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All That Remains by Patricia Cornwell (1...
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All That...

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Created: 07/02/08

Patricia Cornwell is a phenomenal suspense author.

Having a strong medical background with training and experience, I enjoy the accuracy to details that Patricia Cornwell heeds. On the book jackets, she describes the process in which she experiences the work in forensic medicine to create the feeling of realism. There are very few errors in the medical details she uses to support the “autopsy findings” of the victims. For me, part of the allure that this writer paints, is similar to viewing a newscast of a crime scene. The picture is so well developed as Cornwell describes and unfolds the sequence of events that I feel I have scrutinized it as reported by the newscasters.

Patricia Cornwell takes great care to detail. She explains the settings to be a place and time of year that allow the reader to be transported and feels they have actually witnesses the incident. She includes the assault to several of the 5 senses just as it would be if one wondered across a finding unexpectedly.

In her first work, Postmortem, Cornwell establishes several of the characters that will be present in the novels to follow. It isn’t necessary to read the series in the order published, but it helps. In All That Remains, murders from a killer with a different mode of operandi is created. Again she forms the mystery by inserting the findings and evidence until she ties it all together in the last chapter to a logical conclusion.

I enjoy the medical arena, suspense and mystery. I believe that is why I enjoy Patricia Cornwell’s depiction of the medical examiner Kay Scarpetta’s experiences in her books.

Mary Anthony

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Created: 05/05/08

All That Remains - Impossible to find

Review For: All That Remains by Patricia Cornwell (1992, Hardcover)

I have been a Kay Scarpetta fan ever since someone loaned me the 3rd book in the series. Over the years I have faithfully collected her mysteries each time a new one came out.
However, no matter how hard I looked, I couldn't find the first two books in hardcover (they're hard to find in paperback, too).
On a whim, I tried looking on Ebay, and there they both were. One very happy Patricia Cornwell fan here.

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Created: 03/14/08

All That Remains by Patricia Cornwell (1993)

As with most of this authoresses books (Dr. Kay Scarpetta as main character), it has a good yarn. I had recently read a couple preceding novels and didn't want to read them out of sinc (order) so I purchased this one to complete my collection of the Dr. Scarpetta novels until a new comes along. If you enjoy reading thriller detective/coroner stories as I do, the Scarpetta novel series is one I would highly recommend!

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Created: 01/03/12

As always Patricia Cornwell keeps you on the edge of antisipation.

Yes, I would recommend this product to a friend.

I am a huge Patricia Cornwell fan. There is 19 books in the Kay Scarpetta series. This is the only book that I did not have. I recently finished reading it and absolutely loved it. Once you start reading this book you don't want to lay it down till your finished. Great read.

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Created: 07/02/13

Well worth the money

Yes, I would recommend this product to a friend.

A very good, but typical Patricia Cromwell book..I travel a lot between my home and my daughter's and these books on tape and CD are the way to go. I like buying them used because they can be expensive. So far, all tapes ( yes I still use them) and CDs have been in very nice condition. In fact, in a few instances, they looked new.

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Created: 02/07/09

The seller was very prompt and offered a good buy.

I like Patricia Cornell books and I found a good buy so I bought it. I am looking forward to more of her books but I have a limited income so I have to buy cheap.

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Created: 06/05/08

Patricia Cornwell, The older books

Review For: All That Remains by Patricia Cornwell (1992, Hardcover)

I am a fan of the Sarpetta novels and I am reading them all over again. They are actually better the second time around. I also think she wrote better in the begining than she has in her latest novels. Happy Reading to All

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Created: 08/03/10

great purchase

This is type of book I enjoy reading. I am very pleased with purchase which I will read and then send to the troops overseas for their enjoyment on down time.

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