Shag Carpet Sunset (DVD, 2004)

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A hipster coming-of-age tale set in the twee Pacific northwest, SHAG CARPET SUNSET is the promising debut feature by Andrew McAllister. Following the slacker tradition of Richard Linklater and Kevin Smith and shot on digital video, McAllister paints a portrait of Tuck, whose days are occupied with puppet operation for public access TV, and whose nights are dedicated to roofing for a medieval-themed construction company. His true calling, however, is in the arts; he longs to joins the creative ranks but can't seem to escape the myriad diversions that comprise his life and lead nowhere. When at last he meet Suz, he feels his place in life has been found, and sets about trying to impress and attract her with his new interest in racecar driving. This is, unfortunately, not a good past time for an alcoholic, as the liquor-loving Tuck comes to find out. The well-trod terrain of Gen-X existence come alive with a thoughtful script, beautiful photography, and masterful editing, and the quirky characters and rather surreal course of events make it a charming experience that is both funny and touching.

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