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On Air by Alan Parsons (CD, Sep-1996, 2 ...
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Created: 02/05/08

On Air [ECD] - Parsons, Alan (CD 1996

I'm a big fan of Alan Parsons. This CD may not be as "comercial" as the others but has the same writing style (neo-medevilism), singers, orchestral interludes as the other CD's of Alan Parsons. Also is a song featuring Cristopher Cross, who was made fameous by his songs, "Ride Like the Wind," and "Sailing"; I think that this recording is the most recent recording that I know of for Christopher Cross. In addition to the CD is a CD-ROM. I don't know a much about what's on it, but it is included with the CD. Finally, this recording is, at least for now, out-of-print. Ebay is pretty much the only place you can find copies of this recording.

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Created: 02/05/10

On Air by Alan Parsons

I really Like this CD! Im a Big Alan Parsons Project fan, I didnt know what to expect with his solo material. It is wonderful and a joy to listen to! Im going to get all of Alan Parsons solo releases. If you liked the Alan Parsons Project, you'll like his solo material too! Shawn Cotton from Portland, Oregon

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Created: 10/04/09

Aviation music

A wonderful CD of aviation related music that I found by chance. Of course Alan Parsons is right within the genre that I enjoy, so it was a double bonus. And the CD does not disappoint. Jammin' music with thoughtful lyrics. It's all good!

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Created: 01/25/13

It may have been made in the 1990s, but Alan Parsons is still in fine form

Yes, I would recommend this product to a friend.

I have always been a fan of The Alan Parson Project. Parsons has a real penchant and propensity for creating sophisticated progressive rock albums; he does this by hiring talented session musicians and creating well crafted albums that address specific and thought provoking concepts. In the 1970s his albums covered concepts such as Isaac Asimov's 'I Robot', the life of Edgar Allan Poe, gambling and the plight of women. 'On Air' is a 1990s album by Parsons which continues in the spirit of his classic 70s albums; in this particular case Parsons is covering the concept of man's dream to fly. The album does this very well, covering the legend of Icarus through to the Apollo moon projects. Yes, the album is intellectual, but it also features wonderful music that really is moving - and yet it still rocks, too (which is a classic Parsons idiosyncrasy; he is a master at being able to produce hard rock that is both thoughtful and moving as well as making you want to stamp your foot). Guitarist Ian Bairnson plays with heart (his solos are so moving and showcase his great talents beautifully). Vocalists such as Eric Stewart and Neil Lockwood bring Parsons' poignant lyrics alive with soulful singing. This album moves me in many ways. Highly recommended.

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Created: 01/07/11

On Air by Alan Project Parsons

I got this album after stumbling across 'cloudbreak' on youtube. That track sold it for me. For a relative newbie to the Alan Parsons, 'on air' is a must have and stands alongside any of the APP in its own right. A definite must have

Ps the seller I aquired it thru was also really easy to deal with with no hassles.

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Created: 02/15/11

It's a so-so CD

Big fan of APP - but this one is just so-so. If you have all the other CD's - you might as well get this one.

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