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Apple iPhone 4
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Created: 03/11/11

iphone 4

The iphone 4 hands down has the best resolution display of any phone currently available on the market. Apart from this the ease of dealing with this device after opening the box is a definite plus. Also because of the popularity accessories and apps are readily available to download.

1) Easily syncs with outlook mail and other mail services
2) Retina display is very smooth and sharp
3) Touch screen is highly responsive
4) Screen orientation can be locked and apart from this has also a gyro and accelerometer
5) Smooth internet browser. The Dual camera is great for video chat
6) Mobileme helps locate your phone if lost or stolen
7) Hands free function was excellent on 3GS and is equally good on the 4. Many don't use it or are not aware of it. Keep the menu button pressed and you go to voice control. Just say "dial *name of person or est.* mobile or phone". Also the same control can be used for playing a music album which is great. If your accent is very thick you might have trouble though so keep it simple slow and clear.

Apple as usual goes out of its way to keep you locked in to them and their hardware is not future proof which means buy it today and by tomorrow its obsolete.
1) Does not have a SD card slot so memory is fixed
2) No HDMI slot so can't fix to HDTV, however can be connected to TV through component cables.
3) The phone is locked down and thus limited to Apple itunes and its carrier.
4) Following 3GS you would think that they would bring this out as 4G but it is only a 3G phone.
5) Video chat (Face time as dubbed by Apple) is limited to WiFi only and not carrier internet service (lame if you ask me). Though probably the carrier cant handle the load anyway.
6) Biggest drawback is not Flash compatible and though many sites don't necessarily use flash, most of the popular sites and news services do. This in my books limits much of the internet surfing experiences.

Conclusion: If this is your first phone you will undoubtedly fall in love with it. If your upgrading from the iphone 3GS then don't bother because functionality and user experience is the same. The only useful differentiating fact is the LED flash that comes with the iphone 4 which really helps when taking pictures in a night club. If your a tech geek you will find the phone though capable of so much more to be restrictive and will invariably Jail break it or try and unlock it some other way. Though I would suggest going for the new better Motorola Atrix. If your a businessman then this phone is perfect as it does virtually everything from push mail alert, checking on stocks, banking, powerpoint editing, word documents editing (though you have to buy the app. for $7 worth it i.e. Documents to go).

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Created: 09/03/10

Good product, works fine

What I like about this product
First of all I like the amazing ammount of apps that are available for the phone. Also the speed of this device is incredible.

The only thing that's not as good as my previous phone is the reception. Even on the best carrier available (in Holland that's KPN), the phone still dropped a call. In Holland, with maximum coverage of network that should not be possible, but it happened.

I'm going to solve this issue with a bumper, but the previous owner of the phone already ran the bumpercase program and he didn't sent the bumper with the phone. So I have to buy one, which is quite impossible right now.(for a decent price)

One minor thing I was a bit suprised about, is that the phone was sold as 'never opened' but when it arrived it had some damage above the camera (not on the steel band, but on the edge of the plastic. And some minor damages along the edge of the glass back and front cover It's hard to see, and i'm used to it so I'll just take it as it is.

Overall, I do like the phone because of it's speed and precision/clarity on the screen. Can't wait to facetime with my brother, when the jailbreak for fw 4.1 comes available >:D

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