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3 Godfathers (DVD, Canadian)
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Created: 05/06/06


This 1948 John Wayne classic directed by John Ford has never before been on DVD, is rarely seen, and yet stands out as one of Duke's very best films.

Harry Carey, Jr. and Pedro Armendáriz join Duke as outlaws who find a mother and baby stranded in the desert. After the mother (Mildred Natwick) dies, the three decide they must get the baby to safety, and set out on a long journey through the hot desert that will prove to be the most difficult undertaking of their lives.

One of the most humorous and touching scenes shows the three oiling the baby's skin with wheel grease to protect it from the boiling sun. John Ford's brilliance as a director has never been more evident.

This film is a western with a strong Christmas theme of redemption, making it particularly unique and profound. An impressive cast includes John Ford regulars Ward Bond, Hank Worden, Francis Ford and Ben Johnson. For fans of classic westerns and of John Wayne and John Ford, this is an absolute must for the collection. It is a favorite at Movie Magic USA! We consider it to be one of the finest films ever made.

Steven Holt
Movie Magic USA

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Created: 11/15/10

3 Godfathers

I bought this movie as a gift for three teenage John Wayne fans. These boys own many other John Wayne movies. I know they will love adding this classic favorite to their collection, especially as it has a screen dedication to the memory of Harry Carey, "bright star of the Western sky". Harry Carey's acting was the inspiration for John Wayne's well-known mannerisms and expressions. This movie, as many other John Wayne westerns, has elements of fast action, self-sacrifice, and ultimately, self-redemption.

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Created: 08/03/10

3 men and a baby...John Ford style!

One of my favorite John Wayne movies. I longed to get this movie. The DVD quality of this movie is EXCELLENT and with Wayne and John could not ask for anything better. You see Harry Carey Jr. in his first movie roll,taking over for his father who past away that year. You see the stock players that have appeared in almost every John Wayne and John Ford movie (they we're all a little young in this one)Great movie! John Ford had a great way of showing how the West was! I was very happy to add this movie to my collection.

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Created: 01/03/08

John Wayne western movie Chistmas classic

A great little known Chistmas classic most people are not even aware of. The story shows the example and importance of self sacrifice to help others and that sometimes people can change for the better. Filled with humor, action and drama. A must see for any John Wayne fan.

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Created: 12/30/09

This movie was great,great color added in later years!

I first saw this movie and it was in black and white. this had been revamped in color. When the three men carried this baby through the dessert,you walked every step with them!!! This is a great and old John Wayne movie.

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Created: 06/04/11

Another great John Wayne classic that is very hard to find.

Yes, I would recommend this product to a friend.

Another John Wayne classic, yet he is the outlaw that you learn to love during the end of the movie.

This movie is about three outlaws who are on the run from the local townspeople, when the trio happen upon a pregnant woman who gives birth shortly before dying, thus the 3 Godfathers.

It is a sad fate for the trio while they do everything possible to protect the baby.

Ward Bond does an excellent performance as Curly.

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Created: 03/07/11

3 Godfathers

Another great action packed John Wayne movie to add to my collection.It brought back a lot of memories from my childhood of watching Wayne with my dad. This was one of his favorites as is mine. Please get this movie. I know you will like it.

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Created: 04/13/09

Great Movie

I love all John Wayne movies and this one is no exception. It's a high quality dvd and a prize addition to my growing John Wayne collection!

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Created: 10/08/12

Better than the "B"s - A good John Wayne Western !

Yes, I would recommend this product to a friend.

So, why did I buy 3 Godfathers? Duh, it's John Wayne.....A John Wayne movie I had not seen. This is classic John Wayne, although totally not really. Wayne plays one of three bank robbers that happens upon a baby which they commit to care for till it can be turned over to ....... Although Wayne does not have the Hondo / Mclintock swagger, it is definitely John Wayne. Not one of the older "B" movies that come 20 on a CD, but a good script, action and suspense, and John Wayne. If you are John Wayne fan and can get it under $10, I'd grab it. You will have to be a John Wayne fan to appreciate it, if you are you will.

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Created: 02/16/10

3 Godfathers (DVD,2006)

I first saw this excellent John Wayne (1948)movie this past X-mas and had to have it! The DVD copy I received was excellent. The Technicolor reproduction is beautiful and exceptionally clear. The packaging was well done and fits nicely with my other collectable DVD's. The movie was never an Oscar winner, but definite must have for any Duke fan. The time and care the company took to reproduce this movie onto DVD is pure excellence.

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