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Apple iPad 1st Generation 16GB, Wi-Fi, 9...
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Apple iP...

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Created: 04/02/10

Poor attempt to break into the tablet market

Review For: Apple iPad 1st Generation 16GB, Wi-Fi, 9.7in - Black (MB292LL/A)

I got one of these to test and I have to say I'm going to keep an eye out for broken ones in the coming week and months.
Now why would I say this???
1/2 an inch think...that's why.
I have own a tablet for more than 6 years now and I notice two things that happen with them.
Monitors break very easily.
With this unit the monitor is exposed all the time so it gives it even more options to break. With the many other brands of tablets you have the option of converting the monitor back to a regular laptop.

They are fragile. Even more fragile than a regular laptop.

Why is this a bad product from a good company?
This is a BIG problem! Unlike a regular laptop having a tablet this thin is a major issue. Drop it once...game over...Doesn't matter if you buy the skin or a cover for it. Thin plastic will break.

-limited SSD hard drive size!

-no flash support (Mr. Jobs the internet still uses flash...just to let you know!)


-Though the multi-touch option is nice...like any other tablet 1-3 years old though...but a nice touch! :)

No Intel processor?!?!?!? Its like an enlarged Iphone!!!

Its a good thing I got this free as a test model.. I didn't want to sign up with AT&T... poor 3G coverage... you the consumer on the other hand are stuck with it! (think of the smugg guy in the AT&T commericals smiling at you!! :P)

I own at the current moment a Panasonic Toughbook CF-19 (running Ubuntu Linux...not windows...so no nasty viruses :P).
This unit is amazingly resilient and durable. I have dropped it several times and it is still kicking....shock mounted hard drive, not to mention its water proof, and you can drive a car over it!!(check youtube for "toughbook vs hummer"...amazing video!!..check out the other ones too!)
now I highly doubt most people will have to worry about a car driving over your new shiny Ipad...but water....oh boy! water!
Apple computers are notorious for dying from a single drop of water...I lost 3 mac books from a splash or droplet of water(or coffee) before giving up on them. check on ebay here for mac books being sold for repair...almost all are being sold because of a dead motherboard from a spill of some sort.
My Lenovo S10-2 netbook which is not water proof has been dripped or splashed a few times and still works wonderfully... I'm writing this review with it!!

In conclusion I think Apple should stick to thin trendy laptops that last 4 years. stay out of the tablet market, its a waste of your time and money.
Though I'm sure a all the fan boys and girls who simply love Steve Jobs (he loves you too...and your money!!) will buy one... those are the ones I'll be looking for on ebay being sold as is, "parts or repair", "Broken monitor".

Can't wait to profit of your mistakes!!

Linux for life!!

OMG!!! Apple has done it again!! They have successfully made fools out of all of us!!! They are about to release the iPAD 2!?!?!?! Guess what??!!! it will still not include USB!!! but....it will...get ready......drum roll...a camera!!! WOW!! OMG!!! amazing!!!! I am so happy I think I'll give Steve Jobbs my first born!!!!
Seriously here!?!!?! Why do we let this guy mock us!!!??!!
USB is a must for all computers or tablets!!!!
Web cameras are 50/50 when it comes down to it...but Apple wanted to treat the first iPad as revolutionary... Epic fail!!!!!

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Created: 04/14/11

only for luxury

Review For: Apple iPad 1st Generation 16GB, Wi-Fi, 9.7in - Black (MB292LL/A)

This gadget is for those who can afford it and is a luxury. Those who are wealthy or has lots of money who doesn't know how to spend it or just waste it can enjoy this product. It is actually impractical when you have your laptop, notebook or desktop pc so no need for a touch screen iPad just for browsing online only if you want to flaunt and ostentatious then this one is for you. It is just impractical as it is business for Apple because technology is volatile and evolving nothing permanent and always come up with the latest and newest version. Nothing wrong if you really like it but if you want to be practical then not a recommendation. Better stick to what is a necessity and better donate your money to charity if you don't know how to spend them.

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Created: 10/14/10

Don't waste the money!!

Don't waste your money on a ipad when you can get a android for around 100 that does the exact same thing and more!!! the only thing ipad does better its faster and the battery life is a bit better...other than that I plan on keeping the android and reselling the ipad...lol in the near future your going to see some many clones and androids that will blow apple out of the water...so everyone that has a ipad now will have junk and be hard up to sell them...!! just today walmart dot com came out with the ipad for only 499 !!! and there is talk about it even going cheaper due to competition!! so hurry sell your ipads while you still can!! if you havn't got one don't...get a android or better yet wait a while if you can, you will see some awesome ipads soon!!!

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Created: 07/02/11

I thank all that is right and holy I didn't have to pay for this myself.

No, I would not recommend this product.
Review For: Apple iPad 1st Generation 16GB, Wi-Fi, 9.7in - Black (MB292LL/A)

I bought this product because I need it to troubleshoot some web-design issues with the iPad and Apple products in general. Since the work was for a particular client, the client reimbursed me the entire $379 cost. That said, it's worth every penny I paid for it.

The item was new, shrink-wrapped in the original packaging. Which is why I was so surprised not to find any set-up instructions. When I turned it on, it gave me an iTunes icon, which did nothing. No help button, no on-screen help, not even an annoying paperclip to give me suggestions.

So, I fired up my *real* computer and searched the internet for instructions on how to start it. See if you can find any logic in this: to bootstrap the iPad operating system, you have to download iTunes to your PC.

My laptop has a 17-inch screen; the iPad has a 9-inch screen. My laptop has 160Gigs of storage; the iPad has 16Gigs. My laptop has a printer port, serial port, ethernet port, and a camera; the iPad has none of these.

New iPad models go for anywhere from $600 to over $1000. You can easily find a PC laptop 10 times better for less than $400.

If you don't absolutely *need* the iPad, as I did, don't buy it. Get yourself a real computer for less.

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Feature ratings

  • Size / weight
  • Battery life
  • Value for money
Created: 09/17/11

Expected 5/5 based on the hype. Rec'd 1/5 in reality.

No, I would not recommend this product.

I bought this expecting so much more based on the rampant hype. Turns out this is a "virtual" joke. No external storage, so locked in to iTune$ to add content. Need dongle to get minimal connectivity. Closed OS makes it extremely annoying. And lack of Flash makes the web feel like it is 1999 again.

The hardware itself is decent. Battery life is decent. But that's immaterial if you can't access the full web, if you don't have ability to add content except paying thru the nose via itune$ or add (horrors of horrors) content from sources like Bittorrent.

But of course, with the legion of Apple fanboys, you'll be offered a slew of excuses, er, "explanations" why sending $ to Apple is a "good thing".

Check out the competition is my advice. You won't be sorry...

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Feature ratings

  • Value for money
Created: 04/12/13

Dead in less than a month...

No, I would not recommend this product.

When I first purchased this product it worked fine but died in mid use with almost a full charge. Screen blacked out and is no longer functioning... Total loss. Makes me very wary to make purchases of this type again. Major loss for my family..

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Feature ratings

  • Size / weight
  • Battery life
  • Value for money
Created: 09/08/12

Very poor Value for money - could buy 3rd Generation in Australia for same!

No, I would not recommend this product.

- Why you bought it -- I wanted an eReader
- What you like most about it -- 64GB memory
- What you dislike about it -- No camera/s -- Did not realise it was 1st generation
- Whether or not you would buy the product again -- I certainly would not purchase again! I would source one in Aussie, a 3rd Gen for the same price as I paid for this one!

This is the 2nd time I have bought an I/..... (an apple product! The lst one was supposedly new. I received it, marked and loaded with someone elses movies and pics.

So really, my eBay experiences have been nothing short of abyssimal!

Of course, the problem is that eBay is too big and impersonal and my comments will not be read by eBay management or staff!

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Created: 03/16/11

clunky app pushy junk

To large and clunky for me. You cant walk around with it, and there is nowhere on my body I can store this thing. If you're an app junkie this might be for you. I am over the age of 35 and dont use cpus as toys. not for the serious business man.Returned for full refund!

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Created: 08/08/10

Apple iPad Wi-Fi + 3G (16GB)

Why is the reason that the Ipad 16gb wifi with 3G the asking price is $100.- more that the Apple store.

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Created: 05/27/10


Review For: Apple iPad 1st Generation 16GB, Wi-Fi, 9.7in - Black (MB292LL/A)

I like the iPad! Byt 650 for a product u can get cheaper in the stores? In all honesty you are better off going to apple dote or the apple website and picking up a 16 gb iPad there

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