Secrets of a Very Good Marriage : Lessons from the Sea by Sherry Suib Cohen (1994, Paperback)

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When Sherry Suib Cohen met her attorney/fisherman husband, she was drawn--against her will--into a world of power boats, fishing lines, and dubious baits. Frightened by the challenges of stormy waters and toothy sharks, she nonetheless learned some remarkable lessons about marriage from the exhilaration, boredom, loneliness, risk-taking, survival techniques, and, yes, sexiness she discovered at sea. Cohen's lovely stories ring true for every relationship. Her lessons of intimacy and sensuality include these: See the beauty in what he loves, even if it looks like ground-up fish bait. Spend time together: hearing about catching the shark isn't the same as feeling the shark's breath. The tides are constant, and you'd better be too. Love has only one sure route: unconditional support, even if you're scared, even you have to bluff it. From how to rock the waves of passion to how to make marriage a safe harbor, Cohen's message is perfect for anyone in love--with another person or with the sea.

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AuthorSherry Suib Cohen
Number Of Pages160 pages
Publication Date1994-06-01
PublisherPenguin Publishing Group

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