPod, I knew I had to convert the entire family over to Apple products. Next purchase, a MAC???

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Created: 06/10/09

Ipod is still the best MP3 player for the money

I bought this 4th gen. Ipod Nano to replace my 1st gen. model and I couldn't be any happier. This version has a nice form factor with a curved design that makes it seem a bit smaller than all the previous models. The display now sports video playback and considering how small it is, the resolution is quite good. 8 gb may not be large enough for some, but if playing music is favored over watching movies, than this might be enough. For around $50 more, a 16 gb may be the way to go if more storage is needed. All other previous features are included in this model and a few new features: Cover Flow, Voice Menus - which let you hear on your headphones what artist, title, and/or album is playing. However, this feature must be activated when synched with Itunes. Also, the battery life is significantly rated longer and so far I haven't had to re-charge it very offten. However, this will vary since watching videos will lower the life a bit faster than just listening to music. Overall, the Ipod Nano is still one of the best mp3 players for its simple yet good looks, user-friendly features, and great video and audio playback for the price.

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Created: 01/03/09

My First Ipod, Great Choice

I purchased this Ipod about two weeks before Christmas. There were no Ipods left in local stores so I went to Ebay to look for one.
The Apple iPod nano has a slim, sleek, attractive design. I initially wanted black but it was no longer available. I had to settle for hot pink. While not initially crazy about this, I'm now quite pleased because no one else has this color. It's bright and I can find it quickly!
The iPod package I purchased arrived with almost everything I needed to start with... earphones; both car charger and standard charger; a retractable, yes, retractable port/charge cable AND the standard USB. I found the quick reference folder explaining what the dial did, but for some reason, it didn't come with the users manual, something that would have saved me the humiliation of asking one of my kids how to play with my new toy...
I got the package for much less than I could have purchased it for in local stores (had it been available)in the same time frame.
I have been impressed with the storage capabilities of this little gadget. I can store hundreds of pictures, videos, thousands of songs, even entire episodes of shows. I'm sure there are even more features I don't know about because I didn't get the user's manual, but I will... The sound is crystal clear and the picture quality is crisp.
I like the iPod's ability to change the screen view depending on the position it's held in... meaning if you turn it to its side, the picture flips to accommodate the change.
I don't like hearing the clicking sound as I search for artists, playlists, etc.
One other thing I find annoying is having to tuck it into a pocket, my waistband, or having to hold it while using it. I've had it sitting on the desk, been listening to something, gotten up, and had the iPod swinging from the earpods more than once. Apparently, armband and belt holsters similar to those used for cell phones are available so I'll be buying one of those.
I appreciate the availability and sound quality of base docks so you can use the iPod to play music from like a regular home system. The shuffle effect is nice.
There are smaller personal speakers but I haven't been able assess the sound quality of one of those yet... the ear pods are fine for now.
I also like being able to plug the iPod into my car with an adapter (not included with basic package)so I don't have to carry a bunch of CD's around.
Overall, this is a fantastic new toy; it's superior to any portable CD player. I realize this is my first MP3 but I can't help but say the performance of the Apple IPod nano is so much more than I ever expected.
In addition, the ease of loading data makes the experience even better. The iTunes Store makes it almost TOO easy to have all the media you'd ever want! The only thing I'm starting to worry about is that I like using it too much. With my love of music, it is now possible to do what I thought was impossible....I could actually use up 8 GB's and have to make choices about what to keep!!!!

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Created: 11/24/08

Apple iPod Nano 16gb 4th Generation

I bought this iPod when my 3rd generation iPod ran out of memory space. I ended up getting an iPod with double the memory. It was brand new (factory sealed) when I purchased it. The screen was not as I expected it. It plays video only in landscape mode which I found a little annoying at first but I eventually got over it. The music mode is a little more advanced than its third generation predecessor. Its high resolution screen impressed me. The only down side is the accelerometer (the device which is behind all the turning around cover flow/ shuffle). It gets annoying. Sometimes when you put the iPod down it goes into cover which turns on the backlight (thus reducing battery life). Also when you walk around with it in your hands, it shakes around (obviously) which activates the shuffle (which I believe should have never been a feature in this iPod) changing your song. Another problem I saw with it was that it is not compatible with my iPod charger that has worked with every other previous iPod nano I have had. Now, I have to either buy a new charger or charge it via my computer (which I find extremley inconvienient. Overall, the 4th generation iPod nano is basically just another iPod with the usual next-generation updates (thinner, more colors, more memory capacty, etc.) with one important (and sometimes annoying) update, the accelerometer. So, if you like the iPod touch you will like this nano. It sure is different from previous nanos. Have fun purchasing your nano!

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Created: 04/14/11

Okay for the money I paid for.

I needed to buy a new ipod because my other ipod was extremely old. My mind was set for either the 4th generation or 5th generation ipod nano. Ipod Touch is still pricy and most of them have cracked screens. I'm an Ipod Nano fan and this is perfect for me. I do not need camera or FM radio so 4th generation or 5th generation, it does not matter to me. I like the option to start the next song around 3 - 5 seconds before the current song ends. The two things I dislike about this product I received was the click wheel on the bottom left side of the circle is a bit damaged and need to press hard or slide hard. There is a huge dent on the front side bottom center but does not seem to affect anything except the appearance. Overall, the product I receive was in fair condition at the LEAST, and the product in general is a great device. Hope this review helped! I am happy with my new ipod.

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Created: 10/07/10

There's only one iPod

I've never really like Apple, but there's only one company that sells the iPod, and it is the best mp3 player on the market, by far. It's got a much larger screen than my 2nd Generation iPod, and the black scroll wheel on gunmetal gray makes it look really retro. I think it was smart coloring. It holds hours or music, so it's great for everything from car rides to the gym, and it's small enough to fit in your car or in a tiny pocket. Works great.

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