Major League (VHS, 1997)

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When the widow of the owner of the Cleveland Indians realizes that she is stuck with a small stadium in a cold climate, she decides that a move to a Southern, warmer climate is called for. Unfortunately the only way she can unload her stadium is due to low attendance, so she needs to plan for a losing and lackluster season. The team of misfits and losers that she has hired, though, decide that if they really pull through, they may not wind up in last place and not be the losers that the owner thinks that they are. This offbeat baseball comedy, starring Tom Berenger, Charlie Sheen, Corbin Bernsen and Rene Russo, was a surprise 1989 hit.

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"...The cast is attractive..."
USA Today - Matt Roush (04/07/1989)

"...An amiable and amusing hot weather diversion....Ward directs his actors as adroitly as he has written from them....MAJOR LEAGUE has its own ingratiating charm..."
Los Angeles Times - Kevin Thomas (04/07/1989)

"...MAJOR LEAGUE has the wit to make fun of itself now and then....Wonderfully unpretentious..."
New York Times - Caryn James (04/07/1989)

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