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Alien Resurrection (Blu-ray Disc, 2011)
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Created: 06/06/08


With the fourth installment of the popular ALIEN Sci fi classic series, comes this high tech special effects flick with Sigourney Weaver returning as Ellen Ripely.
After her horrible death in ALIEN-3 with an Alien Queen embryo bursting from her chest and falling into a pool of molten lava, 200 hundred years later a group of scientists have cloned another Ripley. Her-along with the embryo Alien Queen planted inside her are hoping to breed the ultimate weapon.
But the resurrected Ripley is full of surprizes for when she gets her memory back, she causes "all hell" to break loose upon the military space station.
Too combat the creatures, Ripley must team up with a band of smugglers who provide the military with bodies as "hosts' for the breeding Aliens. With the smugglers comes along an android named Call (Winona Ryder) who holds more than a few tricks up her sleeve.
Along with spectacular special effects and co-starring Ron Perlman (HELLBOY), Dan Heyda,(Planet of the Apes) J.E. Freeman,(Godzilla) Brad Dourif (CHILD'S PLAY) and Michael Wincott,(Superman Returns). Alien Resurrection is a riveting sci fi classic thats bound to keep your stomach coming up to your throat!

Ellen Ripley........................​..........Sigourney Weaver
Call.....................​.....................Winona Ryder

Co-starring Ron Perlman, Dan Heyda, J.E. Freeman, Brad Dourif and Michael Wincott

Directed by: Jean-Pierre Jeunet a 20th Century Fox Film 1997 108 minutes Rated: R

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Created: 09/17/10

Highly Recommend~Awesome Sequel

Most movies are hard to match, or even surpass the original. This was very impressive IMO. They keep the story interesting, and Ellen Ripley (Sigourney Weaver) being the main heroine never lets us down. My favorite part is the end, where Ripley kills the Alien (her own offspring) by using her (Ripleys) own acidic blood to burn a hole through a window on the ship, causing the creature to be sucked violently (to say the least) through the small hole and into space. Being released in '97, most Alien fans will have already seen this one, if you don't have it, I highly recommend it for your video library~

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Created: 10/13/10

It's just ok

This is not the best one of the franchise but did ok. Personally I think since Ripley killed herself off at the end of the third one, they should have just left it at that. This movie is about Weyland Yutani cloning Ripley so they could extract the alien queen from her for further study. Ripley's perfect basketball shot in the movie was one of the best scenes as I understand she did that all by herself, with no CGI or any other camera tricks involved! Anyways, it's an ok film but not as good as the first three. :)

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Created: 01/14/09

Ripley--Mother of ALL Aliens

One of my favorites of the series. In previous films Ripley's softer side is hinted at. Here we see it full on. Her relationship with Cali, the android is fasinating to watch. But with a sort of expected predictability Ripley does the right thing anf destroy the alien-possible her mutant spawn.

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Created: 08/04/10

Alien Resurrection

I liked the alien resurection movie. its an all out fun movie with tons of action especially for the sci-fi lover.

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Created: 02/03/07

Aliens back for more!

This movie was pretty tight. My biggest complaint was the lack of special features. There was not even a directors commentary, just a short making of the movie compiled of actor interviews.
One complaint about this movie would be it's too clean too polished...especially compared to the earlier alien movies. That said, I appreciate this movie for what it is. The ultimate culmination of the Ripley character and alien.
I think it rocks......... by the way,
any one see the CSI guy in this movie?

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