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Apple iPod Classic
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Created: 09/22/05

My Favorite iPod available - nearly perfect

The Third Generation Apple iPod is my favorite in the line of full-size iPods and the 20GB version is my preferred model because it maintains its small size / frame while still being able to hold a huge library of music. While the 40GB iPod is appealing for the additional storage, I still prefer the 20GBs slimmer body which is still small enough to workout with (though clearly not as portable as any flash player).

The Third Generation iPod has two major differences between itself and the 4th generation:

1) Button Placement. The 3rd generation iPod has the back, forward, menu and play/pause buttons above the click wheel. The 4th generation iPod has those button integrated into the click wheel - its completely a personal preference, but I like the button sitting above the wheel because, to me, it provides faster scrolling and more direct response. That said, I know several people who prefer the 4th generation. Up to you!

2) Battery Life. The biggest advantage of the 4th generation is its improved battery life - that said, I get far more than the suggested 8hour battery life. My iPod will generally last nearly two full work days with about 12 hours of use.

I do prefer the 3rd generation iPod to the 4th generation and, on eBay, it's a rather substantial price difference that gives the 3rd generation iPod the edge in my opinion. Either way though, you can't go wrong.

iPod Specifics:
Size of Display 2 inch
Digital Storage Media 20 GB (Hard Drive)
PC Interface Supported Firewire, USB 2.0
Battery Run Time 8 hrs.
Battery Type AC/DC Adapter, Internal Battery
Dimensions (W X D X H) 2.4 in. x .62 in. x 4.1 in.
Weight 5.6 oz.

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Created: 10/06/05

Late to get on the bandwagon but loving my ipod

I love my ipod, nothing else to say. It does everything I want it to and more. I used to have a RCA MP3 player, it had more hard drive space but the user interface was not the greatest and something the ipod has an advantage over all other mp3 players is it is now a world wide recognized name and has thousands of aftermarket accessories for it. It is still the number one MP3 player no matter what the rivals say and with the upcoming ipod video player and now color screens on the new ipods it will remain so.

I have a 3rd Generation 15GB iPod, the only bitch I would have with it is it is a tad small at least for me, I ended up having to cut my music down from around 19GB down to the 15, so if I had a choice I would have gotten the 20GB version. But I did not really have a choice, a mate of mine had the 15GB version and it was too small for him so he traded it to me for a HTPC computer case I had. It was a great deal on my end, so I got myself an iPod, sold my RCA player and have never looked back.

Like some other reviewers have said the 3rd gen has the buttons above the click wheel which I like more than integrated into the click wheel like the 4th Gen.
Even with that the 4th Gen does have the advantages of now having a color screen and a longer battery life. The Apple store has them on display so if you want to play around with one that is a good place to do it.

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Created: 02/02/15

Beautiful, unique, the best design in the Ipod family.

Yes, I would recommend this product to a friend.

The most unique and beautiful Ipod design that Apple has come up with. All the Ipods nowadays look like phones. What is the fun in that? The original 3rd gen has an outstanding interface as well. No cluttered screen filled with apps and icons. Just a nice straightforward menu. No color screen, but you don't need a color screen to listen to music. The 20 GB is my personal favorite of the original 3rd Gen. The 40 GB model would be nice because of the extra space, but it is much thicker. The touch buttons are nice and still feel futuristic despite this thing being 12 years old. I always felt the click buttons were somehow cheaper. A step back. The touch screen felt to much like a cellphone. Like it's main purpose was to make phone calls and play games, not music. The 3rd gen gets it just right. Battery life is not to great, but a replacement with more capacity can be bought easy for cheap, making this Ipod an excellent buy. Apple got it right with this design. Why did they ever change it?

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Created: 08/09/06

You either love it or hate it.

Reviews are supposed to offer real-life thoughts and experiences about a product, and any iPod is going to be a fantastic example of how different peoples' experiences can be. Some people here love this iPod; others hate it.

Based on my score, I'll say that I love it. This is not to say that it's perfect, but we *are* talking about a three year old model. Comparing it to the newer, sleeker, lighter and higher capacity models that we have now is not fair. It was the flagship model in its day, and it remains a fantastic buy.

I never liked the "click" button design of later iPods; this particular generation of iPods had the best user interface, in my opinion.

My 30 gig iPod has been dropped, smacked, scratched, used and abused, and it still works fine. I replaced the battery after about two-and-a-half years, and it still keeps going strong. My particular iPod has about 7000 songs in it, and I never have a problem finding what I'm looking for.

The downsides? The little black-and-white screen isn't as pretty as the newer color screens. Hard disk life is always going to be questionable in these things, and it's anyone's guess when that will go. The pretty finish of the iPod scratches and wears quickly. We prefer to think of it as "having personality", but some people don't like that.

If you don't mind having an iPod that's a hair thicker than the new models, these older ones can be a fantastic buy. Put a fresh battery in (a relatively easy task for a tech-saavy individual), and you'll have a very well-designed, reliable music player. Hopefully for some time to come.

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Created: 08/06/06

I am a music lover ONCE AGAIN, ipod is responsible

First of all, this machine was designed and manufactured with excellence. I was first impressed by its extreme ease of use. The memory at 30 GB is more than enough for most people. It has enabled me to listen to all my music (2500 songs) during my daily drive yet not distract me from driving. I build playlists on my computer at home and then in my vehicle, I press play and leave it set on random. Its like listening to a radio station with only songs I like and no commercials. I now listen to music that I wouldnt before because when you have to change cds you usually listen to at least a few songs so you dont have to change cds after each song you like, so some cds I wouldnt even listen to because they only had one or two good songs. Not having to carry around a bunch of bulky cds is another huge benefit. The IPOD is so light you can take it anywhere. I bought a case at walmart for $5 with a belt clip to help protect it. These are just the music benefits. The ability to use this thing as an extra external hard drive to your computer allows you to store important documents on the ipod just in case your computer gets hit by lightning or something. All in all I cant say enough about how this little machine has added to my enjoyment of music in my life. I also bought an I groove so I have a portable music station anywhere, like on the patio or at a friends Bar-B-Q, etc.,. I bought a couple headphone to rca plugs (like $5 each) and have a plug in to my stereo in the garage and my home stereo in the living room. I also bought a car charger for when I'm on the road, but the battery lasts so long I rarely need it. To summarize, I compare the usefulness of this machine to a cell phone. If you dont have one, you dont know what you are missing. Once you have one, you wonder why you didnt buy it sooner. If you spend a lot of time in a vehicle (more than 1 hr a day)it is a must. Being stuck in traffic now that I have good music isnt so bad for me any more. Thanks for reading my review and hopefully my insight helps your understanding of what this machine is capable of doing.

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Created: 06/28/09

Ipod 3rd Generaton (not Nano)

I really love these Ipods! Even though they do require that you charge them with a special Ipod firewire cable and jack plug. It's cool the way that the touch sensitive buttons on the front light up. Very unique.The one I purchased was in perfect condition with over a thousand songs on board. I think they didn't understand the need for the special cable to sink and charge it. This will most likely be the only style of Ipod I will use, as long as I can find batteries and parts. They don't do pictures. They have a monochrome screen. But they do have alarms, calendars and game features.

I repair Ipods for a hobby and I have 4 of these 3G Ipods. 2 came to me in great condition and 2 not but easily repaired.

I will have 2 of them for sale next month with good audio jacks, hard drives and new batteries. And the proper Ipod firewire cables and plug jack. Plus they will be Apple sauce cleaned and as pretty as they can get. Be watching and you to can have one of these unique and cool little Ipods too.

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Created: 10/19/07

Apple Ipod 3rd GEN. 10 GB MAC/PC mp3 player

This Ipod is one of the best ones out there. yeah its a little big and only 10GB and it does not play movies but it plays music, and thats what its ment to do. I dont care about style or movies. If it gives me good battery life, more then 3,000
songs, its great.

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Created: 11/06/06

Apple iPod 30GB

This was purchased as a Christmas present for my youngest son (17). The iPod is a very popular .mp3 player and the latest generation has even more features.

PROS-Very compact and large storage capacity. Latest models have video and picture capability. Good battery life. Cost is about $100-$150 less than 60gb and 80gb models (Do you really have that much music?) Really slick looking design.

CONS-Not many but a few. Some may be considered nit-picky but here goes.

1. Controls take some getting used to. They don't work like you intuitively think they should. I realize that this is not a big thing.
2. For what you pay for these things, you'd think they could include a decent case.
3. What you don't hear and my biggest gripe is that, yes it has video capability - in APPLE format ONLY. It won't play .MPEGs or .AVIs or DVD formats. Not that this can't be gotten around, but you have to jump through some hoops to do it.
4. Finally, you have to load it from iTunes. Again not a real big thing but annoying.

Overall, I think it is great. Once you understand a few ground rules, you will have an absolute BLAST with the iPod no matter what model you choose.

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Created: 04/06/10

Collectors Item 3G 10GB

The new iPods are much more advanced in so many ways, but I will just talk about the simpler aspects. The 3G iPod is more of a collectors item than anything, if you can get one in great condition, I recommend it. It is a great iPod. The control pad is different in that to play, pause, fast forward, rewind, and any menu options are controlled by 4 round buttons above the track wheel. The track wheel only controls up and down movement wile in menu, or searching for a song. The iPod is about the size of a deck of cards very light, however it is only a 10GB. The new Classic is MUCH thinner and holds up to 160GB, even the thinner sleeker iPod Touch holds up to 64GB. The 3G 10GB is not a color screen, therefore you can rule out watching movies/TV shows, or looking at pictures. The 3G 10GB stores only audio. However without the newer advanced technologies, the 3G 10GB works perfect in that it plays audio. Apple has always had great designs, and the 3G 10GB looks very clean with the whit polished front, and the chrome mirror back, down to the 4 control buttons that light up red. If you are a collector of the older Apple products, this is a must. The only downfall to the older generation iPods, is that they are fire wire that require a different charger than the new generation iPods.

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Created: 12/01/09

3rd gen ipod no color

THIS IS MY FIRST IPOD. I love it even though it has no color and is scratched up minor but that doesn't matter to me. It is a 15 GB 3rd gen classic. I put all my music in it and have another 10GB left. For somebody like me using it for music it is all one needs. I got a good bid price I had to also pick up a firewire cable to charge and sync to iTunes One happy EBAYER iMike7 still working hard to get my blue star THANKS for reading this

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