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24 - Season 5 (DVD, 2009, 7-Disc Set)
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Created: 01/18/07


Review For: 24 - Season 5 (DVD, 2009, 7-Disc Set)

Created by Joel Surnow (LA FEMME NIKITA, MIAMI VICE) and Robert Cochran (LA FEMME NIKITA, THE COMMISH), 24 assumes its familiar format of real-time action, unfolding over the course of a 24-hour period. This season, Jack Bauer (Kiefer Sutherland) has...

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Created: 10/16/06

Heart-stopping! Breath-taking! Suspense to the MAX!

Review For: 24 - Season 5 (DVD, 2009, 7-Disc Set)

If you like to live on the edge, or feel as though you do, watch 24! This series will have you white-knuckled and on the edge of your seat waiting to see what happens next!
The concept behind 24 is different from anything else on television, it is played out in real time. Each minute you are watching represents one minute in the show, no elapsed hours or days. The writers and producers have found a way to turn each moment into a epic climax that will leave you breathless! Each show represents one hour in the life of CTU (Counter Terrorism Unit) agent Jack Bauer, and each season is comprised of 24 episodes representing one day in Jack's life, hence the title, 24.
Season Five does what viewers and fans of the series thought impossible; it keeps getting better! In today's hostile terroristic climate, Jack is exactly the kind of hero we need to believe in. If you are new to 24, you must get all five seasons on DVD and watch them in order to fully appreciate the character development and intricate plots as they unfold. Waiting from one week to the next to see what happens is ludicrous! Watch it on DVD and the thrills and action are literally non-stop.
Recommended for all genders. This is not your typical 'guy movie' with nothing but street crashes and things being blown up all over the place (although there is plenty of that!), 24 is takes the time to carefully develop characters, relationships, conflicts, even aspirations all the while battling the 'bad guys'. The totally unpredictable and always exciting nature of 24 set in a totally believable and current background of worldwide terrorist behavior makes it what I belileve to be this century's finest entertainment, as well as our finest hero epic!

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Created: 02/06/07

24 - Season 5 Review (Great just like all 24 Seasons)

Review For: 24 - Season 5 (DVD, 2009, 7-Disc Set)

Posted by CK-Auctions

I love the Netfliks & Blockbuster Rental services so I've seen my fair
share of movies out there and it's not something I'm fond of admitting, but I've never caught a single episode of Joel Surnow and Robert Cochran's 24 on TV. Not one. In fact, if it weren't for the constant "Fox News" plugs during every other episode, I probably wouldn't even know what channel it aired on. Thanks to the convenience of DVD, I was converted to a fan of the nail-biting series a few short years ago, and I haven't looked back since. 24 is simply one of the most addicting shows you'll find on network TV (or digital cable, for that matter), combining an irresistible real-time premise with layered characters, emotional drama, potent action sequences and never-ending cliffhangers. Simply put, every episode feels like a season finale. Having first been intrigued with 24 after reading the kinetic Season 1 DVD it didn't take long for yours truly to make a purchase. It did, however, take a few months for me to eventually watch it; having been forewarned of the show's addicting formula, I planned to delay the marathon until my schedule cleared up a bit. After an unexpected week-long break arose during the holiday season, I devoured the first boxed set in roughly five days. Since then, I've looked forward to the annual 24 DVD block each and every year---and though I could easily catch it on TV, something tells me I couldn't handle the constant wait every week. Season 5 works so well because the threats are more formidable and varied than ever, even though a few are slightly borrowed from earlier seasons. This time around, terrorists have acquired a collection of Sentox nerve gas, though how they were acquired remains a mystery for some time. Strategically placed in and around the Los Angeles area, these canisters of gas pose a threat to CTU and the general public many different times throughout the day. The returning President Charles Logan (Gregory Itzen) proves to be an interesting leader in his own right, appearing cowardly, sympathetic, vengeful, optimistic and unpredictable as the tragic events unfold.

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Posted by CK-Auctions

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Created: 11/07/06

A list of the dvd extra

Review For: 24 - Season 5 (DVD, 2009, 7-Disc Set)

Most of you already know how much you like "24." I won't try to impose my opinion on you.

But you might not know exactly what extras the set includes. Fox usually does a great job with its 24 season DVD sets, and this one is no exception: it is well-packed with extras that most fans will enjoy.

Here's a list:

* season 6 trailer

* season 6 prequel (probably like the mini-episodes on the season 4 and season 5 DVD sets, which give us glimpses of Jack Bauer's life between the end of last season and the beginning of the next one)

* short featurette on the supporting players of "24"

* short featurette called "unsung heroes: 24 camera department"

* music by Sean Callery

* short featurette on President Logan's L.A. retreat

* extra DVD-ROM features

* "100th episode reel" (I'm not sure what this is)

* an excerpt from the book "24: behind the scenes"

* 23 extended or deleted scenes that you can watch with or without a commentary track

Also, a lot of the episodes have an optional audio track with commentary from the actors or crew members. Here is a list of the commentaries:

* Kiefer and Jon Cassar (director): 7-8am

* Jon Cassar and Howard Gordon (writer): 7-8am

* Jon Cassar and Howard Gordon: 10-11am

* David Fury (producer) and John Allen Nelson (Walt Cummings): 12-1pm

* Evan Katz (writer/producer) and Brad Turner (director): 2-3pm

* Tim Iacofano (producer) and Julian Sands (Bierko): 3-4pm

* Jean Smart (Mrs. Logan) and Gregory Itzin (President Logan): 4-5pm

* Matt Michnovetz (crew), Duppy Demetrius (crew), and Nicole Ranadive (writer): 5-6pm

* Jon Cassar and Joseph Hodges (production designer): 9-10pm

* Howard Gordon and Mary Lynn Rajskub (Chloe): 12-1am

* Manny Coto (writer) and Jude Ciccollela (Mike Novick): 3-4am

* Bob Cochran and Greg Itzin: 6-7am

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Created: 07/05/07

On a scale of 1 to 5, this rates a solid 24!

Review For: 24 - Season 5 (DVD, 2009, 7-Disc Set)

In my humble opinion, 24 ranks as the best television show of all time. The real-time action of 24 is a first for television (according to my limited knowledge anyway). It's intriguing how the writers mesh all the plots and sub-plots together. The camerawork thrusts the viewer into the action.

And there's LOTS of action! If you're not hooked on the heroin that is 24, then don't watch the series. You'll find yourself viewing the videos non-stop from season 1 through season 5. Then you'll look around for a bootleg copy of season 6! It takes about 17 hours to watch a season (or a day - 24 hours, get it?) because the commercial interruptions rob us of about 20 minutes per episode. (The FTC should outlaw commercials during 24, so we'd get our full fix of 60 minutes each episode!)

Enough meandering. Season 5 is stellar. The sniveling, insecure, indecisive President Logan demonstrates the depth (or trough) of his character this day. (The actor really does a great job of acting this role.) We're introduced to several new cast members, and, of course, we lose a few along the way. Some minor players shine this season/day. We meet the former CTU agent who originally hired (and ostensibly trained) Jack Bauer. Does he help or hinder during this season/day? That's for you to decide.

This is as solid a season as any. The fact that the cast and crew are cranking out work this solid five years into the show's run is a testament to their professional, camaraderie, and devotion to the show. It shows. Buy Season 5 and enjoy it at your own favorite pace.

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Created: 04/01/07

24 - Season 5 (2006, DVD)

Review For: 24 - Season 5 (DVD, 2009, 7-Disc Set)

I only watched a few episodes of the 24 series during the 5 seasons it was aired. My brother-in-law had season 5 and we watched it together over a weekend visit and I became addicted. I then ordered ALL seasons from 1 through 5 on ebay and have had no life since because my wife and I can't stop watching.

This is an action filled, suspenseful drama that keeps you spellbound from start to finish. We have stayed up late at night when we should be sleeping, getting ready for work because we want to know what happens next.

This is the way to watch TV series - We're glad we didn't watch the seasons because now we can view the entire show when we want with no commercials. The problem is that it is so good we don't want to stop until we've seen it all.

We're not contemplating which other TV series to purchase.. Desperate Housewives, Sopranos, House, The Shield, many other great shows to choose from. We just have to be careful to control our new addiction.

Highly recommended for people who may have the willpower to break away and only watch the series at their liesure.

To recap, I bought it because I loved the series. It is somewhat violent and action filled and causes you to pay attention because you don't want to miss a thing. You will acquire favorite actors but don't get too fond of them because they don't seem to stick around too long. This is good and bad. You can never tell who the bad guys are.

What I dislike about this is only one thing - It's too dang addicting and hard to stop watching once you start!!


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Created: 02/08/10

Jack is back to save the country and his friends.

Review For: 24 - Season 5 (DVD, 2009, 7-Disc Set)

Season/Day 5 of 24 a wonderful follow up to season 4. The drama, writing and acting are top notched. You will be on the edge of your seat through these 24 hours as Jack tries to keep the world safe from terrorists after being drawn out of hiding when friends of his are targets for attack.

The bonus features, in my opinion, were not as good as in previous seasons - but the feature covering the music of 24 is awesome! I was very impressed in how they show you the same scene with 2 different music tracks and how music really helps tell the story. In the same scene with 2 different must tr4acks you will have a completely different take on the scene - just by the music.

This DVD is great and a must have and a must watch before season 6!

Note: I gave it 4 out of 5 as the shows are awesome but the bonus material was not as good as previous seasons.

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Created: 02/08/07

Don't Get Started Unless You Have 24 Hours To Spare

Review For: 24 - Season 5 (DVD, 2009, 7-Disc Set)

24 is a series played out in real time. That means 24 episode, one hour each, covering one day in the life of federal agent Jack Bauer. I'm warning you now to not begin the series unless you are planning on finishing it in less than a week. Watching 24 is like chain smoking, you can't turn the current episode off without starting up the next. I went to Hollywood video to return the disc I had just finished. I was standing in line to get the next disc when a couple got in line behind me with the same disc. We were talking about how we couldn't sleep at night because we were watching 24 when another customer walked in, dropped of his copy of 24 and headed straight back to the "24 section" for his next hit. I asked the clerk if anyone ever dropped off a disc without picking up the next one. She just laughed, shook her head, and said no. Anyways, the series is full of action, drama, and romance. The casting and acting is terrific. Every episode and every season outperforms the next. Buckle yourself into your sofa because you're going to be there for a while.

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Created: 08/08/10

24 - Season 5 - 7 disc set

Review For: 24 - Season 5 (DVD, 2009, 7-Disc Set)

I love this series and it was great to be able to purchase it from eBay. I have followed the series for a while but didn't get a chance to watch all of the episodes so this made it perfect. The concept of the series is different from any other series I have ever watched and I enjoy it very much. Kiefer Sutherland makes an excellent agent and is very effective in his roll. I would recommend this to anyone who appreciates "special agents" type of shows with suspense and action, and even add a personal touch into the mix. As far as I am concerned this is one of the better shows that they put on TV and I enjoy it very much and feel that anyone who watches it will be hooked on it like I am and can't wait for the next episode!!!

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Created: 08/19/09

24 I My Favorite Show Kiefer Sutherland Is #1

Review For: 24 - Season 5 (DVD, 2009, 7-Disc Set)

I have watch 24 from the start season 1 to season 7. Kiefer Sutherland is one of my favorite starts. I have heard a lot of controversy about 24’s show and I have heard that a lot of churches do not agree with the director for making this show. I consider my self a faithful fan so I feel I need to defend this show. This show is showing the world what we could go through one day and me myself I would rather know a head of time. This 24 is no different from them showing us the terrorist’s things they show on the news. What it is okay as long as it on the news. 24 basically tells me that there is a possibility that there is some kind of unit like CTU that does protect the United States and if they don’t then maybe they should create something like 24 you know CTU then maybe 911 never would have happened. 24 is just fiction I understand that but for some people after what this world has gone through we need something to believe in and if it is 24 then so be it.

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