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Fish & Aquariums

Find the right fit and style for your fish

A well-kept fish tank or aquarium can add the perfect touch to any room. Whether you browse eBay’s online aquarium stores for a classic round bowl for your goldfish or a large aquarium to house multiple tropical fish, make sure you have adequate space around the tank to ensure that it will not be hard to access for cleaning. Aquariums may need a submersible heater or pH meters to keep its inhabitants comfortable. If you need to stock your tank, you can skip the trip to the pet store and buy fish online.

Deck out your fish tanks

For both aesthetic and health purposes, it’s important to include plants and coral or live rock in your tank, especially in saltwater tanks. They clean out the tank using microbacteria that grows on their surface. If you only have one fish or a freshwater tank, artificial coral gives the same tropical appearance for a less expensive price. Shop our online fish stores for some fish tank decorations to add flair to your tank. Try an aquarium background that mimics the ocean floor, and add driftwood and roots to give your fish some places to hide behind.

Buy aquarium cleaners and chemicals

To ensure the water in your tank stays clean, a canister filter that uses reverse osmosis is your best bet. Most models allow you to mix and match the cleaning chemicals and mechanics to create a filter that best fits the habitat and lifestyle of your fish. A gravel vacuum makes it easy to clean any debris that gathers at the bottom of your tank.

Food and feeders for happy fish
It's best to fully understand a fish’s dietary needs before incorporating it into your aquarium so that you can feed it adequately. eBay’s aquarium shop has fish flakes and freeze-dried worms, as well as brine shrimp, which is the most common type of fish food. If you prefer your fish outdoors, fish pond supplies simplify the care and keeping of koi and other pond fish.