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How do you give your home Victorian style?

To bring a Victorian look into your home or garden, start with wooden furniture embellished with decorative carvings. In the bedroom, create a ceiling canopy from plush fabric above the bed, and drape it along the sides of the headboard. Throughout the house, choose light-colored wallpaper in delicate floral prints and heavy window drapes to match. Accessorize with a richly upholstered chaise, ottomans, or benches. Add feminine charm with a chandelier, gilded mirrors, and lacy throw pillows.

What is the difference between a coffee maker and an espresso machine?

When brewing with a coffee maker, you typically put ground beans in a filter and place it in the machine. The appliance brews coffee by passing heated water through the grounds. Espresso machines work by using pressure to force a shot of very hot water through tamped, fine grounds. This method produces a small cup of highly concentrated, strong coffee.

What are the best ways to grow tomatoes?

Many people love plump, juicy tomatoes. Installing wire tomato cages around potted or garden tomato plants allows them to grow and climb without touching the ground. Wrapping clear plastic covering around the cage during the beginning of the season keeps plants warm and thriving. Some gardeners swear by products that hang tomato plants upside down from a porch hook or outdoor beam for easy watering and maintenance.