Nikon D60 10.2 MP Digital SLR Camera - Black (Kit w/ 18-55mm Lens)

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Product Information
The compact 10.2-MP D60 delivers breathtaking picture quality and the versatile handling of a D-SLR, yet is incredibly compact, easy and fun to use.Nikon's high-performance, 10.2-megapixel DX-format CCD imaging sensor and exclusive EXPEED image processing concept provide added cropping freedom and the ability to make larger prints.With fast startup and split-second shutter response, the D60 eliminates the frustration of shutter delay, capturing moments that other cameras miss.Capture sports action, precious moments and fleeting expressions at up to 3 frames per second, for as many as 100 consecutive JPEG images.Nikon's Active Dust Reduction System activates automatically, along with Airflow Control technology to reduce the amount of dust that reaches the sensor.Intuitive controls and an onboard HELP Menu System with Assist Images make the D60 truly easy to use, enabling everyone to capture beautiful memories perfectly.Nikon's original digital image processing concept, EXPEED, comprehensively optimizes pictures, shot after shot.Beautifully styled, the D60 makes high-performance digital SLR photography easier and more convenient than ever. You'll be amazed at the power packed into a camera that weighs just over 16 ounces.Playback images are easy to see and function menus are easier to use with a larger and brighter color LCD monitor. The large 2.5-inch LCD monitor enables image preview at up to 19 times magnification and has large type fonts with easy-to-view menus. Auto rotating LCD display provides automatic horizontal and vertical graphic display orientation.The D60's Assist Images help you select the appropriate settings for many camera features by showing an example image typical of that setting, as well as an advanced HELP Menu for the current item selected. The D60's Question Mark icon (?) indicates that help is available for the currently selected item; just press the HELP button beside the LCD monitor to see a context-sensitive HELP page.The D60's 3D Color Matrix Metering II evaluates each scene for brightness, color, contrast, size and position of shadows and highlights, selected focus area and camera-to-subject distance, comparing that information against an onboard database of more than 30,000 actual photographic scenes. The result delivers instantly and precisely determined exposures for each scene, even in challenging lighting conditions.The D60's Optimize Image setting lets photographers adjust color, contrast and sharpening, as well as other image settings, according to the type of scene or output desired. Settings include: Normal, Softer, Vivid, More Vivid, Portrait, Custom and Black and White, each of which are automatically adjusted based on sophisticated Nikon algorithms or user-selected settings for optimum results.Nikon's innovative i-TTL flash control evaluates flash exposure with incredible precision to achieve better automatic flash balance and deliver outstanding results. The built-in Speedlight is always readyto bring beautiful exposuresto darkened conditions, as well as add sparkle for fill flash in outdoor situations for enhanced twilight shots or an added impact to daylight images. In low-light or back-light situations, added illumination from the built-in Speedlight can make the difference between an average snapshot and a dazzling picture.The D60's advanced 3-Area AF system and the refined algorithms inherited from more advanced Nikon digital SLR cameras deliver fast, efficient and precise Autofocus. AF refinements deliver greater precision with fast, more consistent subject acquisition and improved focus tracking for consistently sharper pictures.

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Key Features
Camera TypeDigital SLR
Optical Zoom3.6x
Digital Zoom4x
Sensor Resolution10.2 MP
Screen Size2.5"

Optical Sensor
Sensor Size15.8 x 23.6mm
Sensor TypeCCD

Lens System
Lens TypeZoom lens
Lens For SD18-55mm
Focal Length Range18mm - 55mm
Focus AdjustmentAutofocus & Manual Focus, Automatic, Manual
Lens Filter Size52 mm
Lens System FeaturesVR (Vibration Reduction), Silent Wave Motor (SWM), Aspherical Lens
Auto Focus typeTTL phase detection
Lens Construction8 group(s) / 11 element(s)

Max Shutter Speed1/4000 sec
Min Shutter Speed30 sec
Exposure compensation±5 EV range, in 1/3 EV steps
Exposure RangeEV 0-20 ( ISO 100 )
Exposure Metering3D color matrix II, Center-Weighted, Spot
Exposure ModesAperture-Priority, Automatic, Bulb, Manual, Program, Shutter-Priority, i-TTL Program Flash
Light SensitivityISO 100, ISO 1600, ISO 200, ISO 3200, ISO 400, ISO 800
Light Sensitivity Max3200

Camera Flash
Flash TypePop-up Flash
Red Eye ReductionYes
Camera Flash FeaturesAF Illuminator, Auto Flash, Fill-in Flash, Flash +/- Compensation, Flash Off, Front Sync Flash, Rear Sync Flash, Red-eye Reduction Flash, Slow Sync
Flash ModesAuto Mode, Fill-in Mode, OFF mode, Rear Curtain Sync, Red-eye Reduction, Slow Synchro

Memory / Storage
Supported Flash MemoryMultiMediaCard, SD Card, SD Memory Card, SDHC Card, SDHC Memory Card

Viewfinder TypeOptical
Optical Viewfinder TypeEye-level penta-dach mirror
Viewfinder - Field Coverage95%
Viewfinder Magnification0.8x
Dioptric Correction Range-1.7 to +0.5

Depth2.5 in.
Height3.7 in.
Width5 in.
Weight16.1 Oz.

Display TypeLCD
Display RotationBuilt-in
Screen DetailsLCD display - TFT active matrix - 2.5" - color
Display Size2.5"

Microphone TypeWithout Built-in Microphone

Connector Types1 x USB, 1 x composite video output
Expansion Slot1 x SD Memory Card

System Requirements for PC Connection
Operating System SupportedApple Mac OS X, Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional, Microsoft Windows Vista, Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition, Microsoft Windows XP Professional

Battery Form FactorManufacturer specific

File Format
Digital Video FormatAVI
Still Image FormatDCF 2.0, DPOF, EXIF 2.21, JPEG, NEF (RAW), RAW + JPEG, Raw Image

Other Features
Additional FeaturesBrightness Control, DPOF Support, Date/Time Stamp, Digital Image Rotation, Direct Print, Highlight Point Display, Histogram Display, Image Stabilization, Interchangeable Lenses, Orientation Detection, PictBridge Support, Red-eye Correction, Text Input To Exif Header, USB 2.0, USB 2.0 Compatibility, With Tripod Mount

Shooting ProgramsChildren, Close-up, Landscape, Night portrait, Portrait mode, Sports mode
White BalanceColour Temperature Adjust, Daylight / Sunny (Preset), Flash (Preset), Fluorescent (Preset), Incandescent (Preset), Shade (Preset)
Continuous Shooting Speed3 frames per second

448 ratings
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    Ok, this is a great camera. I'm not going to cover the features of this camera, there are lots of places to learn about it. Let me point out a few things to watch out for.<br><br>*****LOUSY LENS KITS**** The Nikon D60 is a fantastic camera, but lots of sellers will try to getcha by bundling a $650 camera body with one or more really mediocre lens. If you're going to spend that kind of money on a camera, don't get seduced by these horrible lens kits.<br><br>First, decide if you are planning on using a camera bag everywhere you go or not. This is important. Unless you are planning on taking a camera bag with you everywhere, you do NOT want 4 lenses -- 3 of the 4 will just stay home 95 percent of the time. What you will need in this case is ONE REALLY GREAT LENS.<br><br>The most common lenses offered with this camera is an 18-55mm lens either alone or bundled with a 70-300mm lens. Now the 18-55mm a really nice wide angle lens down at 18mm. However, you really get very poor (55mm) telephoto capacity with that lens. If you're looking for a great all purpose lens, 18-55mm is not it.<br><br>Next, you'll see the 70-300mm lens. That's a great telephoto zoom and gives you lots of pretty nice range. But keep in mind that 70mm is NOT wide angle. That means you'll struggle to shoot close-ups of anything. No wide-angle shots of buildings, landscapes, mountains, or even large groups of people at the dinner table. A great second lens, but not a great single all-purpose lens.<br><br>Any lens kit that mixes up 2 or 3 of the above lenses are still leaving you short of ONE GREAT all-purpose lens.<br><br>The best value in an all-purpose lens is the somewhat rarely offered Nikon 18-135mm zoom. 18mm is plenty wide-angle enough for anyone. And 135mm gives you enough zoom lens to shoot the kids soccer game close-up from across the entire field. With 10MP, you can still crop down for a nice close-up and get great high-quality prints. With this lens, you won't need a camera bag for 90% of you who are buying this camera for non-professional work. To get that lens, you'll have to buy the camera body and lens separately.<br><br>For the big spenders, a better choice is Nikon's $700 18-200mm lens. You'll get the single best all-purpose lens Nikon makes/ You'll pay as much for that lens than the camera body itself.<br><br>***BE AWARE*** Many sellers package non-Nikon lenses with this camera. Do yourself a favor and buy a great genuine Nikon Lens.<br><br>Next, a lot of sellers advertise four lenses, but really give you two lenses and then two "over" lenses that give you extra wide-angle or telephoto capacity. Avoid these lens correctors that screw into the end of your lens and give you more or less "magnification". These lenses are uniformly lousy.<br><br>Also, the "bonus" items in these kits, like the tripods and camera cases are cheap, cheap, cheap. Lowepro makes good camera bags. If the camera bag is not a name brand bag, it is the bottom-of-the-line junk. Better to buy these components separately. Same goes with the tripod.<br><br>On the whole, I recommend buying the camera body and lenses separately since neither 18-135mm nor 18-200mm are not currently available as a kit with the D60. Buy your memory cards, straps, cases, tripods, filters and other accessories separately and as you need them. 99 percent of people won't carry around all that stuff anyhow.<br><br>I also recommend "Camera Armor" to protect your SLR against bangs and scratches.<br><br>***PLEASE VOTE for my review if you found it helpful***Read full review

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    Money Well Spent

    Back in 1999 I received a digital camera as a Christmas present. It wasn't even one megapixel, but the digital bug had bitten me hard and I was never going back to film. As technology improved, I upgraded to newer and better cameras over the years, but finally decided it was time to buy the nicest one I could fit into my budget.<br>The Nikon D60 is my first digital SLR and I'm having so much fun learning all the features. It is very user friendly and the manual is well written and easy to understand. I've been using my three cats as test subjects, following them around and testing out the different settings, filters and lenses. The 18-55mm VR lens is a great feature when you're trying to get a shot of a subject that you have to chase around. While shopping I saw some packages that included the VR (vibration reduction) lens and some that just offered the standard one. It is definitely worth your while to go for the VR.<br>As for the quality of the photos, I took a picture of my black cat from a distance of 10 feet on the "normal" quality setting and could see very fine details like all his whiskers, his claws, every little thing that had stuck to his fur (including a small insect), and the reflection of a nearby flower in the corneas of his eyes!<br>I bought my camera as a package deal with all kinds of accessories including a USB SD card reader which makes uploading your photos pleasantly simple. I use iPhoto for viewing and storage, and when I zoomed in all the way on the cat photo, there was absolutely NO pixelation. This was the crispest and clearest digital photo I have ever taken. I do a lot of Photoshop work and have noticed a huge difference in the brilliance of colors, and once again, the 10.2 megapixels allow for beautiful enlargements without the fuzziness that you would get from a lower megapixel camera.<br>To sum it all up, I LOVE this camera! Maybe it's not quite what a serious professional would choose, but as an amateur, it has improved my picture taking a hundred times over and I've only had it for a month.<br>It's a great entry level digital SLR, and you can't go wrong with it.Read full review

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    Nikon D60 - Great For All Levels

    I have purchased a couple of Nikon D60 digital SLR cameras recently, and am truely amazed at how fast the camera can be learned. While I have a background in commercial photography, my wife does not. It took very little to teach her the basic function of this camera, and now when she is on a 'shoot', the final results are great. And, with the advantage of shooting RAW, we can take the best of the best and manipulate easily and precisely before posting to the web or our store.<br><br>Don't let the smaller body or lighter weight fool you. When you have the D60 in your hand, you have a lot of camera. The 10.2 megapixel makes it very usable for internet work and print work alike.<br><br>With a work history that includes Canon, Leica, Pentax, and Nikon, I can most definately state that the D60 is my favorite.Read full review

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    This is a good camera

    Good camera that I will at anytime recommend to a willing buyer. It takes great pictures and I love it.

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    Nikon D60

    This is a great camera!<br>It shoots pictures quickly and the clarity is amazing. It has auto-focus and anti vibration technology. It was a great jump up from out point and shoot digital camera. We have a young child and wanted to capture all of her cute expressions, but couldn't with our other digital camera because it takes to long to take the picture. This camera takes great pictures fast! Just hit the button and it shoots!<br><br>We didn't know much about the digital SLR cameras so I did some research before purchasing this one and found that it is one of the best performing and most user friendly Digital SLR cameras available. You can put it on "Auto" mode and the camera will adjust itself to the environment and determine what settings to use, or you can use/adjust your own settings. I am still learning about many other cool features that the camera has like animation, editing and uploading pictures from the camera to the internet via wi-fi card!<br><br>I am happy with the quality of the camera and the picture is has taken so far!Read full review