Mickey Mouse: Fushigi no Kuni do Daibouken (Nintendo Entertainment System, 1987) - Japanese Version

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Find two classic arcade games in one package with the "Super Mario Bros. and Duck Hunt" release. Two all-time favorite video games provide hours of enjoyment. The "Super Mario Brothers" Nintendo NES video game is classic gameplay at its best. Gamers play as Mario, the Italian plumber who gets lost in the Mushroom Kingdom, and battle against Bowser, the evil Koopa King, to fight to save Princess Toadstool. Mario jumps, bops, and battles through levels and fights the evil king to save the day. "Super Mario Bros. and Duck Hunt" also features "Duck Hunt," a classic arcade shooting game. While there is no story line, this video game has plenty of action. Practice shooting ducks or plates, and improve your score with more difficult shots. Both are classic Nintendo NES video games and feature retro-style graphics, simple gameplay, and well-known characters. "Super Mario Bros. and Duck Hunt" is unrated although the 'Duck Hunt' portion is considered mildly violent.

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GameSuper Mario Bros. / Duck Hunt

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PlatformNintendo NES

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Release Year1985

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