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Animal Crossing: City Folk  (Wii, 2008)
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Created: 10/14/09

Animal Crossing Is Better Than Ever

I will go through everything there is to this game, including the new City, as said in the title.

Story: 10/10

Well, basically there is no "Story" to Animal Crossing games, it's basically a do-whatever-you-want sort of game. However, with all the new features - new and old - you are surely not going to put this game down for a while. You still work for Nook, the same shops are still around (with new ones too!) and of course, the Museum is also around. However, the new City (which has more than 5 new shops, I will get into it later) brings a lot of new material to Animal Crossing!

Gameplay/Controls: 9/10

Of course the Wii was going to bring new controls to this game, and it was successful! To fish, you can now swing the Wii Remote to cast and reel in. The same goes for Bug Catching, you can now swing the Wii Remote to catch bugs. When you point the Wii Remote at your screen, your Menu shows up. From there you choose what you would like to view. You can click where you want to go with the Wii Remote, or use the Nunchuk for a more comfortable moving style. The controls are very flexible so that you can get used to a way that you like, making it easier for you.

Graphics: 10/10

Animal Crossing games have always had cartoon-like Graphics. This game, however, has some of the best cartoon Graphics I myself have ever seen. You can barely notice pixels showing, and/or wrong-looking shapes. That's all I have to say about the Graphics, they are simply amazing.

Music/Sound: 10/10

All your favourite tunes from Wild World are back, with new rhythm's added and new instruments, but still the same old music you remember! K.K Slider is - of course - back as well. I have found myself for no reason at all humming tunes from Animal Crossing: City Folk, because they are easy to remember and enjoyable to listen to. There is a wide variety of songs that K.K will play for you once a week on Saturday night, and when he is finished playing he will give you the CD for it. You can play this song in your house in the game.

The City: 10/10

Remember back in Wild World when you would have to wait for days and daayyss for a visitor to come to your town that you actually needed? Well, in this game, more than half of them reside in the City! Crazy Redd runs his usual shop, Dr. Shrunk has his own theatre where you can get Emotions, Lyle runs the HRA. Gracie runs her new fashion - but EXPENSIVE - shop where you can get new good-looking furniture. A Gyroid runs an Auction House where you can place items up for bidding and auction them over Nintendo WiFi Connection. Harriet runs Shampoodle, and Katrina has her Fortune-Telling shop also! On occasion you might run into new stands set up around the City, also. All in all, the City is a great new feature in Animal Crossing.

Online Play: 10/10

Probably the best part of Animal Crossing, the Online Play! This game is just like Wild World, exchange your Friend Codes and visit each others Town. However this has not changed much, there is a new object you can buy with City Folk, called WiiSpeak. This WiiSpeak lets you talk with your voice to your friends over WiFi! It is much easier talking this way than typing. In each others town, you can talk, trade, play games (bug/fishing tournament) visit shops, and many more. Get a bunch of friends and even have a party in your town. I assure you that if you have WiFi Connection, this game will be so much more enjoyable for you.

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Created: 12/02/08

animal crossing city folk

to sum it all up right now it is a must by game also check out accityfolk on youtube
Ever since the debut of the Wii two years ago Nintendo had been hinting that the company would eventually be bringing its casual and social "second life" game Animal Crossing to the new console. In that time Nintendo could have really knocked our socks off with an experience that advanced the classic game with a scope that pushed it in unseen new directions. But it's clear that someone at Nintendo tossed the DS cartridge at the Animal Crossing team and said, "here's your design document. Get to work." Animal Crossing: City Folk is a great conversion of Animal Crossing: Wild World, but as a console sequel? It's pretty lazy, and it's hard to praise phoned-in work like this.
And that's unfortunate, because the Animal Crossing game is a praise-worthy product. Back when the original title hit the GameCube (which was, admittedly, a ported and upgraded N64 game that only shipped in Japan at the time), it was actually amazing to essentially experience a game that pretty much revolved around the simple things in life: gardening, shopping, fishing, chatting with neighbors. The game had no end or ultimate goal beyond living the best life you possibly could in this animal village, and even with the limitations Animal Crossing was incredibly fulfilling with new things to experience on a daily basis. All of this was improved on with the Nintendo DS follow-up that took the life online and let friends all over the world visit each other's towns to see how they're progressing.
Animal Crossing: City Folk admittedly doesn't claim to be a full-fledged sequel but it certainly hints at that with its new subtitle. At the very least after six years and two previous games in the Animal Crossing series there's a bit of expectations out of Nintendo updating its successful franchises: you would think that the designers would love to get their hands dirty and actually attempt something a little more ambitious than simply converting existing ideas for Nintendo's latest game systems.
To put it another way: Animal Crossing: City Folk wasn't made for Animal Crossing fans. It was made for those that missed out the first two times. And for those people, you've got yourself a fine product. To those that helped make the first two games a success: maybe Nintendo will thank you some other way, because City Folk is only for you if you want to go through the same things all over again.
That doesn't sound like such a bad deal on the surface: if it ain't broke, don't fix it, and if it was such a great game before it'll be great playing through it again…right? That mentality doesn't really apply to Animal Crossing because the bulk of the experience is doing work. You know, chores. Things you should be doing instead of playing videogames.
Right from the start you're put to work by the game's laborer: Tom Nook. He gets you started learning the ropes by sending you all over your town – randomly generated during your question-and-answer session on the bus trip to the village – performing duties like planting flowers, delivering packages, advertising his shop, and writing letters to your neighbor. There's a reason for all of this even though this all feels like indentured servitude he's really giving you a tutorial walkthrough explaining all the little things you can and should be doing in Animal Crossing. And once you've completed your duties, you're set free to pretty much do whatever you want.

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Created: 06/10/09

Animal Crossing, Excellent Learnng Choice For Kids!

While on vacation visiting my family, I played this game with my nephew out of state.

At first, I was reluctant to try it, but then it gets highly addictive! Here are the pros and cons.


This game is an excellent learning tool and educational experience for kids! My 5 year old nephew has already started reading and loves reading during this game. Every object in this game is educational, meaning you can collect items and learn about them. You can bring them to the museum, learn about them from the owl curator, and even donate the items. Best of all, you can return to look at the items you donate. I think this really teach kids an idea that had seemed to be lost in society. You can also sell the items you collect and buy other items.

The interation with the characters is also excellent. You are able to talk with other characters in the game and this is done in an extremely friendly manner. This also teaches kids to be nice and courteous to others. You can plan trees and flowers, which teaches kids to be environmentally friendly.

The game acts in real time, just like your time at home. When it is daytime the game is in daytime. When it is nightime, the game is in nightime. I think this is a great option that also teaches kids about the time of day.

You can also set up you entire family on this game to play. The parents can even set up characters to play. They each can have their own houses and possessions. You can also share your items with other characters or members of the game. This is a great tool for teaching kids to share.


The only con I found was it takes a while to get the tools needed to get the full effect of the game. Once you have located everything, you can get a little bored.

You can only play one user at a time. I have not tried the online play but you can only user one player at at time. I guess it would be more complicated if you did it otherwise.

Overall Highly Recommended, Great Educational Tool!

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Created: 08/03/10

Animal Crossing: City Folk (Wii, 2008)

Very fun game for whole family. None violent. Kids are 9 and 7 year old. They love to play each day. Game changes each day, products change daily at Nook's store. Fishing a plus. Catching bugs can be a little challenging. Different activities for different skill sets. Goal to pay off mortgage so the house can be renovated (enlarged). Can also deposit "Bells" to savings account. Send mail with gifts. Talk with neighbors. Down side is only one person can play at at time.

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Created: 03/10/09

Great Relaxing Game

I thought this game was boring at first, then once I gave it a chance, it is great! The CUTEST game, and the music is really relaxing. Not for your hard core gamers that are competitive, this is more low key. But I have heard gamers like it too.

You fish, catch bugs, buy and sell things. There are many surprises in this game. Different fish and bugs for each seasons, festivals, UFO's, you name it...it has it! Many SURPRISES! OH and you can travel to other people's towns with the Wii Fi connection.

Very cute! Fun for every age!

It can get boring at times, just when you start getting bored, something new happens in the town.

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Created: 05/21/11

A "must play" for all ages!

Yes, I would recommend this product to a friend.

I absolutely LOVE this game. I like how everything happens in real time, so the seasons and weather change, the fish and bugs you can catch change, etc. Unfortunately that means if you're playing late at night, Nook's store is closed, so you can't sell things to him :p Great way to relax, kill time, would make a great family game, too. I admit I'm a 22 year old college kid and this is by far one of my favorite games :)

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Created: 04/01/09

Animal Crossing Wii

Animal Crossing is my favorite game and this one on the wii has more options. You can get makeovers and use your personal mii image and change your hair style and lots of other cool stuff like that. I guess the only thing that would make this game better is more mini games, but I am very happy with the game and would definately recommend it to others.

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Created: 04/25/10

GREAT way to de-stress

I recently purchased my wii, and after having heard so much about this game I went on ebay and found it at a great price (less than 1/2 of what it sells for at Walmart). Any way, I work in a high pressure job for a top well known American company helping people with their internet. The other night several employees got into a discussion about what we do when we get off work at midnight... some watch TV, some have a drink, some soak in a hot tub, some play world of warcraft. I told them I go fishing, gather shells, and collect fruit ... boy did I some strange looks. I explained the game and a few said they had heard of it but thought it was only for kids. NO WAY, I told them. Now two of my coworkers have purchased the game and we are now "friends" and able to visit each others towns. It's a great game, and a wonderful way to release the stress from the day. Having never played the game cube version I have nothing to compare it to, and I am happy for that. Gives me the chance to completely enjoy what I have now!!

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Created: 07/15/09

Great for kids and adults

Bought this for my 6 year old son who loves the Wii but all of his games have too much fighting or shooting. This is a great game to develop reading comprehension. As you interact with other animals, you catch fish and bugs, learn about donating, selling, saving, and paying off a mortgage. Actually the game teaches many real life concepts and it is fun to create a collection at the museum and read descriptons of the fish and insects. Great game and lots of fun for the adults too.

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Created: 08/09/10

Animal Crossing

Our whole family loves this game. It is very slow paced, but fun. My 5 year old son loves to hunt for bugs and catch fish. I like to relax at the end of the day and play. Great game!

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