Old School (VHS, 2003, Unrated Version)

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In Todd Phillips' OLD SCHOOL, Mitch (Luke Wilson), a thirtysomething businessman, has found himself living a boring, mundane lifestyle. Unfortunately for him, his girlfriend, Heidi (Juliette Lewis), has been getting more adventurous on her own, by throwing wild sex parties while he's away. When Mitch catches her in the act, he moves out and takes up residence in a house close to the local university. This prompts his buddies--the newly married Frank (Will Ferrell) and Beanie (Vince Vaughn), a jaded husband, father, and stereo-store tycoon--to throw Mitch a huge party in honor of his renewed single status. Antics at the party lead to the formation of a makeshift fraternity where age and academics don't matter, and Mitch is the reluctant "godfather." But when the university's scheming dean (Jeremy Piven) catches wind of the new fraternity, he becomes determined to stop their fun. Will the boys overcome the dean's sinister plans? Will Mitch find love again? Will Frank please stop running around naked? And, hey, isn't that the cute girl who plays Jack Bauer's daughter on the TV series 24? These questions--and many more--are answered in the giddily fun and unabashedly immature OLD SCHOOL.

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"...Mr. Ferrell uses his hilarious, anxious zealotry to sell the part..."
New York Times - Elvis Mitchell (02/21/2003)

"...Luke Wilson is affably low-key..."
USA Today - Mike Clark (02/21/2003)

"...Under Reitman's direction, Ferrell lets his freak flag fly and Vaughn unlooses a notably funny, light-on-his-feet lunkheadedness..."
Entertainment Weekly - Lisa Schwarzbaum (02/28/2003)

"...Lively....The reliably funny Farrell's periodic party-monster outbursts amuse..."
Variety - Dennis Harvey (02/17/2003)

"...Wilson has ineffable charm and Ferrell natural comic timing..."
Los Angeles Times - Manohla Dargis (02/21/2003)

"...OLD SCHOOL works best when it combines its belly laughs with a disarming pathos, deriving from its characters' well-sketched sense of confusion over what they want from life..."
Sight and Sound - Andy Richards (07/01/2003)

"...Consistently funny, good hearted..."
Film Comment - Guy Maddin (07/01/2003)

"...Great concept..."
Total Film - Nick Yates (12/01/2003)

"A very likeable role swap comedy, with Wilson, Ferrell and Vaughn forming a winning triumvirate as they fire off tautly crafted gags with plenty of belly laughs."
Ultimate DVD - David Richardson (04/01/2008)

"...What's funny are the myriad bits and gags and show-stoppers....An expertly timed comedy..."
Box Office - Tim Cogshell (05/01/2003)

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