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Apple iPod Nano
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Created: 10/08/10

Why 1st generation nanos are excellent MP3 players

I first bought a first generation iPod Nano when it was fresh out on the market. It cost me just over $250 and it was my most joyful purchase. I was a university student and would take the bus for two hours a day: the commute was made just that much sweeter with the little device whose battery life lasted 8 hours easily. I used it almost everyday to listen to indie rock and science podcasts. I loved the easy-to-use interface and stylish and well-designed device. Managing music uploads with iTunes was also really easy. The menus on the device itself were easy to navigate. Now that Nanos are into their 4th and 5th incarnations, their predecessors have become much more affordable to purchase. The major drawbacks of the first generation Nano was that it had no additional features such as radio or voice recording, nor video playback. All of these have been corrected in the later versions of the device, which is now operated via the intuitive touch interface rather than with the click wheel. For a basic, well-developed quality audio playback device, the first generation Nano is still a great choice. If you can find a used one with a decent battery life left in it for your iTunes purchases, you have yourself an excellent deal.

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Created: 04/10/06

ipod rulz

Never before has something so small held so many possibilities. Up to 1,000 songs. Full-color album art and photos. Podcasts. Audiobooks. Games, clocks, contacts and calendars. All in an iPod that weighs less than a single CD case. Now that's huge.

Calendar & Contacts
World Clock
On-the-go Options
See iPod nano in White or Black.
QuickTime 7 required.
Only .27 inches thin and 1.5 ounces, iPod nano packs a lot into its diminutive design. Up to 14 hours of battery life(1). 1GB, 2GB or 4GB of storage.(2) A bright color display. The Apple Click Wheel. A Dock connector that fits an entire ecosystem of iPod accessories. With so many features like these, iPod nano can change the way you listen to music — and more. Click on a feature to see it on the iPod nano display, then read about it here.

Finding and playing music on iPod nano is simple. Menu options let you browse by artist, composer, album, song, genre or playlist. Want to mix things up? Click Shuffle Songs. iPod nano makes your music look as good as it sounds, thanks to a 1.5-inch color display. Album art appears alongside your songs, so you see your music as you play it. And when you dare to wear iPod nano, you’ll say a lot in 176-by-132 pixels — without saying a word.
The iTunes Podcast Directory features thousands of free podcasts — radio shows you subscribe to — including favorites from such big names as ABC News, Adam Curry, ESPN, KCRW, WGBH and many more. Browse and subscribe to podcasts, then sync them to your iPod nano and listen anytime, anywhere. Podcasts appear in their own menu on your iPod nano, so you can navigate them easily.
The digital shelves of the iTunes Music Store are stocked with more than 11,000 audiobooks — including such exclusives as the entire Harry Potter series — so you can catch up on your reading wherever iPod nano takes you. Browse audiobooks from their own menu on your iPod nano. Set a chapter marker when you stop “reading,” and pick up the audiobook right where you left off. You can even change the read speed to suit you.
iPod nano holds up to 25,000 photos(3) you can sync from your Mac or Windows PC via iTunes. Use the Click Wheel to scroll through photo thumbnails the same way you scroll through song titles. To see a photo full-screen, click the center button. You can even view photo slideshows, complete with music. Just select Slideshow Settings and choose the time between slides, the transition effect and the music.
Calendar & Contacts
Ever forgotten a doctor’s appointment or wished you had a friend’s address handy? Good thing iPod nano lets you take your calendar and contacts with you. With support for Address Book and iCal on the Mac and Outlook or Outlook Express on the PC, plus industry-standard vCalendar and vCard files, iTunes syncs your calendars and contacts so you can access everything with a quick spin of the Click Wheel.
World Clock
iPod nano’s nifty World Clock lets you check the time, fall asleep to music and wake up to it, too. Open more than one clock to scroll between as many time zones as you choose. The clock faces even appear white or black to indicate day or night in different time zones. thats y i luv ipod!!! happy bidding!!!!

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Created: 10/07/06


I'm listening to Le Nozze di Figaro on my nano as we speak.

I have a tan line on my arm, marking the spot where my nano is worn when I go outside. My nano has more accessories bestowed upon it than my miniature dachshund. When I discover new activities to share with my nano, I am excited. This is not an mp3 player - this is a pet.

Why am I so smitten? After all, I've owned a 30GB iPod for years. That iPod serves us very well, and I still consider it one of our most useful toys. Can there be any rational reason to have such affection for my tiny, 2GB nano?

Drink Me

Apple did more than simply shrink its original iPod. The nano is engineered to optimize its function as a music player which is not only portable, but ideal for playing while on the move. When my husband had a motorcycle, sometimes we would notice the 30GB iPod skipping when jostled. It also skipped if I took it on a hard run, which are the kind you need music for the most. The reason for the skipping was all the movement shaking the hard drive. The nano uses Flash memory, which means there are no moving parts, and no skipping. The On-The-Go Playlist function allows you to create playlists on the spur of the moment, simply by holding down the center button while listening to a song. For anyone who likes putting together their own compilations, this is addictive.

Flash also means the nano is able to be ridiculously small. Steve Jobs describes its weight as "about two dollars in quarters"; I call it one and a half ounces. Its size is 3.5 x 1.6 x 0.27 inches, but you have to touch and hold it to really appreciate it. The touch-sensitive click wheel makes the design so intuitive, even a five-year-old could use it - if you choose to allow five-year-olds access to your most elegant and costly music playing gadgets, that is. The nano is compatible with our 30GB iPod's accessories, as well as some fun new options just for the smaller player. My 2GB nano holds five hundred songs, assuming all the songs are around four minutes long. While I loved running with the 30GB iPod for how much smaller it was than a portable CD player, I am thrilled with how much smaller the nano is in comparison. Even at mile five of a six mile run, when even your shoes feel too heavy, I don't feel hindered or annoyed by the nano's presence. Actually, I often forget I am wearing it at all.

Specs, specs...You do have a computer, don't you?

Many times, I have been asked by those of a certain age how you get the music on the iPod. I am fond of these people, and consider it a fair question. You need a computer; either a PC with a USB port running Windows 2000 or later, Windows XP or later, or a Mac with a USB port running Mac OS X v10.3.4 or later. The iPod comes with software to install iTunes on your PC or Mac. Downloading songs and albums from iTunes is easy even for a novice, and much less expensive than buying music in a brick and mortar store. According to Apple, the iPod supports the following formats: AAC (16 to 320 Kbps), Protected AAC (from iTunes Music Store), MP3 (16 to 320 Kbps), MP3 VBR, Audible (formats 2, 3 and 4), Apple Lossless, AIFF and WAV. I don't have to know what those terms mean, I only have to look for them when I want to upload music to my nano. For the most part, the iPod plays what you have downloaded from iTunes or burned from your own CD collection. To put the music on your iPod, plug it into your computer and open iTunes. Simply click and drag music from yo

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Created: 01/30/06

You've gotta hold it to believe it!

I've had a chance to play around with this for a few days now, and while I am a huge fan of the iPod Nano, it will not be replacing my 20GB iPod Photo anytime soon. It's Apple's own fault, really; they gave me 20GB (or 40, or 60) of space first, and now they want to take 90% of it away? Don't think so. I've come to believe what Apple's been telling me for a few years now: I NEED to take my entire music collection around with me everywhere I go. It's as essential as my cell phone and Metro Card. So for the storage reason alone, I can't chuck my 20GB model just yet. But the Nano really is a cool machine, and I imagine it will overtake the higher capacity iPods in popularity shortly because of its size, price, and cool factor.

Here's what I consider the improvements to be:
1. First and foremost, the transition to flash memory. This enables the Nano to be smaller and operate quieter than iPods that are hard drive-based. Make no mistake, flash memory is the future of digital music players;
2. The size, duh. Apple has made the Nano smaller without compromising much of the bright colorful screen. As we all now by now, it is thinner than a number two pencil (my 20GB iPod Photo, on the other hand, is probably three pencils thick). But it's still too large and delicate to jog with, without an optional accessory or two (arm band, lanyard headphones); and
3. The Apple-brand accessories that have been released concurrently with the Nano are affordable and well-designed.

...And what's not-so-great:
1. The price drop isn't that substantial, especially for what you get. For an extra $100, you can upgrade to a Photo that has ten times the capacity; and
2. The headphone jack is on the bottom of the Nano. I'm not sure what the logic behind this is-it seems like making a change for the sake of making a change to me.

Some wonderful things about the color iPods in general: they're very easy to use; their demure size could hardly be improved upon; the color screen is beyond adequate for viewing photos and album art; the battery life is exceptional; making playlists and controlling iTunes are simple tasks; all are compatible with Mac or Windows; and if you use a Mac, you can sync your iPod with your address book, to do list, and calendar (this has come in handy for me a number of times when I'm traveling). Also, if you're a college student or an educator at any level, the Apple Store (both the b&m and online versions) gives discounts on just about everything. For iPods it's about $20, but for computers it's up to $300

The bottom line on the Nano: it's a great entry-level MP3 player that will probably suffice for most listeners. However, if you're a music warrior who listens for many hours a day, many days a week, then 2-4GB is just too small to suit you--but of course you've had an iPod for three years now, and you already knew that.

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Created: 03/02/11

IPOD Nano 1st generation

This Ipod is one of the first ones that featured a color screen . Its entirely based flash memory. Comes in Black or white with chrome back-plate .

This Ipod comes with 4GB as the biggest and 1Gb as the smallest . Battery Life has been good since I already own one when it came out and still use it.

This model also is easier to repair and replace defective parts as they age and swapping batteries is also not difficult with a soldering iron.

The click wheel is a nice Physical interface as opposed to the modern touch screens that get dirty and unresponsive and need recalibration.

Great for around 1000 songs ,

Can also display Images .

I would recommend keeping the back light off or to a minimum as it does waste the battery .

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Created: 02/28/10

i like

Call it astonishing. Unbelievable. Impossible, even. Then pick it up and hold it in your hand. Take in the brilliant color display. Run your thumb around the Click Wheel. Put on the earbuds and turn up your music. That’s when everything becomes clear: It’s an iPod.

The iPod nano is the same thickness as a #2 pencil.
It holds up to three days’ worth of music. It plays for up to 14 hours between battery charges.(1) It displays the color album art for the song you’re listening to right now. It carries your photos, podcasts and audiobooks. It syncs seamlessly with iTunes. It connects to a host of iPod accessories. Simply put, iPod nano is 100-percent iPod. And then some.

Touch and Go
iPod nano’s Click Wheel puts music under your thumb. Click to fast-forward, rewind, play, pause or access menus. Use the touch-sensitive surface to control volume or browse music. You can do it all without looking. But with an iPod this beautiful, who’d want to?

The small form of the iPod nano lets you take your music anywhere.
Song Stylings
Add accessories to your iPod nano via the Dock connector and headphone jack and your music will always keep up with you -- at home, on the go, even in your car. Of course, in either signature white or sleek black, iPod nano itself makes the ultimate accessory.

Up to 4 GB(2) of skip-free storage on a featherweight iPod means you can wear almost three days’ worth of music around your neck. Or jog with 1,000 songs on your arm. Now that you can take your music everywhere, there’s no limit to where it will take you.

iPod nano Features

Holds up to 1,000 songs and full-color album art
Only 3.5 x 1.6 x 0.27 inches and 1.5 ounces
Bright 1.5-inch color LCD display
Up to 14 hours of battery life
Apple Click Wheel
Charges and syncs via USB
Accessory-compatible Dock connector
Completely skip-free playback
Works with Mac OS X or Windows 2000/XP
Plays music, podcasts and audiobooks
Holds up to 25,000 photos
Syncs contacts, calendars and to-do lists

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Created: 04/09/06

The ipod but better and smaller

Take everything you love about iPod and shrink it. Now shrink it again. The pencil-thin iPod nano packs the entire iPod experience into an impossibly small design. So small, it will take your music places you never dreamed of.

It holds up to two days worth of music.
It plays for up to 14 hours between battery charges.
It displays the color album art for the song you are listening to.
It carries your photos, podcasts and audiobooks.
It syncs seamlessly with iTunes.
It connects to a host of iPod accessories (sold separately).

Simply put, iPod nano is 100-percent iPod. And then some.

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Created: 01/30/06

The Nano is a masterpiece with unlimited accessories

I love my Nano more than other mp3 I have own and I have owned a few. However I have never paid $250 for a mp3 before either. It is pricey but for those who has to have the latest and greatest gadgets then this is it. The feel and look of this thing is unreal. Smooth all around so it's fun to hold and touch. So slim it can fit anywhere.

There are a few gripes I have about it. One being that it doesn't have a built in FM tuner which would really come in handy to listen to when you want to listen to fresh tunes. Wish they had more choices and better armbands for this. Seems like better ones are finally coming out. Unit scratch easily so you definitely want to buy a case or skin for it. Battery life is bad for a flash player. Average life seems much shorter than what the website claims at 14 hours. Yes it may be true if the backlight was off the whole time which makes it very hard to see what you are playing since the screen is less than 2 inches. From my personally experience with the backlight set to 5 or 10 seconds I get about 9 hours.

Also for the price you don't get much funcionality such as being a recorder like most other mp3 players do. Also does not come with a an ac charger. The only way to charge is to connect to your usb port unless you buy a charger or a docking station for extra money after already paying $250. Most of the docking and speakers systems that you can for it are pretty expensive. New FM remote tuner just came out for this but is about $50 bucks!

I bought the Ihome Ipod Alarm Clock and although the clock can't play the music volume up very high is a pretty good gadget to go with your ipod. It let's your listen to your mp3s without headphones and the music fills a small room. It also let's you wake up to the Ipod which is cool. All in all I would of given this an average rating but the ultra cool look plus high resale value and ton of accessories that are available for this unit makes me give it a good rating.

The Good:
Colorful screen
Viewing Pictures
Good looking
Tons of accessories for it
Best resale value of any mp3 player

The Bad:
Average to poor battery
Easily scratch
Expensive accessories
No charger
Have to buy armband if you want to exercise
Most armbands for this are crappy
No FM tuner
No built in recorder
Can't play video

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Created: 10/30/05

The nano is my best friend in the world

It looks like a work of art and is so small it fits in any of jean pockets.

This is the iPod to have lets get into why.

Size - I did not even fully comprehend how impressed I would be, when I held the Nano in my hands. Its thinner than a number 2 pencil and less wide then your inner jean pocket. The first time you see it your jaw just hits the floor in amazement. The seems around the edges are very neat and nearly impossible to notice. When holding the iPod Nano, you really get the feeling that you are holding something of appreciable quality.

Solid State - The iPod nano has not one moving part inside of its casing. The memory it uses is flash memory which you see digital camera memory cards using. It can be shaken and dropped and dont worry because this ipod isnt going to skip. That is how apple got this baby so thin.

Storage - This 4-gigabyte iPod Nano is the best value. It is only $50 more than the 2-gigabyte model, so you get twice as much storage, for only $50 more. But the beauty for you is that on eBay you can get it for even less! Yes thats right cheaper because that is the value of eBay.

Display - The display on the new iPod Nano is fantastic. It is 1.5 inches and is big enough to show 3 full lines of text so your album name and artist show up along with the song name. This baby even holds your photos and contacts. Photos look great on the 1.5 inch screen.

Click Wheel - The click wheel on this baby is great. Its slightly smaller than previous versions, but now it is apple designed and not a third parties part. So it feels even better and by having apple design it they were able to make the nano even thinner.

Color - White is the traditional iPod color, but now Apple realized that black is becoming the new white and you should too. The nano in black is beautiful.

Battery Life - Battery life is always an important feature. After all, what good is it having 1000 songs in your pocket if it only lasts 2 hours. Well have no fear the iPod nano brings in an impressive 14 hours of continuous play.

In conclusion all i have to say is get yourself an iPod nano. In terms of size, usability and compatibility accept no substitutions.

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Created: 03/31/07

Perfect for what it is

The 1GB nano will hold about 240 songs (including album cover art). It also has the capacity to hold photos - however, this will compromise the available memory space for music.

The first thing you will notice is that this is a well designed, solid, and sleek little machine. It is incredibly easy to operate. For those that don't know, it will automatically sort and store your songs alphabetically by artist for easy navigation. You also have the ability to create your own playlists or sort your songs to your individual preference.

Ease of use and downloading songs: We use a mac computer and iTunes is built-in. therefore, for us the Interface and compatibility is obviously seamless. It takes about 1 second (literally) to download a song to the ipod. I cannot speak to PC users, however, I believe use is equally as easy once iTunes is downloaded.

Areas for Improvement for this device: As a general complaint about these machines (All iPods) is that the primary charging mechanism is through a USB port on your PC or Mac. They make wall adpters, however, they are somewhat expensive (like $25 for a no-name brand). Other periphials are unusually expensive as well - such as protective coverings or cases. However, you should really consider buying a case of some type as the machine is quite small and, like any small electronic machine, is not necessarily built for rugged conditions or use.

I would recommend you charge your iPod at least weekly, even if your use has been limited. My son may go a week without heavy use and, therefore, may not think to charge it. Regardless, the battery continues to drain. When the battery gets extremely low you will get a very strange looking on screen display. Once you go to charge it and it will take about four hours to fully re-charge. Also, I have had the experience once or twice of having to complete a full re-boot on the iPod. In this case, we have lost all our songs, however, they can be reloaded from your iTunes library.

The recent Price Drop makes this a very reasonable machine for the cost. It does not have video capabilities, but if all you want is a good, dependable way to listen to songs (and 240 is a significant number of them) this machine is for you. I would not recommend the extended warranty, as the price has droped on the device to the extent that it likely worth the cost of the plan - especially if you are even half-way conscientious and practical in your use of it.

So, "Yeah", there are more powerful models from Apple, and "yes" there are cheaper mp3s, but this model has performed well for us and has a decent song capacity. If that's your interest, this device is for you.

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