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Which book accessories make good gifts?

Clip-on lights let avid readers lose themselves in a good book in the wee hours of the night without disturbing anyone else in the room, making them handy for travelers, campers, and students in dorm rooms. Creative bookends and shelving units show off favorite titles. Journals are thoughtful gifts for readers who also enjoy writing or keeping a diary. Bookmarks make great stocking stuffers or token gifts.

How do you choose the best book light?

The light bulb itself is one of the most important factors to consider. If it's too dim, then it may strain your eyes, but if it's too bright, then it may make you squint or disturb others in the room. The light should be gentle, even, and illuminate the whole page. Design is another important thing to think about.The light should easily clip onto the book and turn on. The light should be adjustable, whether the head simply swivels or bends in any direction. Small,portable lights that do not break easily are the ideal choice for travelers and commuters.

What are the different types of journals?

Journals range from simple spiral notebooks to elegant leather-bound books. Size is important. Writers on the go may prefer smaller, slimmer journals than desk-bound diarists. Journals also come in a variety of different formats, such as daily diaries, which may or may not include printed dates and locking mechanisms. Some journals have lined pages while others are blank. Appointment and schedule books often contain areas to record contact information, as well as pockets or plastic sleeves to hold business cards, pens, and receipts. The cover artwork on a journal can range from a single plain color to elaborate artwork or simple graphic designs.