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Video Production & Editing

Much like preparing an elegant five-course dinner, creating a flawless video involves a lot of work behind the scenes, and using the right video production gear can make all the difference in the quality of the “final cut.” Whether you’re an amateur or professional videographer or fall somewhere in between, eBay’s selection of online video editing software carries the video production and editing equipment you need to create polished, professional-grade videos you’ll be proud to share.

Video Cameras and Supporting Equipment

Find everything you need for video production online at eBay. Beginning with the basics, an HD video camera capable of shooting seamless, high-resolution footage is essential. Expressed as pixels (p) and frames per second (fps), the higher the resolution of your camera, the clearer and sharper your video images.

Buy Video Editing Software to Work in Real Time

LCD video monitor software allows you to do real-time video editing while filming by eliminating unwanted footage before you transfer the video to your computer, saving you a step and keeping valuable storage space on your computer available. eBay carries an extensive selection of LCD video monitors by trusted brands like Marshall and Sony. You’re sure to find the video monitor best suited to your needs. Browse our collection of video editing software online to find the video mixer and video editing equipment you need.

Audio Equipment to Complete the Picture

Sound quality is often the unsung hero of video production. Shop eBay’s new, used and refurbished audio equipment from top brands, including Samson, JVC and Sennheiser. When browsing for audio equipment, look for features like noise filters, volume control and the number of sound tracks offered. Comparison search settings make it easy to browse our selection of equipment for audio and video editing online.

Online Video Editing and Post-Production Equipment

The real work of creating a high-quality video begins with post-production editing. Here is where you pull your visual and audio together and edit your video to create your story. You may also need HDMI switchers if you are using a lot of equipment at once. When searching for audio-visual (AV) mixers and switchers, keep the complexity of your video project in mind. Shop for basic models or those with more advanced features from brands like Extron and Roland.

Similarly, assess your needs when selecting video editing software. For instance, if you filmed your video on an analog camera, you’ll want to look for a digital video recorder that converts analog film to a digital format so you can post it online in HTML5 video format. Refine your search for video editors by your brand preferences, such as Sony or AJA, or browse by capability such as storyboard to timeline switching. When shopping for a video player, browse by format such as 8mm or DV from brands like Blackmagic Design and Sony.