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The Sony PlayStation 4 console offers its users hours of entertainment. The integrated wireless Internet connectivity and the embedded x86-64 AMD Jaguar processor present the gamers with enhanced experience. Plus, this NTSC-U/C (US/CA) console comes in black and equipped with 500 GB storage capacity.

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Product Identifiers
Product NameSony PlayStation 4
Product LineSony PlayStation

Release Date11/15/2013
Device Input SupportCamera, Wireless Gaming Controller

Power & Battery
Power Source TypesPower Supply - external

Height2.09 in.
Weight6.17 lb
Width10.83 in.
Depth12 in.

Technical Details
Supported MediaBD-ROM, DVD-ROM
Video OutputsHDMI
Internet ConnectivityWireless
Region CodeNTSC-U/C (US/CA)
CPUx86-64 AMD Jaguar

Memory Capacity8 GB

Country RegionNorth America

Hard Drive
Hard Drive Capacity500 GB

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Good graphics


Good value

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    PS4.8 core processor, 500GB Ram, Jaguar Graphic card. Best home console yet

    So I've been a long time gamer. Being that said I'm going to be honest about my review. I have been with Sony Playstation since the beginning, PS1. I own a PS2, PS3, and now the PS4. The new improvements to begin with is the user friendly interface. PS4 offers a much simpler interface compared to PS3 in my personal opinion. I like how quick the machine loads, it's a beast at loading with an 8 Core processor. The Jaguar Graphics card is very good crisp and clear. I suggest running this system on a 1080p resolution HD TV to get the best quality picture. I have purchased two games so far on launch: Killzone Shadow Fall. I highly suggest this game for multiplayer much more of the story which don't last that long only 10 chapters. But there is plenty of extra to do. The graphics are very clear, but honestly for 2013 going on 2014 I was expecting a more powerful Graphics card. With that being said the work on PS4 began in 2008. I am really looking forward to next years titles, I think Playstation is going to deliver on this console big time and personally I think is going to win the console war for this current 8th generation. The price is right $399.99 USD on launch. Offers Blue Ray dvd and regular dvd such as last time. All games are made on Blue Ray discs now, reason being is massive amounts of data to put on the disc, not sure the exact number capacity and each game variates depending on the how long the game is, details such as texture map etc. I have no problem with PS4 such as overheating, plenty of cooling fans, no red ring of death like xbox 360 did. I love the design and the new controller is way more advance, I love the new dualshock 4 controller! It features a built in speaker which interacts with gameplay, better rumble features built into the controller. The most unique feature about the controller is the touch pad which is awesome in Killzone with your drone. The most unique feature I found out so far with PS4 is being able to stream live with Twitch.tv a website for gamers to show off their gameplay footage live steraming. The only problem I have encountered is some technical errors when streaming live sometimes on twitch.tv and other errors, which I'm sure in time will be patched being brought to Sony's attention. What makes PS4 different from PS3 is in order to play games online you must pay $49.99 per year for Playstation Plus. I think it kind of sucks they started doing that but all and all might improve, hopefully, our online gaming experience. I love how you can upgrade the Memory easier. A few complaints I have is not being able to play music Cd's and uploading mp3 songs. Now they charge with this music program called "Music Unlimited". I am very pissed off that PS4 isn't backward compatible with PS3 games. That is by far my biggest complaints. Other than that your looking at the most powerful home console of this 8th Generation. I recommend picking up Need for Speed Rivals, Killzone Shadow Fall, and Resogun, which is downloadable on the PS4 network. Downloading games is much faster and simpler as well! A must own for this 2013 Christmas! Enjoy your PS4, I know I will!Read full review

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    ps4 very expensive in Brazil

    Ps4 is the most anticipated game I'm a fan of sony wouldn't trade for another brand and honestly my wife is already angry with the idea of me buying the ps4. .. coming home from work and going to play is going to be the good part of the day ....Unfortunately here in Brazil the values are absurdly exaggerated the country's wonderful but the rulers are all corrupt ...The value that the ps4 will come to Brazil, it would be like if ai in the United States cost $ 1200.00 ps4.<br>This is absurd.<br>...............<br>...........<br>..........<br>Ps4 é o game mais esperado eu sou fã da sony não trocaria por outra marca e sinceramente minha mulher já está brava com a ideia de eu comprar o ps4 ....chegar do trabalho e correr pra jogar vai ser a parte boa do dia ....Infelizmente aqui no brasil os valores são absurdamente exagerado o pais é maravilhoso mas os governantes são todos corruptos .....Pelo valor que o ps4 virá para o brasil ,seria como se ai no Estados Unidos o ps4 custasse $ 1200.00 ...<br>Isso é um absurdo .Read full review

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    Awesome System

    The best video gaming device ever made!!!

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    Love it

    no issues here great shipping

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    Mainscreen Navigation is different but overall awesome

    Overall i think this is an upgrade from the PS3... The graphics are obviously better, the controllers are better. I don't like the navigation of the main screen at all. Even now after 1.5 months it's just odd. The PS3 menu was way better and easier to find things. The menu, now, has resemblances of Windows 8 and we all know how great windows 8 was... Anyways. Overall i do like the PS4. Madden 16 is great!