The Best Of Betty Boop (DVD, 2004)

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This endearing collection pays tribute to a legendary animated sexpot, Betty Boop. Twelve cartoons chronologically track the Boop's early years, from "Betty Boop's Ker-choo" in 1933, to "Betty in Blunderland" in 1934, "Betty Boop And Grampy" in 1935, and wrapping up with "Not Now" in 1936. Though Betty began her illustrious career as a dog in Max Fleischer's "Dizzy Dishes," eventually she developed into a shockingly sexy, flapper-styled showgirl with curly locks and a rosebud mouth. Over the years, Betty responded to changing fashions of the day by adopting a more conservative look. This collection offers a wonderful survey that celebrates the magical allure of Betty and her Boop-oop-a-doop.

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