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Small Animal Supplies

Treat Your Furry Friends to Nutritious Food

When it comes to small animal care, every pet’s needs are different—so it helps to have a wide selection to choose from. Browse our small animal shop for food from brands like Katee and Vitakraft that’s tailored specifically to your pet in order to ensure proper nutrition. Some animals require specific vitamins in their daily diet. For instance, guinea pigs cannot survive without vitamin C, and chinchillas have sensitive digestive tracts that can’t handle excessive amounts of fat. If your pet goes through food fast, search our wholesale small pet supplies to stock up on your rabbit or guinea pig’s favorite treats.

Shop Pet Supplies for Engaging Toys

Like humans, small animals need socialization, physical activity and fun, so spark their curiosity and get them moving. Shop eBay’s selection of small pet supplies online to find the perfect toy. Try an exercise ball from SuperPet or a hamster wheel from Ware Manufacturing. For the slinky, inquisitive ferret, tunnel toys and ball pits from Marshall Ferrets provide plenty of entertainment.

Find Ferret Cages, Rabbit Hutches and More

Our small animal store makes it easy to find a cage, hutch or enclosure that has adequate space for your small animal to stand up, move around and burrow. A dome-top enclosure from Living World works well for guinea pig cages or hamster cages, while Prevue has multi-level rabbit cages and chicken coops with room to climb and play. Soft, clean bedding material is also vital to your small animal’s happiness and health. Be sure to research your pet’s specific needs and choose a material that is not harmful to your pet. eBay’s online pet shop has plenty of different options to offer, including paper, pine and cedar bedding.

Small Animal Travel Made Easy

Whether you’re taking them to the vet or to a new home, selecting an appropriate small animal carrier or crate is crucial. Look for high-quality materials and plenty of mesh to allow for airflow. If you’re taking your pet on a plane, be sure the carrier you choose is airline-approved. You can shop other small animal supplies online at eBay to make sure your furry friend is comfortable and happy during the trip.