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Apple iPhone 3GS
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    Created: 03/21/10

    3GS vs. touch and a 3G/4G non-ATT phone.

    We have sold numerous iPhone/Touch accessories on eBay over the last couple of years, without actually buying the main product. Our son, who has ATT service, recently upgraded his phone to the 3GS for $199.00 with 2 year contract and $40 data plan. I took a different path. Being with a T-Mobile, I upgrade to a tough and durable Sony Ericsson TM506 3G flip phone for $0 with 2 year contract and $5.99 T-zones legacy unlimited data plan. It has GPS, 3G data, bluetooth, media, microSD expansion, 2MP still/video camera, full media player/editors, Java apps (Opera browser, world cam, remote, etc.) and voice notes/dialing; all, in a PSP style interface. Then I picked up a used 2nd gen iPod touch on eBay for under $100, to participate in the iTunes/iStore functionality. I am not a fan of the big and clunky iTunes, nor Apple's over controlling device mandates. I have had better experiences over the years downloading and installing Windows Mobile, Palm, Symbian and Java apps, as well as media files. However, restoring a device's firmware via iTunes is nice, compared to the sometimes dicey firmware updates of other devices. Second to iTunes, we downloaded Total Commander with the T-PoT.1.1 plug-in to browse the Touch/iPhone contents via USB. I rank the iTunes experience as comparable to that of Windows Mobile ActiveSync. Don't get me wrong, the 3GS is a marvel of tech, but so are Android and other devices. The Apple touchscreens are easily broken, witness all the broken Touch/iPhone units on eBay. Coupled that with Apple's extreme warranty policies and ATT's horrible pricing, the choice was easy for me. I wanted a rough and tumble, drop it regularly, that is easy to replace - without breaking the bank, full featured phone. And, I wanted a mobile, full featured, big screen and sweet interface media and internet device. Now, I have both. We have notebook and netbook devices for more mission critical efforts. The iPad will probably be my wife's second device of choice. More of a sofa appliance, not as portable as the Touch.

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    Created: 07/19/12

    Its Apple

    Yes, I would recommend this product to a friend.

    In regards to the star ratings:
    - battery life isnt ideal; it's better than most, but can always be better.
    - it's one of the most expensive smartphones on the market before subsidy. enough said.
    - it's the easiest to use smartphone available: the printed instructions attest to that by being a fraction the size of competing phones in its class. the feature set is excellent as it can be used in full by the widest range of users while the market leading app store further increases it's capability.
    - once design, build quality, and customer service and support are taken into account, it's a 5/5 star phone, able to overcome it's benign issues.

    no, it's not the iPhone 5 that the most repugnant of tech "journalists" claimed was inevitably coming based on lies about "sources" and later bashed by the same for not being as such. those who are familiar with Apple and their iPhone line, however, expected what we received based on their previous release history. despite the negative reviews by an ignorant press, this is Apple's best iPhone ever, and the market clearly agrees.

    despite the familiar exterior, both in dimensions and materials, the return of this design was warmly welcomed by the masses as a year later, it's still by far the most exclusive feeling smartphone on the market and will be remembered alongside the original iPhone, the Bondi Blue iMac, and the unibody MacBook Pro as one of their most memorable designs. it's truly a magnificent design in it's clean look, top quality materials, and luxurious feel, all assembled in a very tight, dense package that just oozes quality. while the look of it may be comforting in its familiarity, it's actually brand new on the inside.

    starting with the processing unit, Apple upgraded to the ARM A9 core and then doubled them with it's A5 SoC processor. they also doubled up the cache to 1MB (512KB per core) to feed it and increased graphics performance by 5 times with the PowerVR 543 GPU. finally, they clocked this SoC processor to 1GHz and 512MB of RAM on a 200MHz bus to give you a phone with more graphics and computing power than a first generation Xbox. despite all of this computing power, it hardly uses any actual power: battery capacity went up only 2.5% while claimed runtimes were extended by hours, all thanks to an extremely efficient design of the SoC.

    to ensure you never leave home without your point and shoot digital camera, the sensor has been upgraded to 8mp. people who know better know that megapixels arent everything, so they continued use of a backside illuminated sensor to ensure the most light possible for excellent low light imagery, well beyond that of the competition. the aperture has been stepped up to f2.4 over the iPhone 4's f2.8 stop, and feeding that much larger hole is an all-new lens package with IR and UV filters to produce more natural colors. with the faster CPU, the result is faster loading, shorter times between shots, and images that dont look like they came from a phone. to top it off, they upgraded the video recording to full 1080p.

    and if you have no one to talk to, now you have Siri. it's API hooks reach deep into the system, allowing the user to manage their phone simply by one of the best voice recognition systems available. of course that makes the keyboard redundant with it's dictation accuracy.

    despite more evolution than revolution, this evolutionary step is akin to going from neanderthal to homo sapien, with the Galaxy Nexus looking like a miss

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    Created: 08/15/13

    iphone 3gs

    Yes, I would recommend this product to a friend.

    Iphone 3GS is really a wonderful phone!!His finally adds common cell phone features like multimedia messaging, video recording, and voice dialing. It runs faster; its promised battery life is longer; and the multimedia quality continues to shine.

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    Created: 07/31/10

    Apple iphone 3GS White (32GB) (AT&T)

    An iPhone functions as a camera phone, including text messaging and visual voicemail, a portable media player, and an Internet client, with e-mail, web browsing, and Wi-Fi connectivity. The user interface is built around the device's multi-touch screen, including a virtual keyboard rather than a physical one.

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    Created: 09/10/11

    Not so good in 2011 ,time for Apple iPhone 5a . . .

    Yes, I would recommend this product to a friend.

    I liked the phone because it was the first time I was using a touch screen.

    Like:touch screen
    Unlike:battery power

    Very good.

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    Created: 05/02/11

    Far better than an iPhone 4

    Yes, I would recommend this product to a friend.

    I bought this phone because my highly-touted iPhone 4 turned out to be a piece of garbage, I didn't want to learn how to use a whole new phone again, and I still had a year and a half in my contract with ATT. I thought this phone would be slower than the iPhone 4; it's not, as far as I can tell. It has an advantage over the iPhone 4 in that the 4 uses a mini-SIM; the 3 uses a regular SIM, which means that: 1) if this phone breaks, I can take the SIM out and put it into one of my old phones and it will work, and 2) if travelling out of the country, since data rates are astronomical (and an iPhone will consume data usage virtually all the time), I just take my SIM out of this phone and put it into an old, non-smart phone. Problem solved. What do I dislike about the phone? I don't like Apple's policy of trying to limit what you can do with the phone so it only benefits them. And, it's big and clunky--but not big enough that it's easy to use the keyboard to text without making lots of errors. SmartText, if turned on, can be convenient--but I've already had its autocorrecting feature make gibberish out of what was correct, or at least understandable input.

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