Elizabethan Costumes Paper Dolls by Tom Tierney (1996, Paperback)

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Dazzling collection, spotlighting the stylish clothing worn at court in the late 16th century, includes 2 dolls and 16 lovely costumes, among them fur-trimmed cloaks, velvet gowns and embroidered skirts for the lady and a modified suit of armor, elaborately decorated trunks and tops for the man. Descriptive notes.Mark d'Arbanville has the 'perfect life' a successful writer, he is happily married with a teenage son. But when he falls in love with another woman, Mark's life unravels, exposing regret, estrangement and heartache. Yet as his marriage falls apart Mark still can't let go. Nor can his lover, Anna, who won't leave her husband. When Mark finally does make the break, the effect is catastrophic - his wife commits suicide. The circuit breaker comes when Mark finds his dead wife's journals, and ...
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