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We put so much stock in our internet connections. When we log onto our tablet, laptop or smart TV, we expect these devices to work immediately and take us where we need to go. Behind the scenes, to ensure a safe, fast, secure internet ride, there are important cables and connectors working overtime. We may not think much about the electrical connectors that take us from our living rooms to destinations like eBay or Disney online, but these cables and connectors are vital to our online lives.

If you rely on the internet, are an internet communications professional, or are helping someone improve their online experience, you may be interested in buying or selling power cables, networking cables and adapters, and other connectors. And if you plan to install cables, you’ll need tools like wire crimpers and cable punch down tools.

What Kind of Electric Cables Do You Need?

Are electronic connectors one size fits all, you may ask? Most computer models use an electrical cable via a USB port. Keep in mind there is more than one kind of USB cable, however. Most newer computers use 2.0 or 3.0 technology, but there are also 1.0 and 3.1 versions. A USB cable can come in different lengths as well.

USB cables are the most common type of electrical connector for computers, but there are other types as well. Other common types of electric cable include HDMI, DVI and DisplayPort cables for monitors. Ethernet cables connect computers to hard-wired routers to receive internet signals. Less common types include FireWire cables and adapters (which are offered by brands such as Apple) and KVM cables.

In cases where ports are not compatible, you can get an adaptor to connect them.

Avoiding USB Overload

You can connect many different devices—printers, external hard drives, external DVD drives, MP3 players, etc.—via USB cords. The fact that the USB cord is such a universal connector is great—it means fewer cables for us to buy and install. However, this also means USB ports can fill up quickly. Installing new USB ports to a laptop or PC can be difficult; a better solution is to connect a powered USB hub to one of the USB ports. Many USB devices can add up to a lot of wires, however, so you may need accessories like cable clips and plastic cable ties to keep the wires under control.

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