Knives, Swords & Blades

Knives, Swords and Blades

Carve Out Time to Browse Knives for Sale

As any knife collector knows, all knives are not created equal. Some knives, including some of those that are collectible—some , for example--serve practical purposes, as do Swiss Army pocket knives. Other blades, such as Japanese swords and movie and video game weapons, are more specifically collectors’ items, ideal to buy, sell and display. No matter what your reason to buy knives, eBay has all kinds for sale. In addition to purchasing knives online at eBay, you will find accessories such as knife, sword, and blade sharpeners, cases as well as displays and plaques.

What Are Fantasy Weapons?

Not all blades for sale are sharp. Fantasy swords, knives and blades feature varying degrees of realism. eBay has all kinds of fantasy knives and swords for sale, including realistic props such as medieval armor and Spartan helmets. Some are simple and flexible, made from plastic or foam. Other fantasy knives, spears and swords online are more realistic, made from high-quality stainless steel with real wood and leather accents.

Use Safety Precautions When You Buy Blades

Anytime you buy knives online, you are purchasing a sharp object that you need to handle with care. Whether you are buying collectible vintage fixed blade knives, daggers, swords, spears or hatchets, proceed with caution and keep all weapons out of the hands of children.

If you want to buy swords online, eBay has a huge selection. You’ll also find axes, hatchets, daggers, spears, as well as Benchmade knives and sheaths. And if your collection requires armor and shields, you’ll find those as well.