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    Very good

    The product came as described. It is easy to use, just plug it into your compatible samsung smart tv. Go to settings and then connect to wireless internet.

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    Fantastic product for Samsung Smart TV's

    Works perfectly! Had a little trouble connecting to Netflix but I called them and they resolved it for me on the phone. It is fantastic to finally have the wireless on my Samsung Smart TV and be able to use all of its features. Anyone who complains about this must not have a compatible TV because there is no other reason why it won't work. LOVE IT!

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    It's worth if for a good price but not if you have to pay $80 from samsung

    works as intended. my tv now has wifi and can connect to my samsung bluray player and other apps. it's also good for updating the software on the tv.

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    outstanding product from an outstanding company!

    This wireless adapter is just what I needed and gives me the wife capabilities that my other Samsung TV came with so now I can watch Netflix without the use of my blurry player. Samsung never skips a beat with any of their products. I own at least 6 Samsung products and not one has let me down yet. Especially this one, this product gets two thumbs up.

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    Don't hesitate, the thing works-just buy it! For the price can't go wrong!!

    Love this adapter! This makes that pre-2012 non-wireless TV's work with wifi and not need a wired internet connection. I had the wifi hooked up in the new home and the modem needed to be in the bedroom not where the TV stays. This adapter allowed me to get the wifi signal to the TV and be able to use the Smart TV features again! Very easy setup and once you get the password set it remembers it every time you turn on the TV! I wish my TV would have come with wifi stock, but the adapter solved all problems and is a very nice product! Plus, it beats paying the $100 that samsung wanted for this.

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