Boston Studies in the Philosophy and History of Science: Galileo's Logic of Discovery and Proof : The Background, Content, and Use of His Appropriated Treatises on Aristotle's Posterior Analytics Set by William A. Wallace (1992, Book, Other)

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Hard as it is to believe, what is possibly Galileo's most important Latin manuscript was not transcribed for the National Edition of his works and so has remained hidden from scholars for centuries. In this volume William A. Wallace translates the logical treatises contained in that manuscript and makes them intelligible to the modern reader. He prefaces his translation with a lengthy introduction describing the contents of the manuscript, the sources from which it derives, its dating, and ...The problem of Galileo's logical methodology has long interested scholars. In this volume William A. Wallace offers a solution that is completely unexpected, yet backed by convincing documentary evidence. His analysis starts with an early notebook Galileo wrote at Pisa, appropriating a Jesuit professor's exposition of the Posterior Analystics of Aristotle, and ends with one of the last letters Galileo wrote, stating that in logic he has been a Peripatetic all his life. Wallace's detective ...This two volume set includes Galileo's Logical Treatises and Galileo's Logic of Discovery.
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