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Kids and Teens at Home

Get Playful with Kids Home Decor

In a word, kids’ and teens’ rooms are fun. They are the areas of the house where you can bend the rules a little bit, use some color and work together to create their dream space. With that being said, you still want your kids’ or teens’ decor to reflect your taste and fit with the overall flow of your home.

Creative Kids Room Decor

A good place to start when decorating a kid’s bedroom or playroom is with a focal point or color. You may want to begin with a kid’s bedding set, loft bed, bunk bed or vibrant rug that has the colors and design you love. We have all your favorite brands like Pottery Barn Kids and Land of Nod. If you are decorating a girl’s room, you might choose a kid’s comforter set that has bright peonies or a pale pink princess design. Once you choose the central colors and prints to set the tone, you can select additional items for the room, including kids’ sheets, curtainsand kids’ bedroom furniture to complement your kid’s bedroom decor. For a playroom, decide whether you want white or wood shelves or table and chairs, if you’ll need a toy box, and what color you would like to paint the walls to highlight the accents you have chosen.

Trends in Teens Rooms

As you decorate, keep in mind the trends in kids’ home décor. Gone are the days when everything had to match. As long as you find ways to tie them together, you can have fun with different colors, textures and patterns as you create your kid or teen decor.

Shop Kid and Teen Room Decor Online

If you want, you can drag your kid from store to store in search of the right kid or teen bedroom decor. Or you can sit down in the comfort of your own living room and shop on your computer screen. eBay has a wide selection of kids’ furniture, teen bedding, dorm decor and school supplies like Trapper Keepers for your college-age teen—all at the best prices. You will also find lots of accessories to complement your kid room decor on eBay, including wall decals, cute bath towels, water bottles and whimsical night lights. Have fun shopping for kids’ home decor today!