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Apple iPod Classic
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    Created: 06/13/08

    Great item if you're tired of going smaller and smalle

    Review For: Apple iPod classic 2nd Generation White (20 GB)

    This item is simply great. For those of you who do not want a small 2 inch music player this is for you.
    It has some weight, and is a pretty good size, but nicely fits in your pocket.
    Great sound output
    Easy to use
    Some games included
    Color screen
    Easy controls
    Auto pause when earphones removed
    Excellent on battery life and charges quickly
    If it does freeze it's easy to reboot within seconds without losing information
    Calender included
    Contact information
    Can double as a storage device (Bootable and standard)
    Not the easiest to break as with most players
    It does have a moveable hard drive, BUT it will almost never skip, even when jumping up and down swinging it around wildly.

    Sleek, nice, and easy

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    Created: 06/14/11

    MP3 simplicity in a timeless package of awesome

    Yes, I would recommend this product to a friend.

    I'm quite a retro guy, and with older products comes size and weight...and usually simplicity. And that's exactly what this guy brings. Apple's 2nd release of its initial iPod design blew users away with a simple, easy to use interface that got music flowing fast. While by today's standards its almost primitive with a single game, no photo/video capability, and its Firewire interface, its good at what it does, and that is play music. The audio quality is amazingly good, and with 10GB, you should have no problem loading up a couple 320K MP3 albums. The battery life is amazing when new, or when replaced, but as mine was used, it only lasts a few hours, but that's with constant track switching and randomizing, so actually, its quite enough. Features are, again, in comparison, lacking. It plays music, and that's about it. But it does it so well. The design is classic, and while its not the almighty click wheel, it has the iBook White styling with a shiny scratch magnet of a metal back. It feels good to hold in your hand and go all silent rave, or to slip in your pocket and rock while walking, fits well in cupholders for use with car stereos, or if you can find the belt clip, protected at your side as you stroll. These things can go for really low prices with great additions nowadays, so the value for a cheap music player that is a classic icon of the 2000s is pretty darn good. The only thing to note is Firewire, but if you came looking for something this old, you most likely know what to do with that ;D

    So! I heartily recommend it for those who know how to integrate it into their lifestyles! Its a great little music box with amazing quality: nothing beats it, in my opinion!

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    Created: 06/10/08

    Rugged 20gb Ipods

    Review For: Apple iPod classic 2nd Generation White (20 GB)

    The 20gb clickwheel Ipod that was made in the 4th generation is head and shoulders above most everything else Apple made. Built like a tank but with those smooth Ipod lines this little guy will continue to play music and keep your contacts and appointment going for you way beyond when other MP3 players are sitting in the trash pile. Easy to understand interface with a large capacity for music and being able to walk into most Electronics stores and find accessories for this Ipod make it one of the most desired Ipods that Apple ever made. With battery life well into 6, 8, or even 12 hours of listening time it will go where you go without the need of worrying about recharging or carrying a bunch of chargers around. This Ipod is a great choice for anyone that is starting out and needs the cost of the Ipod to correspond with what your getting, the result is the Best Bang For Your Buck. Enjoy! Lee G.

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    Created: 08/15/08

    A Great MP3 Player, which needs little improvement.

    Review For: Apple iPod classic 2nd Generation White (20 GB)

    I personally bought this item as a collectible, as I collect previous generations of iPods. If you're a collector than you'll want this iPod just to say that you have it, but if you're actually looking for an MP3 player, than this is not a bad choice.

    Like all iPods, it is basically a glorified hard drive, with the ability to read what is on the hard drive. Unlike the current iPod Classics, this does not have video capabilities, but these cost drastically less, so for somebody who only wants to listen to music, this is a good option. The only real design flaw is that the headphone jack on the generation is a bit prone to chipping, though this rarely results in loss of functionality of the headphone jack- it merely is cosmetically less attractive.

    The bottom line is that this is a standard 20gb ipod; there are 3 different generations of ipods with the same amount of storage space and same capabilities- to play music, and nothing more. It really comes down to personal preference, though this is the largest option available, which may deter you. I suggest the 4th generation, simply because the wheel is clickable, making navigating through a music library faster. Also parts are much more cheaper, should yours need repair.

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    Created: 07/24/08

    Perfect if all you want is music.

    Review For: Apple iPod classic 2nd Generation White (20 GB)

    Holds thousands of songs
    EASY to control and navigate with the innovative click wheel
    Excellent user interface and easy to sync with iTunes
    Screen is clear, easy to read, and backlit with a easy on the eyes light
    Has a few little extra features, like a couple fun games to kill time
    Great sound quality
    Looks cool
    Since it is an iPod, the resale value is very good when you decide to get something else
    Comfortable to hold
    It'll sync with older computers unlike the latest iPods that only work with Windows XP and up or Mac OSX 10.4 and up

    Battery life isn't as good as newer iPods, but it is still very good and replaceable for about $6 if you do it yourself
    Doesn't have color screen meaning no pictures and video
    Bulkier than newer models, but not by too much

    Unless you want all the features of the newer iPods like pictuers, album artwork, and video, then this iPod would be perfect for you. It is great for music. Very easy to use since iTunes automates a lot of the work. Just a great player unless you want those fancy features that a lot of people never really put to much use anyway!

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    Created: 10/05/07

    Used IPOD the way to go for music in my older truck

    Review For: Apple iPod classic 2nd Generation White (20 GB)

    The IPOD continues to be the standard for music players - and I bought one of the older ones. My 1998 truck only has a tape deck, so i bought this 20GB IPOD to use with a tape adapter in the truck. It's perfect for what I need -- sync it with the music on my computer and then have hundreds of songs to choose from while I drive to and from the hardware store. Sure, the tape adapter's not the best way to hear music, but it beats the radio and cassesstes -- and it beats the $400 I spent for a new car stereo with IPOD jack/controls.

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    Created: 04/09/07

    iPod 20GB

    Review For: Apple iPod classic 2nd Generation White (20 GB)

    What I liked:
    Portability! Fits in pocket motorcycle cubby hole and small enough to mount w/velcro. Love to use while working construction to block out most noise from power tools and vacuums without diturbing other workers (using KOSS spark plugs). Really holds hours of entertainment.

    Don't care for:
    1) A little difficult to navigate as compaired to the new 80GB version I bought for my daughter. Her iPod is SWEET!

    2) If you listen to music that blends from song #1 right into song #2 (ie: Santana & Pink Floyd); your iPod mp3 format WILL put a break between songs.

    3) Occasional freeze up. Just locks without being able to change ANY modes until battery dies. BUT: it's in repair/exchange right now. Might not be an issue with next one.

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    Created: 11/05/09

    It does that Job!

    Review For: Apple iPod classic 2nd Generation White (20 GB)

    There's nothing fancy about this item. If you're looking for fancy check out an iPod Touch. but this does the Job and has plenty of room for many songs. 20G is more than enough for me. I used a FM Transmitter with it in my car that charged it while it played and while it was in stand by mode so I never ran out of battery.
    I actually just got an iPhone 3GS so I am reselling this item on ebay. Apple is the best for Mp3 players and computers, so I definitely recommend this if you're looking for something to listen to music with in your car. or even for a student. The size is a bit bulky, so if you're looking for an iPod to job with, an iPod Nano would fit you better. Thanks.

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    Created: 03/01/07

    Best iPod ReviewBest iPod Review

    Review For: Apple iPod classic 2nd Generation White (20 GB)

    The good: The enhanced iPod has the same sleek design with improved video battery life and brighter screen; it brings gapless playback to the masses; up to 80GB; new features such as instant search and enhanced games; movies now available in iTunes 7; excellent overall value.

    The bad: The Apple iPod has added no major functions such as FM radio, wireless, recording; small screen not conducive to movie viewing; proprietary USB cable; narrow native video-format compatibility; body is still scratch prone.

    The bottom line: The amazingly low priced updated Apple iPod gets many under-the-hood improvements, but it's still not a true video player.

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    Created: 09/06/06

    Apple iPod

    Review For: Apple iPod classic 2nd Generation White (20 GB)

    I bought this MP3 player for my daughter. She's a freshman in college and the university offers Podcasts for most of her classes. I personally own and use a Creative Zen Micro and I think for the money, it's a better product than the Apple iPod. It is also a 20 GB MP3 player and brand new in the most stores, it's at least $100.00 less expensive than the Apple iPod. I tried talking my daughter into buying the Zen Micro but she just had to have the iPod. She likes it alot and uses almost everyday. When we bought it, the seller forgot to send the 2.0 USB cable, so she didn't have full use of it for the first two weeks she had it. I refused to go buy a cable because it is too expensive ($40.00). And I refused to go buy a Firewall card because the iPod would be the only product that I would currently use with it and for $40.00, I didn't see the value added in that! My daughter doesn't seem to dislike anything about her iPod, other than the color but she says she can live with it!!!

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