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Apple iPod Nano
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Created: 10/17/07

Apple Ipod Nano - This is a Must Have!

2GB of memory stores up to 500 of your favorite songs to enjoy while you're on the go; plays MP3, MP3 VBR, AAC, Protected AAC, Audible (formats 2, 3 and 4), Apple Lossless, WAV and AIFF formats
Durable anodized aluminum protects your iPod from damage and scratches
New LCD screen is 40% brighter, providing a stunning photo display and easier menu navigation in a variety of lighting conditions
Import your favorite tunes with iTunes and assemble an enormous music library that fits in the palm of your hand
Create an entire photo album by storing your favorite memories on your iPod nano to take with you wherever you go
Increased battery life lets you listen to your iPod nano for up to 24 hours

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Created: 09/26/06

2nd Generation Nano is a Must Buy!

The Nano was brought out to replace the Mini, but this new remastering of the iPod is a fusion of the 1st generation Nano and the Mini. Available in capacities of 2, 4, and 8GB (priced at $149, $199, and $249, respectively) these have a scratch-resistant aluminum shell, rounded edges, and various colors like the mini, though the colors are only available in the 4GB models. You can get a 2GB Nano, though it only comes in Silver. If you go under’s website for deals and refurbished products, you can still get a 2GB Nano for $99.00, but remember it is the first generation. I purchased the 8GB Nano, though it only comes in black, but this version is the largest for storage.

Though it looks like the iPod Mini, it is more like the 1st generation Nano. The 2nd Generation Nano is the same height and width as the original Nano, but with the rounded edges, it feels like it is shorter on the sides. This design also makes it feel a lot thinner than it was, though it is only a .01 inches thinner. The center button has changed too, having a concaved button for your selection, which makes it very easy to use and place your thumb without looking. This new Nano, with the same body shape, now has a longer battery life. Apple claims that it will last 24 hours, but I was able to get just over 25 hours of playtime – Which is nice.

The Nano comes with similar features as the previous version such as Volume Limit, Stopwatch, Screen Lock, and support for the Nike + iPod Sport Kit, but now has a music search function, a brighter screen (40% brighter), improved sound quality (in my opinion), and the newly redesigned headphones.

Also, the bottom of this unit has changed slightly. The headphone jack and the sync port are slightly farther apart, which eliminated some of my old accessories, which made me slightly disappointed.

In regards to syncing, this unit actually takes longer to sync than my old Nano. To sync 2GB on the first generation took roughly 5 minutes, but with the 2nd generation of newly designed Nano’s, it took almost 10 minutes to do 2 gigs. This seems to be the common findings amongst other 2nd generation Nano owners as well. They did upgrade the software right after the release, but I have not noticed a difference in syncing.

A downside that the Nano did not get that the 5th Generation Ver. 2.0 of the iPod received was the option to purchase games from iTunes. Hopefully this will be something that will change in the future for the Nano. Also, the new packaging, which is environmentally friendly, does not have a CD version of iTunes included in the packaging, which is going to disappoint first time iPod Nano buyers.

As a fan of the Mini and a converter to the Nano, I love this design. I really do. I think the aluminum casing is the way to go. I was really reluctant to give my Mini up for the Nano, but now that the redesigned Nano is this way, it is a perfect blend of the two. I highly recommended this device to Apple lovers and new MP3 enthusiasts alike.

-Brighter screen
-Better sound
-Aluminum scratch-resistant casing
-Concave select button
-Amazing battery-life: 24 hours plus!
-Search features
-New colors to choose from

-Still no built in FM tuner
-Does not play movies
-No games through iTunes
-Sync port and headphone jack put farther apart not allowing old accessory use

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Created: 11/07/06

a thorough review of the new ipod nano

I received my new 2nd generation nano from the apple store the other day, and have spent a lot of time getting to know it. I like it a lot, and I think it'll be the best-selling iPod yet.

Like all iPods, it is easy to learn and easy to use, has EXCELLENT sound quality, and is a real pleasure to use.


This new 2nd generation nano is much improved over the 1st generation model, which came out in September 2005.

* BETTER SCREEN: The screen is noticably brighter (though not any larger). This is especially nice for viewing photos.

* BETTER BATTERY: A fully charged battery will power the nano for up to 24 hours, compared to only 12 for the 1st generation nano. (These tests are done under artificial conditions, actual battery life is shorter - but it remains true that the new nano has double the battery life of the old one.)

* BETTER CASING: The casing of the first generation nano was soft plastic, which accumulated scratches very quickly and didn't hide them well. The second generation nano has an andonized aluminum casing - the same material used to make the tough-as-nails iPod mini, which Apple discontinued when the first generation nano came out last year. This material is very scratch-resistant and durable.

* COLORS: The new nano comes in a variety of colors (though not all capacities have all color options; the high-end 8 gigabyte nano comes only in black). The first generation nano came in two colors - black and white. The pink ipod mini has been fetching a high price on eBay since it was discontinued last fall; I think that will change, now that you can get a new 4 gigabyte nano in the same pink for only $200.

* BETTER SEARCHING: The menu structure on the new nano allows for more convenient searching.

* BETTER EARPHONES: Most reviews of previous ipods complain about the earbuds. Starting now, Apple is shipping improved earbuds with all nanos and video ipods. They are not AWESOME, and you still may want to buy some nicer earphones. But they are better than the previous ones, and for most folks, they will probably be just fine.

* BIGGER CAPACITY FOR THE MONEY: At each price point, the new nano provides DOUBLE the capacity as the first generation nano. For example, the first generation nano cost $200 for 2 gigabytes of storage; the second generation is $200 for 4 gigabytes of storage.

* ACCESSORIES: The new nano has the same dock connector that all ipods have (except the ipod shuffle), so it will work with virtually all accessories with a dock connector. The placement of the dock connector and headphone jack is SLIGHTLY different from the previous ipod nano, so certain accessories designed for the first generation nano may not work with the new one. For example, a case that has an opening on the bottom for the headphone jack - the opening will be in the wrong place.


The new ipod nano is a great product at a reasonable price (compared to flash-based players on the market now). It has great battery life, a small but bright and readable color display, excellent sound quality, a very durable and scratch-resistant casing, and comes in a nice selection of colors and capacities. And like all ipods, it has a high "cool factor", it's intuitively designed and a real pleasure to use.

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Created: 10/04/06

The iPod Nano is hot. This is the best price yet!

Apple Computer continues to revolutionize the definition of style and portability with its iPod line of digital media players, and this iPod Nano is no exception.

The iPod Nano literally stunned skeptics and fans alike with its incredible storage, small size, and appealing design.

Now, the 2nd generation of iPod Nano is here, and its better in several ways:

1) It's thinner. Hard to believe, but it is actually even easier to carry and hold in its new form factor.

2) Longer battery life. The new design is advertised at up to 24 hours of playtime. At least double the old models.

3) Brighter screen. Even better for reading in daylight and showing photos, this screen is 40% brighter than the first generation model.

4) Color! Apple has released five new colors: pink, green, blue, silver, and black.

This is the 2GB model, which is the best price possible for the iPod Nano. This is the old price of the iPod shuffle, and now you are getting more storage and a color screen! Can't be beat.

If you need your music to go, this is the iPod for you.

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Created: 08/09/08

iPod nano 2nd Gen(2 GB) - Perfect little MP3 player...

For a music freak, I have to have my music where I want it and when I want it. It is amazing, however, that it has taken me this long to invest in an MP3 player! In days past, I would like everyone else, burn CD with my current 'mix of the day'. The obvious problem here is that a CD will hold what 12-15 songs? What happens when you want to add new ones? I would just end up making a new CD then losing the old one.

In any case there is absolutely NO BETTER MP3 player on the market than the iPod. C'mon think about it. This one little device lifted the once #1 computer company in the world out of the gutter! It has got to be good I thought.

From its absolutely perfect 'music listener's' logic, to its durability, appearance, weight, and ease of use, this version of the iPod is perfect to me. I can understand why iPod no longer makes this small version, because kids today need to be more visually stimulated and the newest generation Nano has therefore a much bigger screen. But I think there is a huge customer base there that needs the capacity of 500 songs, likes at least a small screen to navigate easily through the songs, and a lightweight, low-profile design for portability.

Battery life! ooh ooh I forgot about that. It has proven to go for over 12 hours. It lasts longer than the deep cycle 12 volt battery that powers my homemade cooler radio!

For $50 instead of forking over $150 for the new Nano with the not-necessary big-screen how can you go wrong? The 2Gig capacity is more than enough for a play list. I have over 220 Gigs of songs at my home, but could seriously only find about a Gig that I would want access to at any one time. Like digital cameras and the ‘how many megapixels is enough’ decision, don’t fall into the trap of 'bigger is better'. Find a reputable seller and dive in!!!!

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Created: 01/10/08

For young and old alike

I'm not going to spend a lot of time on the technical specifications of the Apple Ipods, there are more qualified individuals out there that have done a much better job than I care to.

You thought it was just another walkman, but just imagine being able to have almost any song you ever wanted to hear at your fingertips. Just scroll thru your song library, and hit play. It wasnt so long ago that the only way to reproduce and transport music was by the album, reel-to-reel, cassette, and the 8-track tape. Now there are photo and video units that hold photos, play tv shows, simulcasts, and you can download movies.

We have 4 I-pods of different sizes and styles in my home ranging from a simple shuffle, to an 80gig audio/video unit. We also have several accesories by both Apple and other supporting manufacturers that tie into televisions, surround sound, and alarm clocks. Yes, sometimes we even just listen thru the headphones. I have purchased at least three additional units for family members as gifts, and recommended them to all of my friends and family. Don't get me wrong, it's not for absolutely everyone, but if you like music even a little it is so worth it.

Here's a little testimonial.....for kids these gizmos are a no brainer, they all crave music and video, but imagine 67 and 69 yr. old grandmas. Let me explain, on each of two separate visits, my mother and mother-in-law got a crash course in "Apple I-pod 101" from me and to my surprise were both enamored of the gadget (I demoed the 2 gig nano). My mother-in-law loves music,is young at heart, but suffers from arthritis. The radio is always playing in her home, her car, wherever. I chose a "shuffle", loaded it with 243 songs I thought she'd like, showed her hubby how to download I-Tunes, import cd's, and sync the unit(a term used to define the transfer of music from the computer library to the I-pod itself)and presented it as a X-mas present. I also included an inexpensive aftermarket plug & play type of mini-stereo so she can just set the i-pod to shuffle and it'll play for hours.
My own mom liked the i-pod as well but almost didn't get her one because although she has a computer (kind of important), she seldomly used it. Well, turns out that dad got her a brand new Apple laptop for X-mas, so I had to scurry to find the right gear for her. I went on e-bay and in less than 10 minutes I won a second generation 2gig nano, shipped it directly to her, and began walking her thru the set-up process. She lives in the mountains in a rural section of New England, radio is all but non-existent, the cable tv provided music is not to her liking, and like everyone else....she's just plain tired of messing with compact discs. How spoiled we all are now! She absolutely loves it.

Here's a device that with a little preparation will give you hours of enjoyment, is simple to operate, plugs into anything including your car stereo, and will liberate you from lugging and storing cd's.
After first shunning it as a fad, then hating it as a selfish way to escape reality and isolate, I now find it to be one of the most innovative ways to listen to music. It's incredible how compact these things are. I love being able to find music I haven't heard in years, purchase only the songs I want, store them in fraction of the space, and carry thousands of songs at my fingertips, and play them in seconds.

Kudos to Apple for changing the way the world listens to music. I wonder what's next?

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Created: 12/09/06

(Product) Red

For my personal use, i can't find anything bad to say about this item. With only 4 GB of space i wouldnt reccomend this product for the serious music listener however, seeing as how only 1,000 songs will fit onto it. You have to think about what your needs for music are considering the small space available.. do not get this item just because you favorite color is red. One thing that could make this a better buy would be to have made the colored nanos have an 8 GB space aswell (which at the moment is only available with the black nano 2nd generation)
Overall i am vey glad i bought this item. It fits my needs for music well and the fact that part of the profits goes to a good cause is personally rewarding ^-^

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Created: 10/05/06

Apple iPod™ nano - 2G - Pink - 4 GB

Apple has totally revamped the iPod nano, and made the coolest mp3 player even better. With a brighter display, a thinner design, longer battery life, anodized aluminum case similar to the mini and 5 different colors, Apple has addressed the problems that plagued the 1st gen nano and increased battery capacity as well.
I love the feel of the 2nd generation iPod, and the aluminum case is sturdy enough to stand up to daily wear and tear, even in your pocket.

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Created: 09/25/06

Apple iPod nano - 2nd generation - Black - 8 GB

Apple has totally revamped the iPod nano, and made the coolest mp3 player even better. With a brighter display, a thinner design, longer battery life, anodized aluminum case similar to the mini and 5 different colors, Apple has addressed the problems that plagued the 1st gen nano and increased capacity as well.

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Created: 05/25/09

Ipod Nano 2 GB Silver Second Generation!

This is a Silver iPod Nano, having excellent and stunning features, allowing for uncomplicated music playback.
As with all 2nd Gen iPods, it has the ability to shuffle music, utilize an On The Go Playlist, sync effortlessly with iTunes and any Mac.
It is highly recommended for anyone who needs to utilize a music player.
It also comes in many other colors if you prefer other colors.

This is a great item when you utilize its Nike Running Function, allowing you the opportunity to track the amount of miles you run.

As per traditional iPods, it has a decent battery life, as well as a decently lit backscreen.

If you like staying fit, and like jogging, then I highly recommend this product to anyone who wants to use it.

A++, A great Generation of Apple.

Apple is owned by Apple Inc.

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