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Labor Day Sale

What should you look for in a patio umbrella?

Shoppers can find great values on patio umbrellas at a Labor Day sale, and size should be the first consideration. An umbrella should complement the size of the table it shades to provide a balanced aesthetic. Durability plays another important role. A sturdy frame and waterproof fabric that resists UV rays, fading, mildew, and rips offer long-lasting use. Finally, shoppers should choose fabric colors and prints that match the existing backyard decor.

What are some advantages of a reel mower compared to a gas mower?

Reel mowers are generally much less expensive than gas mowers. Reel mowers do not contribute to pollution levels, and they do not emit unpleasant gas fumes. Because the parts are smaller than gas mowers and many have folding handles, they store easily or hang in the garage. Reel mowers require a little more physical effort on the user's part than a gas mower, which means pushing one is good exercise.

What are some good colors and prints for summer bedding?

Create a vintage style with patchwork quilts or chenille bedspreads in light pastel colors, and pair with rickrack trimmed sheets and complementary bed skirts. Bright stripes decorate a beach-inspired space, and traditional gingham or calico work well for a summertime country theme. Crisp white sheets and bold floral-printed bedspreads lend a warm-weather island atmosphere to any bedroom.