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Baby Gear

Welcoming a new baby is a joy for parents, but shopping for your tot shouldn't be a source of stress. Thankfully, getting furniture, strollers, activity centers, car seats & more is simple and affordable on eBay.

Baby Safety & HealthCar Safety Seats
Keeping your baby safe is a full-time job, but gates, monitors, child locks, and socket protectors can help. Get everything you need to baby-proof your home and provide peace of mind. New babies immediately require a car seat. Choose a rear-facing car seat with a sturdy base for your infant.
Nursery Decor
Outfit the nursery with essential furniture — think crib, changing table, and glider — and spruce it up with wall decor, lighting, and matching bedding. Hang a mobile or mirror to enchant your little one, and set up a humidifier and white noise maker to create a comforting environment.
StrollersNursery Furniture
When you're ready to venture out with your new addition, it's time to choose a stroller. Whether you prefer a travel system or a jogger, be sure to take a fully stocked diaper bag, clip-on stroller toys, and weather-appropriate gear, such as a sun hat or snow suit.