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American Gangster - The Complete Second ...
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Created: 06/29/08

Future high school book reports of stronge indivisuals!

Its a great movie to sit down and watch possible make a future school report on cause all of the facts are there. Their highs and lows of these mena and women in their time. I watch it when it forst came out on a weekly BET series and also own the first season and i learned m,ore about the indivisuals then i really know... You could mention their names and get a bad or content look but even tho they did or done what they did they were good people over all. Whats i like is the story lines very correect on the events planed took there time to get the facts. I love the hunger of what made them do what they done, for example Frank Lucas, was a com friendly businesss man very clean cut not flashy well dress never loose his cool, but very ruthless in his head and didnt show it towards his adversaries or competition. I have mayb one issue as far as the interviews with some of the family members or people talking how they remember them should really keep it short and let the main people that were affected by the indivisuals tell the facts...

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Created: 11/09/08

Great buy

Since I first seen American Gangster on TV I loved the show,The indepths of the person or persons that are speaking about some of the videos that they have are just great.
Its the way that people also took take care of there bussiness that intrigued me the most.
All in all it is a great buy.

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Created: 06/14/09

American Gangster - The Complete Second Season

I could not find anyone else that had this DVD available. I've been looking for it for months. Very good price.

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Created: 12/01/08

Sad But True

This is real life of the 60's and 70's some of it i have first hand knowledge. You must get this one.

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