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Palm E provides reliable capabilities such as storing and organizing schedules, contacts and important data. This personal digital assistant is compatible with Apple MacOS 9.1 or later;Apple MacOS X 10.1.2 or later;Microsoft Windows 98/ME/2000/XP;Apple MacOS X 10.2.6;Apple MacOS X 10.1.2 - 10.2.6;Apple MacOS X. The Color TFT ( transflective ) display with 320 x 320 resolution ensures comfortable usage and great viewing experience. This Palm device has the following dimensions: 11.5 cm height, 1.2 cm depth, 7.8 cm width. Its weight is 131 g.

Product Identifiers
MPN000101000000<<T9-1>>P80880ML3, 000101000000<<T9-1>>P80880MLS, 000101000000<<T9-1>>P80880US, 000101000000<<T9-1>>P80880USBP1, 000101000000<<T9-1>>P80883US, 100325141304<<T9-1>>229307P, 100601115648<<T9-1>>P80880ML3

Key Features
Product LinePalm Tungsten

Tech Details
Installed Memory8 MB - ROM
Processor TypeTexas Instruments OMAP 310, Texas Instruments OMAP311 126 MHz
Operating System ProvidedPalm OS 5.2.1
Operating System RequiredApple MacOS 9.1 or later, Apple MacOS X, Apple MacOS X 10.1.2 - 10.2.6, Apple MacOS X 10.1.2 or later, Apple MacOS X 10.2.6, Microsoft Windows 98/ME/2000/XP
Input Method5-Way Navigator, 5-way navigation button, Handwrite Recognition, Stylus, touch-screen
Display Colors16-bit (64K colors)
Display Resolution320 x 320
Display TechnologyColor TFT ( transflective ) - 320 x 320
Battery TypeLithium ion, Lithium-Polymer, Proprietary Lithium
Audio Output3.5 mm Stereo jack, Built in Speaker, Speaker(s)
CompatibilityMac, PC
Connectivity Interfaces1 x USB, 1 x USB - 4 pin USB Type B, 1 x headphones - mini-phone stereo 3.5 mm
Expansion SlotsMultiMediaCard (MMC) Slot, SDIO Slot, Secure Digital (SD) Card Slot
Included AccessoriesStylus, USB HotSync cable, protective cover
Software IncludedAdobe Acrobat Reader for Palm OS, DataViz Documents To Go 6.0 Professional Edition, Dialer, Graffiti 2, Handmark Magic Dogs, Handmark MobileDB, Handmark PDA Money, Kinoma Player, Kinoma Producer, Memos, Palm Desktop Software 4.1, Palm Photos, Palm VersaMail 2.6, Phone Dialer, Phone Link, Phone Link Update, Prefs, Quick Tour, RealOne Mobile Player, RealOne Player, Security, Telephony/SMS, World clock, powerOne Personal
Wireless ConnectivityInfrared irDA, IrDA

Dimensions (WxDxH)3.07 in. x 0.47 in. x 4.52 in.

GPS IncludedNone
Supported Audio FormatsMP3
Supported interface languagesEnglish / United States, United States

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    Feature Packed and a Great Value!

    I’ve been using the Tungsten E for several months now, and though I’ve passed it on to a family member in favor of a BlackBerry, I thought it was such a great PDA that it was worth writing a review about. More than anything, it’s the best value out there for a feature-rich PDA, and since there are a lot of these Tungsten's on eBay it won’t be hard to find a good deal.<br><br>The Tungsten E delivers a lot of familiar Palm OS features, and they’re packaged in a great form factor. My favorite feature is the awesome, super-sharp color screen. The backlight is powerful and the color and contrast is excellent, making reading notes, appointments, and even Office documents easy on the eyes. The portion below the screen will be familiar to Palm users – you have the standard application buttons and handwriting area. The navigator is a bit clunky, but works just fine.<br><br>Other features include a digital card slot, infrared, and an audio jack (though I’ve never actually used this feature). There is a nice, weighted stylus made of metal that slides right into a small silo on the right edge.<br><br>There are two complaints I have about the Tungsten E – one is a minor issue and the other is more significant.<br><br>The first one is purely cosmetic. Even though there is flip cover for the screen, there is no protection for the back of the PDA and thus it tends to attract a lot of scratches. I’ve never dropped it, but even normal wear-and-tear (e.g., carrying it in my pocket with keys or loose change) results in surface scratches. If you buy this PDA I would finding a simple cover (there is a huge selection on eBay).<br><br>The second issue is battery life – while it’s not horrible, it’s not great either. For users that are constantly connected and are used to charging devices like your cell phone or Bluetooth headsets, this is no big deal since you just make it part of your daily routine. However, if you happen to be traveling or if you’re going to be disconnected for a while, battery life will definitely be an issue. Since there is no external battery you have to rely on recharging the internal battery. Just something to keep in mind before you make your purchase decision.<br><br>Overall I like the Tungsten E and highly recommend it for anyone looking for a feature rich PDA at a great price.Read full review

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    The Tungsten E - Perfect for Busy Moms!

    After deciding that I wanted a PDA I researched them thoroughly. I knew I wanted a color screen and one big enough so I didn't have to squint. I wanted a glorified calendar and got so much more! I settled for the Tungsten E because it met my needs and fit my budget. I bought my PDA used on Ebay and haven't been dissatisfied at all with it. It is very easy to use and had everything I needed included. The Tungsten E came with programs for Contacts, Calculator, a Calendar, Notes, Word, Excel, and more! I've since added a Weight Watchers program, Avantgo (from MapQuest), and Backgammon. With it's 32MB of storage, it's more than capable of holding all my information without the use of an expansion card!<br><br>It was easy to find screen protectors and extra stylus' for at a reasonable price - they are all over Ebay!<br><br>I found most all of the programs installed were pretty easy to use with the exception of VersaMail - still haven't figured that one out yet!<br><br>I use my PDA a lot. I keep all of my appointments in there and set alarms for them, I have yet to miss one! I write my grocery lists and to-do lists in it too! In addition, I set reminders for sending out B-day cards and playdates. This is a must-have for busy moms! Also, I'm addicted to the stupid Backgammon game I've downloaded! I'm on my PDA at least 45 minutes a day. It will hold a charge all day long and give you plenty of warnings when the battery is getting low. Even if you run out of battery and have to reset, you won't lose your information. I like that I don't have to "save" everything - it saves my info automatically! I charge it every night.<br><br>In addition, it is very easy to sync to my computer, through a USB connection and do so on a weekly basis. It's nice to know that my info is backed up in case anything were to happen to my little PDA.<br><br>I went ahead and got the hard case for it being that I keep it in my purse and didn't want anything to scratch it.<br><br>The only downfall I have come across is the stylus. Although, the screw off end is nice for pressing the "reset" when needed. The writing point broke off when I dropped it. Also, the graffiti II that you use to write letters and numbers takes a little getting used to but you can always pull up the keyboard.<br><br>By not replacing the stylus right away, I have damaged the screen on mine. It still works alright but sometimes needs to be tapped a few times in order to get the command to take. This of course can be avoided by changing the screen protector as soon as it gets worn and also by keeping your stylus in tip-top shape.Read full review

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    Overall, a wonderful product!

    I purchased this item to replace my old Palm m515. As you probably guessed, I have to have a small handheld. In my opinion, if it isn't small enough, you won't bring it with you and actually use the thing. I also have been a fond lover of this form factor (very thin and light with double-stylus holder, etc.<br><br>Well, they finally listened to us complaining of the previous left side "flap holder" and made the flap slide in from the bottom of the palm as apposed to the top!<br><br>The good: This palm has an astounding display! It literally feels as though you have a small computer in your hand as other reviewers have mentioned. Quality all the way here. Large enough to be easily readable, and a brightness level adjustment that gets quite bright! The buttons on the bottom "mostly" have a positive feedback. This palm accepts SD cards and has a headphone jack on the top. Processor is incredible compared to my old m515 and especially the V. Power button is recessed so you can't "accidentally" turn it on as easily as past models.<br><br>Honestly, I must mention that I've tried to purchase quite a few MP3 players out there and they have all had quirky problems. I didn't even expect to use the mp3 capabilities of this PDA but look at that -- it works/sounds better than anything I've purchased for the same cost that was dedicated to MP3s!!!<br><br>The bad/interesting: The buttons mostly have tactile feedback, but that square ring of a button-pad in the center is a bit odd because pushing down requires quite a bit more force than up and does not result in a "click". Hrm...I guess it just sort of happened because of the small size of this unit (4.6 oz folks!!)<br><br>Finally, that bottom connector issue that has quite an argument brewing. This is the only Tungsten lacking a universal connector on the bottom which means you can't use all those old accessories which utilized that port. Lets look at some other aspects here....It uses a standard USB cable which means you're not restricted to palm to purchase additional hotsync cables. Also, it has a small power cord which plugs in the other port on the bottom. This I think is wonderful because I can actually take the power cable/charger and charge it on vacation or wherever I am. No longer do I have to lug around the cradle in my suitcase!<br><br>Finally, the iffy: This palm looks like metal - but alas is made out of plastic. Rest assured it is extremely sturdy plastic - no creaking or anything Handspring-like and the plastic is actually the color you see - that silver color. So we shouldn't have to worry about any coating chipping off and revealing an ugly color underneath.<br><br>So far, I'm extremely pleased with this palm, and though it has these minute setbacks, I still think it is a wonderful unit especially for the price. I was able to keep my small form factor and get a wonderful display and an overall great feature set. Finally, I must mention that this comes with a LOT of software. Documents to go Ver 6 which allows you to read/write word, excel and powerpoint docs, an mp3 player by realone, photo viewer, and the list goes on and on. Add that to their new personal manager programs like Contact and Calendar and you have a winning combination! If you're on the borderline between this and the new T3. Well, I chose it because I'm not all that trusting of the slider mechanism. I like a palm that sits there with the least amount of moving parts/possible failure points. Hopefully this review helps out in your search for the perfect PDA!Read full review

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    Good value, middle of the road PDA

    I've been using this PDA since around the time Palm first came out with it. Battery life is average, and on about the same recharge time as my cell phone. I've run the battery to almost nothing a few times though with no loss of data. When the battery gets low enough, it will give you a warning that the battery is low before turning off again to save battery life and memory.<br><br>The color screen is bright and big, an improvement from the hand-me-down Palm V I was using before this. The brightness of the screen is also adjustable so you can save battery in low lighting vs sunlight.<br><br>It comes with a SD card slot to expand memory and will take up to at least a 1GB card with no trouble. A SD card is required to use the audio player - a striped down version of RealPlayer - which plays good sound with earphones (even over the noise of a bus). There is a tinny sounding small speaker in the device, which doesn't play to loud. You can add songs to the Tungsten via RealPlayer or add it to the music directory of your memory card with a card reader.<br><br>It comes with a flap to protect the screen. I would, however, invest in a case if your as clumsy as I am. I have dropped it a few times, both in the first soft case I got, and then in the Rhino-skin case I got and it still works fine with only a few dents on the edges. The silver plastic case does smudge easily.<br><br>It uses the standard Palm software to sync with the computer, and runs Palm OS5. Along with the regular organizer software standard to Palm PDA's, it also comes with with a striped down version of MS Word and Excel, called Documents to Go. You can save files to the PDA in either a regular format or a memory saving format. These files can be saved to either the PDA internal memory or a memory card.<br><br>Palm did come out with an "E2" model - giving it flash memory not dependant on the battery, wireless connectivity, and a brighter screen. These are slight improvements and something to consider when buying a used E or a newer E2.<br><br>It's a good deal for the price - just under $200 when I bought it. It's still going strong even after about 2 years of use.Read full review

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    Palm Tungsten E.. It will become half your brain.

    You Never Appreciate something untill it's gone.<br>For work and home the palm was awesome!<br><br>My contact's Access database, Word contracts, notes and info, Excel spreadsheets (like equipment and vehicle mileage), ALL were synced with my palm, and available anywhere.<br>Outlook and palm were meant to work together, at the drop of a hat I could find any contact, any vendor, and pull up what I last did with that vendor.<br>The color coded Calendar is almost worth the price on its own.<br><br>OTHER USEFULL FEATURES.<br>Passwords and 'special' imformation was kept in a locked database.<br>Pictures of my child (including a short movie clip)<br>Always had a handy notepad close by.<br>Book Reader (waiting around? read a book!)<br>MP3 player. A MP3 player that will NEVER skip and works great on a motorbike! and can be used with gloves on!<br><br>THE BAD :(<br>the screen is breakable. I dropped it many times, but if it hits the ground in the right way, the screen WILL break. Sitting on it, stepping on it, will also break the screen.<br><br>Battery life. the brighter you have the screen, the faster it kills the batteries. In my world their are USB ports EVERYWHERE so this is not much of an issue for me.. (a car charger is a MUST if you will be traveling with this a lot.)Read full review