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Adcom GFA-545 2 Channel Power Amplifier
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Created: 10/01/13

Tough to beat performance vs price.

Yes, I would recommend this product to a friend.

A longtime audiophile, I bought out of curiosity, temporarily replacing my (balanced) Levinson 23.5, feeding the 545 from RCAs on a cello palette preamp, driving ultra honest Magnaplanar IIIas. Post warm-up, I was surprised how good this amp is, if not as smooth as the lovely, tube-like, $7000 Levinson. I found source material made the most difference, particularly regarding reported graininess. I quickly discovered pleasing/rewarding equalization settings on the cello, which changed little despite my varietal selections.

Piano and female vocals can be the most challenging to audio gear; the Adcom doing a very admirable job with both. Soundstage could be large, with depth, if neither as detailed or deep as the 23.5. The low noise floor allowed the sparkle of triangles to emerge; the timbre of guitar very sweet.

Often, I play gear loudly to ascertain if my ears will be offended, longterm. The music got louder and louder, me singing along and tapping my foot as the audition stretched into CDs unheard for a while. I was enjoying the music and noted only one illumination of the 545's clipping lights. This oft under appreciated, conservatively power rated 545 took total command of the large panels.

I wondered just how good it could sound with aftermarket upgrades, but will employ it au natural' in another system, knowing the may never improve for anywhere near this cost.

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Created: 07/19/09

Adcom GFA-545, Good performance

Very nice amp. I have it paired with my Adcom GFP-55II preamp into Polk Monitor-10b speakers.It is clean, clear and crisp. I would recommend this to anyone that is looking for an amp at around 100wpc with clean sound.

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Created: 03/10/12

good value and performance for mid-power amp

Yes, I would recommend this product to a friend.

Circa 2011 I bought two of these for average $160 each. They represent a good performance/value for that price range. At "only" 100 w/ch 8 ohms and non-bridgeable, they won't satisfy those who crave the bragging rights of the bigger gfa-555. However, these only command about half the price and work fine for reasonably-efficient speakers (88db+) at non-police-visit volumes.

This could be considered a "bright" amp by some, but in my experience that's really more a matter of the speakers used. To my ears, the high end can sometimes be slightly grainy, more so than a newer (mildly more expensive) mosfet-based GFA-5400, but much less so than a (half-price) Onkyo M501 I picked up. Also comparable to the NAD 2400 in sound and power, usually at a slightly lower price.

In summary, the GFA-545 is good enough that it probably won't be the weak link in your system if you're shopping in this price range. It can easily reveal failures of your preamp, source, and speakers. At a price that won't break the bank, and backed by good reputation and quality, if you'd be satisfied with 100 w/ch in the $150-$200 range you should consider this amp.

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Created: 12/11/09

adcom gfa-545 purchase

Everything, right down to the packing, was as great. The unit has a good history - I used to sell Adcom products and knew what to expect...I was not disappointed! I have an ever-changing sound system and I wanted to unify the amplification stage of the system. I had purchased a Crown DC-300A seriesII last year from was more amp than I needed for my system which is actually a mixing console. A Rane mixer, the heart of the system, was an ebay purchase from last year. It mates nicely with the 545. Two days later I purchased a gfa-535 to run another bank of speakers. (The Rane has dual zone outputs. The final purchase will be a Subwoofer, probably a Velodyne & probable from ebay. I am a happy ebayer and am constantly finding great stuff! copyright1951.

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Created: 04/23/11

Just as good as the three GFA 555 that I use in my movie room.

Great amplifier with wonderful warm sound. I use the 545 on a two channel system on the middle level of my home.

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Created: 03/07/11

Adcom amp

Adcom are the best regusrdless of the price. Nelson Pass had it right and simple, Sound is true clean, Heavy as a cannon shot to light as a feather. Adcom is always my favorite amp.

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Created: 01/20/11

adcom gfa 545 power amplifier

It saddens me so to see the dwindling of audio SEPERATES. In a world of AMAZING SOUND,why do so many people use a receiver? I realize SPACE is many times the CULPRIT. But let me ask this,if a DEDICATED COMPONENT that weighs nearly as much as a receiver and at times weighs ALOT more.You have no idea what you are missing! There is a saying,THERE IS NO REPLACEMENT FOR DISPLACEMENT! Do you know what it is like to look at a rack of 5,6,7,or evan 8 amps. IT'S AMAZING! Less stress on your speakers,subs etc. And now with blu ray and UNCOMPRESSED sound,the sky truly is the limit.Do yourself a HUGE favor,try a seperate amp,compare it to your.....receiver's power. If you truly are HONEST with yourself,you will NEVER go back to power from a receiver. EVER AGAIN!

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Created: 03/23/10

very great amp!

its a great amp for my needs. plays well and is a great value. wish i had one for eash pair of speakers i own

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Created: 05/01/14

Awesome Amp

Yes, I would recommend this product to a friend.

Accurate, warm & articulate across the entire frequency range. This amplifier will bring out the best in good recordings but will also reveal the flaws in bad ones. Plenty of reserve power to handle the steepest transients. Overall very satisfied.

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Created: 04/13/10

the Adcom GFA-545 Amplifier

this has been a great amp, this things starts up authoritatively you know you've got power to drive your speakers. I'll be upgrading my speakers soon and its nice to know i've got the power to drive them easily.Very satisfied with this purchase.

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