Goosebumps Ser.: Goosebumps No. 6, Set : Go Eat Worms!; Ghost Beach; Return of the Mummy; Phantom of the Auditorium Nos. 21-24 by R. L. Stine (1994, Mixed Media)

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Key Details
AuthorR. L. Stine
SeriesGoosebumps Ser.
FormatMixed Media
Publication Date1994-10-10
PublisherScholastic, Incorporated

Additional Details
Series Volume NumberNos. 21-24

Weight16 Oz
Height1.9 In.
Width5.4 In.
Length7.8 In.

Target Audience
GroupJuvenile Audience
Grade FromThird Grade
Grade ToSeventh Grade
Age Range8 - 12

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