Sliding the right cap on your head or tugging on the perfect scarf takes your ensemble to another level. Sellers on eBay offer a large selection of men's accessories so that you can find the baseball cap, belt, tie, and wallet that you need for your collection.


Give your outfit a chic punch of personality with a scarf that provides both style and warmth. Discover scarves made from materials like cashmere, lambswool, silk, or cotton in a variety of styles. When it's time to dress up, complete your most elegant looks with ties and bowties in floral, geometric, plaid, and paisley patterns, or choose solid color designs for classic flair.

Adorn your wrists with trendy wristbands that blend seamlessly with any ensemble, day or night. Browse a selection of cotton, metal, leather, and faux leather wristbands, including watches, bracelets, and wrap-around bangles.


Belts give any pair of pants extra character, whether they are made from sleek leather or soft suede. Find the perfect belts for your collection of men's fashion accessories from brands like Burberry, Ariat, Gucci, and Kenneth Cole. Keep your cards and money close with a modish men's wallet, or grab a money clip in brass, stainless steel, silver, or faux leather to keep your cash safe and sound.

What are the key accessories every man should have?

Watches, wallets, hats, fashion sunglasses, and belts are must-have men's accessories. Handkerchiefs and cufflinks are also necessary for regal wardrobes, while necklaces and bracelets are perfect for men who want to make a statement. Almost every man needs a tie on occasion, and scarves add the perfect hint of style in cold weather.

Which hat styles are right for different face types?

Men with round faces should opt for hats with medium crowns and a slight taper, such as a fedora, to elongate the face. Those with square faces should choose hats with wide brims and round crowns, such as a bowler, to balance the square lines of the jaw. Men who have long faces should wear hats with short crowns and wider hat bands, such as a derby, to shorten the face. If the face is wide at the top and narrow at the bottom, a man should opt for a hat with a medium brim and a short crown, such as a homburg, to create a more balanced look.

What are some popular men's bag styles?

Briefcases, backpacks, totes, and messenger bags are among the most popular styles for men. The tote is a great multi-purpose bag that easily transitions from casual business meetings to family trips, while the briefcase is great for the organized professional. Messenger bags are versatile and comfortable, thanks to over-the-shoulder straps, and suitable for both work and play. Backpacks are the perfect choice for traveling and weekend adventures.