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What are the main types of fishing reels?

The three main types of fishing reels are spincast, spinning, and baitcast reels. Spincast reels are the best choice for beginners and children because they are easy to use and the least expensive. They sit atop the rod in a closed face and can handle a variety of fish, although they cannot hold large amounts of line, and the drag systems are not as reliable as other reels. Spinning reels are the most popular type and sit below the rod. They are capable of handling a diversity of fish with more accuracy than spincast reels. They can be inexpensive or expensive depending on the quality of the build and are ideal for casting light lures. Baitcasting reels are the most specialized and work better with heavier lures, sitting atop the rod. They are the most difficult reels to cast but can handle fish ranging from small to very large.

How do you select a fly for fly fishing?

To properly select a fly for fly fishing, you first need to determine what the fish are eating in that area. Peer at the water to see which insects are floating on the surface, and use a small net to catch samples. Then, compare the samples to your supplies, and choose a fly that is close in size, shape, and color. If the fish are not responding, then try a general attractor fly. Alternatively, opt for a fly that imitates surface food recently fed on by the fish in that area, such as a fly that mimics popper, beetle, or grasshopper patterns.