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Apple iPod Classic
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Created: 08/25/06

An Ipod: The Guide

Ah, the Ipod. A marvel in it's own right. It can play music and videos, read text documents, and it even has a few games on there too. Better yet, you can acsessorize it! The Ipod 30 gig Video seems like the perfect gift to just about anyone, including yourself, right? Well, in my own opinion, I think it is. It's pretty user-friendly, certainly not too many buttons, and it works on both windows and macs. All you really need is the usb plug and you're ready to go. Apple has a website that covers just about everything you need to know about it, how to use it, what different symbols mean, etc. A couple of the only bad things I can think of about it would firstly be the battery life for videos. It's only about 2.5 hours (for only music, it's more like 14). Depending on what movie you watch, that may not be enough juice to get by, but luckily, there's an accessory for that! One of the other down falls, but really only a minor one, is that the bodys scratches and shows dirt and fingerprints easily. An easy way to this is to just buy a case for it for no more than $30, usually less.
Now that all that's covered, how well does it work? The sound quality i have found to be excellent. I'm not too partial to the little white earphones Apple gives you with the Ipod, but that's only because they hurt my ears. The video quality is stunning. The first time I saw a movie on my Ipod, I was awestruck. In fact, the quality is so good that you can buy a cable that lets you play movies/music from your Ipod through your TV (radioshack, $15). Yes, your TV. Granted, it will be a little pixelated, but I watched V for Vendetta from my ipod that i burnt from a dvd, and on the TV, the quality was about that of VHS. I think I'd rather carry around my Ipod and a cable than my VHS player and all my videos. In summary, a high quality machine. And it doesn't take long at all to charge. Something like 2 hours for 80% (from it being completely empty) and an extra 2-3 for the full 100%.
And what's more, there tons of stuff online that works nicely with the 30 gig Ipod video, such as Handbrakelite, which lets you save and play dvds (in proper format) on your Ipod. wow. There are various programs out there that let you boost the max volume of your ipod to your liking. And one of my personal favorites, Yamipod let's you take music OFF your ipod, which apple generally doesn't let you do. For example, you go over to your friend's house, and after asking to check out your new, totally cool sleek black (or white) Ipod video, your friend notices a song or video that he likes and doesn't have. All you have to do is plug your ipod up to his computer, open yamipod and copy the song over to his computer. bam. oh, podcasts, there are also podcasts.
In conclusion, I love the apple ipod video. It has become an obsession for me, and I hope it does for all of you potential ipoders. Good luck doing whatever your ipod related activity maybe, and happy biddings!

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Created: 02/24/10

iPod 5th Generation Black 30 GB As Is

As this item was an As-is basis, it come very handy as few of our dpartment can use the Apple harddrive to an analyse lab.

Also, if the hard drive was damaged, you could always repair and it come as a normal. The 5G iPod, which is available in white or Nano black and comes in 30GB and 60GB capacities for $299 and $399, respectively, is the best one we've used to date. Yet because it has added a major extra feature--video playback--to its solid, audio centric foundation, there's room for improvement.

The good: Incredibly thin and intuitive design; beautiful LCD; supports photo and video playback; seamless integration with iTunes, which boasts the world's biggest music catalog and a new video store; smooth video; lots of extra features, such as a world clock, a stopwatch, and PIM applications; a galaxy of accessories designed for the iPod; great overall value.

The bad: No extras included, such as a dock, A/V cables, or a power adapter; poor battery life for video; slight delay when playing video; no guarantee that your non-iTunes Music Store video will play on an iPod, even after using converted third-party software.

The bottom line: Get the affordable, sleek, and sexy 5G Apple iPod for its audio virtues. Although video looks great, poor video battery life and a relatively small screen hamper its appeal to video heads.

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Created: 06/18/10

Good Back-Up MP3 Player

Overall, If I could say between average and good, I would, but since I can't rate it that way, I'll just say it's good.

For bidding, if you can get this for under $100 bucks, it's worth the money. The iPod Classic is slower in reaction time as compared to iPod Nanos, but for the memory size, you make your choice between features.

The sound quality as well, sounds much more dynamic on the Classic- I'm not sure why, but even with all the default settings applied, music sounds more dynamic on the Classic than it does on the Nano (I also used the same headphones).

This iPod classic, the only real pros are that files are easy to locate, the screen looks great, and that the memory is pretty big. The cons are that it's slow in reaction timing (to click play) and that the battery life sucks- 14 hours for strictly music, and (I think) 3 hours for video.

My 8 BG Nano 4th Gen has 24 hour battery life for music, and longer battery life for video playback as well.

I got the Classic for under $90, so it's worth the money. Be patient and just bid carefully.

I'm a iPod Nano fan- small, long battery life, strictly music (if I need anything else I'd just use my cell phone), beautiful colors, very portable.

I don't know, you make your calls. I wouldn't suggest buying, hence I'd say if you're looking for a cheap back-up MP3 player in case something happens, then this iPod Classic would be a good deal.

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Created: 08/09/07

Lots of storage space. No need for an 80 gigabyte.

The Ipod is an amazing invention, and Apple keeps making it better. I own a mini, both of my kids have shuffles, and my wife has a nano. Our cell phones also have built in Ipods. You're probably asking yourself, "why the heck does he need another Ipod". Simply put, I purchased the 30 G Video Ipod to use at the gym to watch movies on the treadmill and listen to music while working out. It did it's job, but I found that the battery life lacked. It would play movies for about 2 hours, then it would indicate low battery, and shut off. It would play songs for probably 2 days straight, but movies seemed to bea it up battery wise. I did buy it used, but you would think that the battery would last alot longer than that considering it is still only a year old. I recently sold it on ebay just because of the battery life. I believe I'm getting an 80 G as a gift, which I'll probably return to the store and get a 30 G, and use the extra $100 to get all the extras for the Ipod. I had 8 motion pictures on my Ipod, 1300 songs, 950 pictures, and a few games, and it wasn't even half full. I could have held anothe 10-15 movies. That is ALOT of space. I think the 80 G is for those who like to show off, don't own a laptop, or simply want to waste money. Most people will be thrilled with the 30 G, as long as you don't mind watching one movie at a time. Thanx for reading!!!!!!!!

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Created: 08/16/06

Apple Ipod 30 GB Video White

I got couple things to say about this MP3 player. I had no use for an Ipod before, but my buddy has one and he liked it alot and he said that I should get one. I did manage to get an Apple Ipod 30 GB Video White. This was my very first Ipod. It came difficult at first, but I am Technically aware about the Ipod technology. I did research on it and it finally came to me. Here are some pros and cons to this MP3 player.

Pros: Putting the music in the library of the Ipod is easier then I would thought it would be. The videos came later. I had to do a litle work, and to spend a little extra money but it came very easy to get movies, and music videos on the Ipod. I brought a Griffin FM Modulator to have it play in my car. Which is awesome. My CD-Player is broken in my car and I have only the Ipod as "road-entertainment."​; Ipods also carry lots of accessories and stuff like that. Other MP3 players do not carry much of that at all. If you are a barbegue person, or just like to do outdoor activites, then Ipods carry any type of speaker you can think of. I have a JBL Onstage II. I love it. It charges and plays my Ipod at the same time.

Cons: I have just a very few things to say about the con side to the Ipod. One is that I amnot a big photo guy myself. So I do not have any photos on the Ipod, because one I have no desire to, and second I dont see the use of viewing photos on the Ipod. The last thing I have to say about the con side is that you have to update the itunes software and the Ipod Updater about every three months to update the new stuff you probably added to your itunes library. Oh and one more thing is the battery situtation. On Ipods it should last you about a year - 2 years, depends how long you plan to use it. The one thing I do not like about it its screwed in the machine so you can Not buy replacement batterys. You got to go through Apple to get that replaced, and were talking an additional $70 to get it replaced. If the company that you are buying it from has a protection plan that protects that battery draineg, I would recommened that you do get it. I got it for mine and Im glad I did.

I hope this information helped you out. I would recommend that you continue shopping for a MP3-Player before you put your money on the Ipods. Dont get me wrong, Ipods are a great MP3 players. Great time-waster if you are a long road-trip. Especially if you have a FM Modualtor in your car. That is another thing that is cool about Ipods. Many other MP3 players have one or maybe 2 FM Modualators out there, but Ipods you can choose whatever FM Modulator is out there. I would recommend the Griffin Road Trip, roughly around $90 retail. You got to think about this too. Do you want the MP3 player for entertainment purposes, or do you want a MP3 player that can do everything that you can possible think of. Then Ipods if your MP3 player. Good Luck and Have Fun.

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Created: 06/04/06

iPods are great!! -- But There is a Learning Curve

I love my iPod. It has proven to be a great thing. I love having ALL my muic with me ALL the time. I have 10,263 songs on mine. I also love being able to use it as backup to my digital camera when I am away from my computer. I think, though, that there will be improvements in the future. This technology is new. An iPod is useless without a computer to manage it, and your computer better be pretty new, and pretty fast, and have hard drive space available at least to match your iPod size. Then, it is difficult to get all your music in a format that is acceptable to the iPod. You have to rip all your CDs, and keep them all safe on your computer (make sure to backup all those valuable music files!!). Then, you have to learn how to connect the iPod to your computer and get iTunes to download all the music from your computer to the iPod. There is a learning curve here. I have spent hundreds of hours fiddling with all this, and there have been frustrations!! Some of the songs will be mis-categorized, and will be hard to find on the iPod. You will also have duplicates. You will have to learn how to make playlists. I have the 60 gig video iPod. It drives me crazy that Apple doesn't allow what is showing on the face of the iPod to be outputted to a TV. I never have gotten movies to play. I guess you have to buy movies from Apple before they will work. This is too restrictive. I have heard that some of the new competitors' models have solved some of these difficulties, and I am very interested in seeing how competitors will solves the frustrations. I don't download music from Apple, as this sounds difficult, slow, and expensive. When I want new music, I buy used CDs, usually from Amazon.com. This is actually cheaper than downloading, and I have a physical backup if anything goes wrong with either my computer or iPod. My iPod has proven to be pretty rugged, although I haven't dropped it yet. I heard that they will break if dropped. Also, my battery life seems good, although even Apple warns that the battery will wear out and need replacement. I am hoping someone will make a service out of replacing iPod batteries, so I don't have to deal with Apple and pay their prices. The iPod scratches easily, so I have it in a case, which also requires some management. Just my 2 cents worth as an everyday user of the iPod I have grown to love...Steve Sooter

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Created: 05/01/06

Apple Apple Apple, what else can I say...

I have had so many MP3 players in my life and also the third iPod I own. Here are my opinions about this one:

Everyone knows how GREAT the ipod is, so I'm going to tell you the real stuff as it is:

The sound quility of this player is ranked 8/10 compared to the iRiver players with Philips decoding chip. (iPods uses PortalPlayer chips) This can be a great drawback for pro music lovers, but otherwise it is not bad.

Becareful if you own a PC and a MAC, you can't use your iPod on both systems at the same time, which means you'll have to erase all your music before plugging it into a PC when you have Mac Core installed, or the other way around. This is a drawback for me, but if you only own PCs, you should be fine.

The iPod does not have a personalized Equilizer, which means you have to select from the presets. There are a lot of presets, but I still prefer a adjustable Equilizer.

The video playing feature is not so amazing to me because the battery runs out way too fast, even for a 2 hour movie. So if you are going on a international air trip with your iPod, you'd better have an external battery pack (bulky and expensive)

There is so much more, but here I'm only going to tell you two more things. The iPod has an radio feature but you need an extra $50 dollars to use it, you need to buy an attachment (The Radio Remote)... When you buy your iPod, make sure you also grab a charger, because you wouldn't want to start drawing power out of your notebook computer on a business trip....

I recommend this player because it is only $300 retail for a lot of features, and you may get it for a lot less on eBay! So happy eBaying!!

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Created: 10/07/08

Not cutting edge but good enough ...

I bought a clean used 80g model on E-Bay for $160. I could have gone to B&H or J&R Music and purchased a new 120G model for around $250. If I was buying for first time, I would spend extra to get a new one. I didn't want to spend the extra money as this 80G model serves my needs just fine (mostly listening to music and be able to carry my entire music collection of 15,000 songs). I do like the newer 6th generation models in that they are slightly slimmer and can hold even more songs/videos. This 80G model will play upwards of 12-15 hrs. of music as long as you do not keep dialing on the jog wheel. It's slightly bulkier than the 5th gen. 30G model which can be had for around $100 in E-Bay but the battery life of 80G is somewhat better than the 30G model. All 5th gen. models play video which is a plus although the display is really too small for extended viewing. All in all, if you can score a nice used one for around $150, then you done ok.

Pro: well-designed and well-built, large song capacity, long bettery life, well-designed iTune interface, fairly durable, easy to use.

Con: bulky (compared to 6th gen. model), relatively heavy, one has to be careful of any MP3 player using hard drive mechanism, chrome back is finger print magnet (this problem is addressed in 6th gen. models with textured covering). Buying used is always riskier prposition than than buying new. Newer models might offer more bang for slightly more bucks.

Either way, new or used, you can't go wrong with Apple iPods. Even after having 6-7 years to catch up, no other manufacturer captures the essence of portable music device better than Apple.

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Created: 10/08/06

Apple iPod video is great!

Well, at first I wanted a mp3 player, but I like to watch music videos, not just listen to the songs; so I decided to get a mp4 player, to watch videos. And I decided to buy the iPod Video 30GB, and it's great. It works really well and the screen has a good resolution. It's the best way to enjoy music.
I also use it as a hard drive. I've got a lot of different programs saved on the iPod, incase I ever have problems with my computer. I love this iPod.
I like everything about it, but it's kind of expensive. Anyway, I think it's worth the price.
I really like it.

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Created: 03/01/07

Best iPod Review

The good: The enhanced iPod has the same sleek design with improved video battery life and brighter screen; it brings gapless playback to the masses; up to 80GB; new features such as instant search and enhanced games; movies now available in iTunes 7; excellent overall value.

The bad: The Apple iPod has added no major functions such as FM radio, wireless, recording; small screen not conducive to movie viewing; proprietary USB cable; narrow native video-format compatibility; body is still scratch prone.

The bottom line: The amazingly low priced updated Apple iPod gets many under-the-hood improvements, but it's still not a true video player.

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