Giants : Colossal Trees of Pacific North America by Audrey Grescoe (1997, Hardcover)

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They're all here - redwoods, Douglas fir, Sitka spruce, western red cedar, big-leaf maple, giant sequoia, grand fir, black cottonwood, western hemlock, Garry oak, and many others such as the arbutus and yew that are big in other ways. But author Audrey Grescoe doesn't just describe these monarchs of the forest; she tells their stories in terms of the people who have used, abused, discovered, studied, and protected them past and present. Highlighted by photographer Bob Herger's stunning fullcolor photographs, Giants is a compendium of big-tree lore. The reader will learn about urban forests in Vancouver and Portland, the medicinal qualities of the yew, the wonders of the red alder, forest friends and foes such as wildfire and insects, the mysteries of tree rings, and just where the West Coast's biggest trees can be found.

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AuthorAudrey Grescoe
Number Of Pages176 pages
Publication Date1997-09-01
PublisherRinehart Publishers, Roberts

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Photographed byBob Herger

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