Black Water Transit by Carsten Stroud (2002, Paperback, Reprint)

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Black Water Transit by Carsten Stroud

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About this product

Jack Vermillion is a businessman with a problem: a son with a criminal record who is in trouble again. This time, Jack's kid is looking at twenty-five to life in maximum security. And there's nothing Jack can do . . .or is there?Black Water Transit is Jack's container ship company, and when Jack is approached by a man wanting to ship his gun collection to Mexico - very simple, very illegal - he sees an opportunity. So Jack cuts a deal with the ATF to trade one illegal gun dealer for one slightly imperfect kid. The deal is set, the weapons on board, the cops and feds in place. Everything should come off without a hitch. . .until the shooting starts and people start dying. As the body count rises, Jack must go on the lam, in a race for his life, and there isn't a law enforcement agency in the world that can help him now.

Jack Vermillion is seeing red. So is Earl V. Pike. So is a smart, beautiful NYC detective named Casey Spandau. For Jack, it began when Earl asked for a little favor--one former soldier to another. With Jack's son in serious trouble with the law and his shipping company, Black Water Transit , about to hit the big time, Jack saw a chance to be a good father, a good citizen, and a good CEO--by ratting out Earl V. Pike to the feds. It was a monumental mistake. Now Pike is mad. Bodies are piling up. And all the backstabbers are coming out of the woodwork in Jack's rattled world. Jack's only hope: detective Casey Spandau, who began her week hunting for a sex criminal and ended up with Earl V. Pike--a man using guile, skill, and one astounding long-range weapon to kill everyone who gets in his way. For Casey and Jack Vermillion, making Earl V. Pike angry has turned into a cross-country nightmare. But taking him down will be even worse.

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AuthorCarsten Stroud
Number Of Pages432 pages
Edition DescriptionReprint
Publication Date2002-07-30
PublisherRandom House Publishing Group

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Height1.2 In.
Width4.2 In.
Length6.9 In.

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Dewey Edition21

"[A] ferociously driven, intricately woven thriller ... As for the writing, it's brawny and vigorous and seasoned with dark humor.... Stroud provides a brutally frank glimpse into government deceit, personal ambition and criminal motivation." -- Publishers Weekly "Densely stylish, superdramatic waterfront suspense from Stroud.... gritty ... leavened by classic hard-boiled humor.... In a field overrun with snapping jaws, this bites through the bone." -- Kirkus Reviews,(starred review) "Don't pick up Black Water Transitunless you have enough time to finish it, because you're not going to put it down, except maybe to take a few long breaths. Carsten Stroud is an exceptionally talented and smart writer. Razor-sharp characters, time-warp pacing, and a hell of a plot. This book has it all." --Nelson DeMille, author of The Lion's Game " Black Water Transitis a nerve-jangling thrill ride--taut, gritty, gripping, edgy, and very well-written. Carsten Stroud has given us an enthralling crime novel. Very highly recommended." --Harlan Coben, author of Tell No Oneand Darkest Fear "I made a terrible mistake with this book just before bedtime I read the first chapter and met Earl V. Pike, 'an aerodynamic little mook named Martin Glazer,' and a small crowd of crazy S.O.B.s who murdered my sleep til 5 AM. I read to the last page of this wild, scary, uninhibited ride and wanted to start all over again. So I did. Carsten Stroud has always been in the front rank of suspense novelists. This is his best." --Jack Olsen, author of The Last Man Standing: The Tragedy and Triumph of Geronimo Prattand The Night of the Grizzlies. " Black Water Transitis a roller-coaster ride into a dark world of corruption, ruthlessness and high intrigue. Psychologically penetrating and peopled with unforgettable characters, this is tough-minded suspense fiction at its finest." --Jonathan Kellerman, author of Dr. Death "Gritty, funny, and savagely entertaining, Black Water Transitis the best book I've read in a long, long time. If you dig Elmore Leonard or Michael Connelly, you'll fall in love with Carsten Stroud. Yes, Black Water Transitis that good!" --Christopher Reich, author of Numbered Account "Carsten Stroud knows cops, feds, and criminals, but in Black Water Transithe gives us much more than anecdotes and dry facts. This is exciting fiction that moves. It's hard, fast, and real." --George P. Pelecanos, author of Right as Rain

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