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Enjoy your favorite music tracks in HD sound using the stylish, compact, and lightweight White Monster Beats by Dr. Dre Solo HD headphones. Thanks to the titanium coated driver technology, these Monster headphones reproduce stereo sound with deep bass effects. Additionally, with an integrated high-grade mic in the Monster Beats by Dr. Dre Solo HD, you can perform voice chat with your friends and family members. Using the ControlTalk button in these Monster headphones, you can adjust the ...
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Good sound quality



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    I love it...

    Great item with fabulous sound. I enjoy these headphones listen to my music without hearing anything else and you really get to hear the full sound that producers hear when they are in the studio.

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    They sound awesome

    I gave my 16 year old son a choice of the Solo or Studio Beats by Dr, Dre and after trying both, Hands down the Solo's are what he wanted.

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    I love My Beats!

    I happen to love my Beats Headphones. I know not everybody listens to their music the same. Some say other headphones are better. I think it depends on how you listen to your music. I know for me once I put them on I was sold on them. I personally own 4 pairs. If you like a crisp sound that is not too basey, or trebley you might like these. Someone told me the newer ones have even better sound quality since the company was bought by Apple. I don't know, but I use them at the gym and I am very happy with them. NOTE: A lot of people break the Headband when they open them. When you open them bend them at the hinge and pull the ear phone out. Then slide them on your head. If you stretch them to put them on you will break the headset. That is the only draw back. Maybe not the best for people who are not careful when they open them.Read full review

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    Treating yourself to good sounds.

    I purchased this product because my previous head phones were malfunctioning. I like the sound quality, the color, the brand and how it collapses, narrowing the chances of snapping them in half. Dr. Dre beats compared to my sony and my optimus wireless are just plain out better, even with the wire.

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    Great product, money well spent

    I'm so happy with these, I will be buying some for my grandson as well. The sound is awesome,and I like the fact that they cancel out outside noise. Perfect for working. I use them at work, at the gym and when I'm just working around the house. GREAT PRODUCT.